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What is the most important export of Iran? This question must be sitting in the mind of many people. This site tries to answer this question by presenting the most important export items and products of Iran and the most important exports of Iran to a dear audience. In general, Iran's exports can be divided into two major sectors: the export of construction products such as stone, bricks, plaster, cement, iron doors and windows, electric wire, etc. , and the export of food products such as pistachios, saffron, dates, salted sturgeon fish eggs, dry fruits, peanuts, etc.

If you check the world statistics, you will see that Iran ranks first in the world in terms of the variety and quality of building stones. It is interesting to know that Iran ranks fourth in the world in terms of building stone reserves and 10٪ of the world's building stone reserves are in Iran. This statistic has made Iran one of the largest investment points in the field of building stones in the world.

Iran is very rich in natural resources. This unique and valuable resource is known worldwide and is a huge competitive advantage for Iran. one of these natural resources, and oil and valuable products such as peanuts and saffron are exported to other countries, making a part of the country's non-oil income dependent on it.

Did you know that the world's building stone reserves are about 15 billion tons? Did you know that the global building stone market has a trading capacity of $80 billion? Granite, travertine, and marble are the most common of these deposits.

The amount of these mines in the country is so great that the Iranian stone market is saturated, and this is the main reason for exporting these products to other countries.

Because of this large number and the creation of a great variety of colors of stones, Iran is one of the pillars of stone exports in the Middle East, despite the political and economic problems, it still has a percentage of stone exports in neighboring countries.

What stones are exported from Iran?

As mentioned, the variety of stone colors and materials in our country is huge and there may be 30 different stone colors. Therefore, building stone used for decoration and building facades is more popular in other countries. Marble, travertine, marble, and porcelain are among the most popular building stones in Iran.

Stones exported from Iran to other countries include decorative gems such as turquoise and industrial stones such as iron ore and salt.

Which countries export stone from Iran?

Iran exports stones to almost all neighboring countries and also exchanges stones with friendly and allied countries. Countries that are Iran's export destinations include Oman, Qatar, Turkey, India, Russia, and China. European, American, and maritime countries such as Italy, Canada, and Australia also import stones from Iran.

Iran «s export products are in the field of construction materials and food products. Exporting is one of the ways to interact with the world and one of the ways to transfer the products of one country to another country in the world. Perhaps, if there were no exports, the economy of many countries would have been paralyzed a century ago, and there are not many countries today. Today, Iran» s export products are supplied to many countries in the world.

All types of Iranian export products

Today, very important exports are made in different countries of the world, and this process takes place in different regions. Among the most important exports of Iran, the following can be noted:

Export of food - Export Pharmaceutical - Export of cosmetics - Export of building materials - Export of textiles and clothing - Export of mineral raw materials - Export of all types of metals - Export of timber.

Iran «s export products are products that are also produced in Iran. Iran» s export goods are also very wide and varied. Iran is one of the oldest exporting countries in the world. According to historical documents, Iranians have been seriously engaged in exporting with their neighbors since at least the 3rd millennium BC.

Saffron is Iran's most sought-after export product.

An export product is a product that includes a lot of food. Agriculture in Iran has a history of several thousand years and is one of the oldest and most unique types of export goods of Iran, and the best product to produce in Iran is saffron.

Until the last decade, saffron was mostly produced in Khorasan province, but thanks to the new policy of the Organization of Agricultural Jihad, today the Iranian plant is cultivated in various parts of the country, but it is still the best and most reliable Iranian crop.

However, the world market still favors Iranian saffron, and with planning in this field, Iran's unique position in saffron production can be cemented forever. About 120.000 kilos of Iranian saffron is exported to more than 25 countries of the world every year, which makes the country very profitable.

Pistachios are a popular export item.

An export commodity is a commodity that is largely produced from the agricultural products of Iran. Pistachios are one of the agricultural crops of Iran and now Iran is known as the largest pistachio producer in the world. Pistachios are grown in the desert regions of Iran in parts of Khorasan Province, Semnan Province, and Fars Province.

Kerman province is the biggest and best producer of pistachios in Iran. This export product comes in different varieties, some of the best exportable Iranian pistachio varieties include Kale Ghoochi, Fandooghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Badami. In addition, pistachios are one of the products exported together with pistachios. Iranian pistachios are currently exported to over 75 countries worldwide.

Vietnam is the largest importer of Iranian pistachios in the world, and Germany is the largest buyer of Iranian pistachios in Europe. Also, according to statistics in this field, pistachio is known as the most valuable agricultural product in Iran.

Unfortunately, pistachios, like saffron, do not pay attention in the export sector. Recently, the United States has established itself as one of the countries growing pistachios in the world market, and for this, it is necessary to implement special programs for the authorities. Iran continues to be the world's largest exporter of pistachios for this valuable export product.

Raisins are an export commodity with a hungry world market.

Raisins are one of the popular dried fruits for export and have an enthusiastic global market. Raisins and grapes are said to be Iran's third-largest export after oil and pistachios. Raisins are products produced together with grapes, and Takestan City is known as the largest producer of raisins in Iran.

In total, Iran produces about 200.000 tons of raisins annually, a fifth of which is consumed domestically, and about 150.000 to 160.000 tons of this product are exported. About 54 countries around the world are buyers of Iranian raisins, including Spain, the Netherlands, Iraq, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Slovakia, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Caviar is an expensive export product

Caviar is one of Iran «s most expensive exports. Caviar is one of the expensive foods that is not consumed in Iran but has a large number of foreign customers, and thus has long been known as one of Iran» s export products. Caviar is sturgeon eggs.

And according to research conducted in this field, it is known as the most expensive food in the world. The Caspian Sea is known as the best habitat for sturgeon, which provides more than 90٪ of the world's caviar, and for this reason, Iran can present itself as one of the largest producers and exporters of caviar in the world.

There are many different types of sturgeon, and the most famous among them are Chalbash, whale, lamb, Ozenbrun, and Tas fish. In Iran, Gilan province is known as the largest producer of caviar in the country, and now various farms have been built in the periphery of the country to produce this export item. And the annual production of caviar is expected to reach 10 tons, of which more than 95٪ is exported.

Iran dates as an export product

The imported date product is one of the agricultural products of Iran, which has been the focus of Iranian businessmen for the past few years, and currently, Iran is at the top of the world's latest exporters. Iranian dates are produced in different varieties and this high-quality product is produced in different parts of the country.

Iran's main regions producing export data are the provinces of Kerman, Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Fars, and Bushehr. Also, among the different varieties of Iranian dates, 12 varieties are exported to the world market, the most valuable of which is the Mazafati and Pyaram varieties.

About 950.000 tons of dates are produced in Iran every year, a part of which is consumed domestically, and the rest is exported. Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and China are the most important importers of Iranian dates.

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