Onyx stone export from Iran

Onyx is one of the large quartz family that is actually black in color but can sometimes have white or brown streaks. Onyx is a cryptocrystalline mineral. The interesting thing about making an onyx stone is that many people think black color can be a sign of disappointment, but in this model, the stone works exactly against the opinion of others, and onyx is a sign of good taste and elegance.

This stone is at a high level in terms of beauty and suits the taste of people with good taste. Sometimes you can hear this stone with other brands like Sardoin, Carnelian and Soleimani Agate, which is exactly the same as Onyx.

Onyx stone export from Iran

properties of onyx stone

onyx stone is associated with good taste and has various health benefits. It stimulates blood circulation, improves hearing, strengthens nails, hair, skin, and eyes. It prevents hair loss, provides strength to athletes, reduces stress, and aids in the treatment of heart, spleen, kidney, and nerve diseases. Onyx stone also helps in post-surgery recovery and is beneficial for ear and throat ailments. Placing it on the solar plexus is believed to strengthen the pancreas.

From the point of view of gemmology, these mineral series differ from each other, for example, the main place of their discovery is in different countries and they have different composition. We can say that they all belong to the Onyx family. Onyx is one of the stones that people in Russia are very interested in, and for this reason, onyx is exported to Russia, and a large amount of Iranian onyx is exported to Russia every year.

the impact of onyx stone on the soul

onyx stone empowers individuals, eliminating negative forces and fostering positive thoughts. It alleviates sadness and discomfort, instilling stability, resilience, and happiness. People dealing with mental stress can find support, strength, balance, relaxation, and faith through the use of onyx stone.

iran's onyx stone is internationally recognized, often labeled as italian or chinese. While iran has abundant stone mines with unmatched variety and quality, its share in global stone exports remains relatively low. However, iran has a notable presence in the export of onyx stone to russia.

iranian onyx slab

onyx stone in iran

iran possesses significant reserves of onyx and marble, surpassing those found in italy. Onyx is extensively used in carving and interior design due to its beauty and brilliance. Red and lemon onyx, exclusively produced in iran, are highly sought after in current european trends.

onyx export in various colors: white, cream, gold, black, red, blue, green, purple, orange, burnt brown, light, dark, gray, silver, bronze, and pink.

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onyx marble uses

marble flooring adds beauty and a radiant glow to any space. It is easy to clean and suitable for hot climates. Marble tables are unique and give a special touch to a room, particularly in dining areas. Marble stairs, when combined with wood and steel, create an exceptional aesthetic. Marble can be used as a dining table, kitchen counter, in bathroom design, and as a wall covering. Its application transforms spaces, adding brightness and breaking monotony.

iranian onyx slab

iran possesses vast reserves of onyx and marble, exceeding those of many countries. The stone quality and variety in iran are unparalleled. While onyx and marble are highly valued, their export potential has been hindered by sanctions. Resolving issues related to money transfer would greatly assist stone exporters. For detailed advice and inquiries, please contact the irexporter sales department.

immediate purchase of export stone Onyx rock

onyx marble buying

iran boasts exceptional marble reserves, surpassing those found in italy. Onyx, with its beauty and brilliance, is popularly used in carving and interior design.

what is onyx stone (marble)?

iranian onyx stone comes in various colors, including turquoise, white, pomegranate, green, pearl, orange, and fragments. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone recrystallization under pressure and heat. It contains minerals like dolomite, calcium, mica, quartz, iron oxide, pyrite, and graphite. Marble has been used in construction for centuries and is known for its durability and resistance to erosive factors.

the first onyx stone

original onyx stone holds healing properties for kidney and liver diseases and depression. It has been used by renowned artists like michelangelo and leonardo da vinci. However, onyx stone is primarily used indoors due to its low resistance to sunlight and color changes. Its use is abundant in historic artworks.

onyx marble prices

marble prices vary based on color, type, formation, and quality. Different varieties have different price ranges based on quarry location and market demand.

onyx (marble) mines in iran

iran's northwestern provinces, such as west azerbaijan and east azerbaijan, hold substantial marble reserves. Notable mines include azarshahr green marble quarry, urmia white marble mine, selmas white marble, pink marble coin, astrologer reham hoi, and astronomer hashtroud lalrakham. Western regions like kurdistan and kermanshah are also sources of high-quality marble, with sefid ghora marble mines being a significant exporter.

using onyx or marble for exterior applications

while marble's beauty makes it appealing for exterior applications, it is susceptible to weather and acid rain damage. Therefore, its usage is primarily recommended indoors to prolong its lifespan.

Onyx stone with pattern of the building exporter

introduction to onyx stone slab export from iran

onyx stone is a natural stone known for its unique and attractive patterns and colors. Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of onyx stone in the world. The onyx stone slabs produced in iran are highly sought after by consumers and businesses worldwide due to their exceptional quality, durability, and beauty.

history of onyx stone production in iran

onyx stone production in iran has a long history dating back to ancient times and has been a significant part of the country's economy for centuries. The production techniques have been passed down through generations and continually improved with modern technology. Iran is now one of the world's largest producers of onyx stone and exports a significant amount to countries across the globe.

Iran export stone Onyx rock business group

factors affecting the price of exported onyx stone from iran

the price of exported onyx stone from iran is influenced by various factors, including the stone's quality, slab size, type of onyx, and market demand. The quality of the stone is determined by its color, pattern, and durability. Slab size and type of onyx also play a significant role in determining the price. Market demand for onyx stone can also affect its price, as high demand can lead to an increase in price.

quality of onyx stone slabs produced in iran

the onyx stone slabs produced in iran are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and beauty. The stones are carefully selected, quarried, and processed to meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, the onyx stone slabs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are free from defects and meet international quality standards.

types of onyx stone slabs produced in iran

iran produces a wide variety of onyx stone slabs in different colors, patterns, and textures. Some popular types include white onyx, black onyx, green onyx, and yellow onyx. Each type of onyx stone has its own unique characteristics and is highly valued by consumers and businesses worldwide.

process of exporting onyx stone slabs from iran

the process of exporting onyx stone slabs from iran involves several steps, including stone selection and quarrying, processing and finishing, and finally exporting to the desired destination. The onyx stone slabs are carefully packed and transported to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

Ordering online purchase of stone Onyx rock online store for export of stone Onyx rock from Iran

benefits of exporting onyx stone slabs from iran

exporting onyx stone slabs from iran provides numerous benefits for both exporters and importers. It offers exporters an opportunity to increase their income and expand their business. Importers benefit from accessing high-quality onyx stone slabs at competitive prices. Exporting onyx stone also contributes to the growth of the iranian economy by generating foreign exchange and creating job opportunities.

marketing and promotion of exported onyx stone from iran

to increase the demand for exported onyx stone from iran, the iranian government and exporters actively engage in marketing and promotional activities in international markets. These strategies may include advertising in trade magazines, participating in international trade shows, and establishing partnerships with importers and distributors.

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Onyx stone export from Iran
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