Bentonite export from Iran

iran exports bentonite to other countries at low prices. Many countries want this mineral and import this product into their country. Iran's neighboring countries, such as iraq, the united arab emirates, and qatar, are customers of bentonite. Iran's bentonite is one of the quality minerals that other countries have accepted this issue and supply their needs in the region through iran.

bentonite export sales are divided into different categories. There are different types of bentonite such as sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. Although bentonite clay has several uses in various industries, almost all of iran's bentonite export sales are bentonite for drilling oil and gas wells. The reason is clear when you consider that bentonite soil's export destinations are all oil-rich countries, so bentonite soil is used for various purposes related to oil and gas recovery.

Bentonite export from Iran

export of bentonite

irexporter is a leading exporter of bentonite to various countries, including turkey, pakistan, uzbekistan, iraq, georgia, afghanistan, cyprus, kuwait, oman, qatar, syria, armenia, turkmenistan, russia, morocco, europe, africa, australia, new zealand, malaysia, germany, sweden, bangladesh, thailand, singapore, and cyprus.

as a bentonite export agency, we operate within the iran bentonite exporter exchange. Our export bentonite shopping center offers a wide range of bentonite products, and we ensure efficient export bentonite sales. Within the iran export bentonite business group, we provide transportation services and a guide to the specifications of export bentonite from iran. Our sales system for export bentonite in iran is well-established and reliable.

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export of bentonite and its types

bentonite, a versatile clay, has different types, each serving specific purposes. For instance, calcium-containing bentonite is used in foundry sand production, as well as in oil and grease absorption and animal feed preparation. Sodium bentonite is primarily used in drilling mud and granulation. Acid-activated bentonite is used for soil preparation in animal excrement management. Below are the types of bentonite:

sodium bentonite is highly absorbent and expands when mixed with water. It has a high absorption percentage and can absorb water multiple times its volume. Sodium bentonite is widely traded in the mining market. Calcium bentonite, on the other hand, is a powerful oil absorbent, making it useful for oil refining. Iran has several mines of calcium bentonite, which slightly increases its value compared to sodium bentonite.

Iran bentonite exporter exchange

export of drilling bentonite

bentonite plays a significant role in the petroleum industry, particularly in drilling operations. It is extensively used in drilling mud and well drilling for oil and gas exploration. Oil-rich arab countries and those situated around the persian gulf are major importers of bentonite for drilling purposes. Iran exports drilling bentonite, meeting api standards preferred in the oil well drilling industry. Our commercial production facility ensures the availability of high-quality drilling bentonite at competitive prices for both domestic and export markets.

export of bentonite dye to iraq

one of the countries importing bentonite from iran is iraq. Bentonite has various applications, including paint removal. Bentonite dye can effectively clean vegetable and animal oils, as well as industrial and food dyes. By utilizing iranian bentonite, iraq can greatly benefit from this versatile material, creating significant opportunities within the industry.

export of high-quality bentonite to different countries

maintaining product quality and utilizing proper, stylish packaging are crucial for successful exports. Irexporter takes great strides in exporting high-quality bentonite to different countries. While our operations extend beyond exports, we are highly active in supplying bentonite and related products within iran as well.

Iran export bentonite transportation

introduction to bentonite export from iran

bentonite is a type of clay mineral that forms from the weathering of volcanic ash. Iran is a leading exporter of bentonite worldwide, supplying countries such as china, india, turkey, and others. Bentonite is versatile and finds applications in various industries, including drilling mud, foundry sand, and construction. Iran's export of bentonite has experienced consistent growth due to increasing global demand for this mineral.

bentonite reserves in iran

iran possesses vast reserves of high-quality bentonite, making it a reliable source for global consumers. The country holds estimated reserves of over 100 million tons, ensuring a stable supply for several decades.

production of bentonite in iran

iran stands as one of the world's largest producers of bentonite, with an annual production capacity exceeding 5 million tons. The production employs modern mining techniques that prioritize quality and minimize environmental impact.

