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Iran exports bentonite to other countries at low prices. Many countries want this mineral and import this product into their country. Iran's neighboring countries, such as Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, are customers of bentonite. Iran's bentonite is one of the quality minerals that other countries have accepted this issue and supply their needs in the region through Iran.

Bentonite export sales are divided into different categories. There are different types of bentonite such as sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. Although bentonite clay has several uses in various industries, almost all of Iran's bentonite export sales are bentonite for drilling oil and gas wells. The reason is clear when you consider that bentonite soil's export destinations are all oil-rich countries, so bentonite soil is used for various purposes related to oil and gas recovery.

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The use of clay bentonite in oil well drilling has many benefits, including strengthening the walls of the well and preventing it from dripping. It also cools the drill bit and speeds up waste removal. Packages of bentonite for export should be in large bags or pallets for easy transfer to transport trucks, warehouses and ships.

Exported bentonite has different standards to meet the demands of foreign consumers. For example, drill bentonite is divided into API bentonite and OCMA bentonite in terms of standards, and most of them are sodium bentonite. These standards focus on various aspects such as water absorption, performance, granularity and bentonite composition.

In the past, before soap was made, bentonite soil was used to wash the body and this soil was called mud bath. Over time, its use changed due to the unique properties of this type of soil, and today we see the export of bentonite to Iran. One of the peculiarities of this floor is that if we pour a little bentonite into a liter of water, after drying it becomes lumpy and harder and more resistant than concrete.

Export of bentonite and its types

There are different types of bentonite and each type has its specific uses; For example, calcium-containing bentonite is used to produce foundry sand, and other uses of this type include oil and grease absorbers, animal and poultry feed preparation. For the production of drilling mud or granulation, we need to use sodium bentonite. Acid-activated bentonite is another type of bentonite whose primary use is in preparing soil for animal excrement. Different types of bentonite are used for export and in general you can see the types of this soil below:

Sodium bentonite

Bentonite is seasoned with sodium

Calcium bentonite

Bentonite organofila

Bentonite is activated by acid

I-Sodium Bentonite

Sodium bentonite is a strong water absorbent. This mineral product swells when sodium bentonite is added to water. This material has a very high absorption percentage and can absorb water many times its volume. It also prevents water ingress and is used in various excavations. Sodium bentonite is widely traded in the mining market.

Calcium bentonite

Calcium bentonite is a powerful oil absorbent. So it will be very useful for oil refining. There are several mines of this type of bentonite in Iran. As a result, the value of calcium bentonite is slightly higher than that of sodium bentonite.

Export drilling bentonite

One of the uses of bentonite is the petroleum industry. The amount of use of this mineral in this industry is very large compared to other industries. Oil-rich Arab countries and the Persian Gulf are the world's importers of this mineral. For example, the United Arab Emirates uses bentonite in drilling mud and in the oil and gas well drilling industry.

Drilling bentonite is a type of bentonite exported from Iran to other neighboring countries. The API standard is the preferred standard for oil well drilling bentonite. Bentonite is produced as standard at this commercial production facility and is offered at affordable prices for export and domestic market.

Export of bentonite dye to Iraq

One of the countries importing bentonite from Iran is Iraq. The country of Iraq can make a big change in this industry by using bentonite from Iran. Having paint removal properties is one of the many uses of bentonite. Using colored bentonite, you can clean all types of vegetable and animal oils. All types of industrial and food dyes can also be cleaned with bentonite dyes.

Export of high quality bentonite to different countries

As mentioned above, the quality condition of the product and having proper and stylish packaging is very important in the field of export. Following these principles; ireexporter has taken a big step in the field of exporting high quality bentonite to different countries. Yes, the activity of this organization does not depend on exports; It should be noted that this company is very active in supplying bentonite and related products to Iran.

Guide to specifications of export bentonite from Iran

Introduction to Bentonite Export from Iran

Bentonite is a type of clay mineral that is formed from the weathering of volcanic ash. Iran is one of the leading exporters of bentonite in the world, exporting to various countries such as China, India, Turkey, and several others. Bentonite is a versatile mineral that is used in various industrial applications, including drilling mud, foundry sand, construction, and others. The export of bentonite from Iran has been growing consistently over the years, with the increasing demand for the mineral.

Bentonite Reserves in Iran

Iran is rich in bentonite reserves, with some of the largest deposits in the world. The country has vast reserves of high-quality bentonite, making it a reliable source of the mineral for global consumers. The bentonite reserves in Iran are estimated to be over 100 million tons, which is expected to last for several decades.

Production of Bentonite in Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers of bentonite in the world, with an annual production capacity of over 5 million tons. The production of bentonite in Iran is done using modern mining techniques, ensuring the highest quality of the mineral. The production process is also environmentally friendly, with minimal impact on the surroundings.

Export Market for Bentonite from Iran

Iran exports bentonite to several countries, with China being one of the largest importers. Other major markets for Iranian bentonite include India, Turkey, South Korea, and others. The increasing demand for bentonite in these countries has led to a steady increase in the export of bentonite from Iran.

Quality of Exported Bentonite from Iran

Iran is known for producing high-quality bentonite, which is in high demand globally. The country's bentonite deposits are rich in minerals, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality bentonite. The exported bentonite from Iran is of a consistent quality, meeting the requirements of industrial customers worldwide.

Transportation and Logistics of Bentonite Export from Iran

Iran has an efficient transportation and logistics infrastructure, ensuring the smooth transportation of bentonite to global customers. The country has several ports, including Bandar Abbas, which is one of the busiest ports in the region. The efficient transportation and logistics infrastructure in Iran makes it easy to export bentonite to any part of the world.

Pricing of Exported Bentonite from Iran

The purchase price of exported bentonite from Iran depends on several factors, including the quality of the mineral, demand, and supply. The prices of exported bentonite from Iran are competitive, making it a preferred source for global consumers. The prices are also influenced by the fluctuations in the international market and the prices of other minerals.

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