What is the best export bentonite

export market for bentonite from iran

iran exports bentonite to various countries, with china being a prominent importer. Other key markets for iranian bentonite include india, turkey, south korea, among others. The growing demand for bentonite in these countries has resulted in a steady increase in iran's exports.

quality of exported bentonite from iran

iran is renowned for its production of high-quality bentonite, which enjoys significant global demand. The country's bentonite deposits are rich in minerals, ensuring a consistent supply of superior-grade bentonite. The exported bentonite from iran consistently meets the requirements of industrial customers worldwide.

transportation and logistics of bentonite export from iran

iran possesses an efficient transportation and logistics infrastructure, facilitating smooth exports of bentonite to global customers. The country boasts multiple ports, including the busy bandar abbas port, enabling convenient export to any part of the world.

Guide to specifications of export bentonite from Iran

pricing of exported bentonite from iran

the purchase price of exported bentonite from iran depends on various factors, such as mineral quality, demand, and supply. Iran's exported bentonite offers competitive pricing, making it a preferred choice for global consumers. Prices may also be influenced by international market fluctuations and the prices of other minerals.

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Purchasing Bentonite: Finding the Best Supplier

Are you in need of high-quality Bentonite for your industrial applications? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you on how to find the best Iranian natural Bentonite supplier and exporter company. Bentonite is a versatile clay material widely used in various industries such as construction, drilling, and agriculture.

Why Choose Iranian Natural Bentonite?

Iran is known for its abundant natural resources, and its Bentonite reserves are no exception. Iranian natural Bentonite offers exceptional quality due to the rich mineral content found in the country. The clay's unique properties make it highly suitable for different applications. Whether you require Bentonite for waterproofing, foundry molding, or pet litter production, Iranian suppliers can meet your specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bentonite

Before making a purchase, it's crucial to consider several factors. First, determine the quantity of Bentonite you require for your project. Whether you need a few kilograms or several metric tons, ensure the supplier can meet your demand. Additionally, evaluate the supplier's reputation and reliability. Look for companies with a track record of delivering top-notch Bentonite on time and in the desired quantity. It's also essential to check if they provide prompt customer support and technical assistance.

Comparing Prices: Finding the Best Deal

When comparing prices, it's essential to consider the quality of the Bentonite offered. While price is a crucial factor, compromising on quality may lead to undesirable results. Request quotes from different suppliers and evaluate the overall value they offer. Consider factors such as Bentonite purity, packaging, delivery terms, and any additional services provided. By carefully analyzing the price-to-value ratio, you can find the best deal for your Bentonite purchase.

Key Considerations for Exporting Bentonite

If you are an international buyer looking to export Bentonite, there are specific considerations to keep in mind. Ensure that the supplier has experience in international trade and can provide all the necessary export documentation. Familiarize yourself with any regulations and customs requirements in your country of import. Additionally, discuss shipping arrangements and ensure the supplier can handle the logistics efficiently. Partnering with an experienced exporter will streamline the process and mitigate any potential challenges.

Conclusion: Partnering with a Reliable Bentonite Supplier

Choosing the right Bentonite supplier is paramount to the success of your project. By considering factors such as quality, reputation, and customer support, you can make an informed decision. Iranian natural Bentonite offers exceptional quality and is supplied by reliable companies with extensive experience in the industry. Whether you require Bentonite for domestic use or international export, partnering with an Iranian supplier will ensure your needs are met with utmost professionalism.


  1. Can I purchase Bentonite directly from an Iranian supplier?

    Yes, you can purchase Bentonite directly from an Iranian supplier. They cater to both domestic and international customers, providing high-quality Bentonite for various applications.

  2. What makes Iranian natural Bentonite special?

    Iranian natural Bentonite is known for its exceptional quality due to the rich mineral content found in the country. It offers unique properties that make it suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.

  3. How do I compare prices when purchasing Bentonite?

    To compare prices, request quotes from different suppliers and consider factors such as Bentonite quality, packaging, delivery terms, and additional services provided. Analyze the overall value to find the best deal for your purchase.

  4. What should I consider when exporting Bentonite?

    When exporting Bentonite, consider the supplier's experience in international trade, availability of export documentation, compliance with import regulations and customs requirements, and their ability to handle efficient shipping and logistics.

Bentonite export from Iran
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