Barite export from Iran

Crystal barite powder exported from Iran is one of the products that exists as a natural deposit and is found in various mines of the country. This powder has different uses in different fields and can be used in many ways. The price of barite crystal powder in the domestic market is more reasonable than that of foreign samples. The barite crystal in this collection is very reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

The most used export barite in the oil and gas drilling industry is an additive powder to increase the weight of the drilling fluid. The accepted standards for barite are API and OCMA.

Barite comes from the Greek word meaning heavy. Its specific gravity is about 4.5. This mineral belongs to the group of anhydrous sulphates with the composition of BaSO4. Barite occurs in bulk, granular, radial, spherical and concrete forms. Barium is available in white, blue, red, yellow, grey, brown, green, black and colorless.

Barite export from Iran

how barite is formed

barite is commonly found as tailings in hydrothermal veins along with minerals such as galena, sphalerite, fluorite, siderite, hematite, and calcite. It can also form in association with sandstones, carbonate rocks, claystones, and cherts in stratified deposits known as mississippi valley-type deposits (mvd). Healing springs can also be a source of barite deposits.

in sedimentary volcanic deposits like the kuroko 2 sulphide deposits, barite is found in the upper part and surrounding areas. When barite-bearing rocks undergo weathering and erosion, barite particles, due to their high specific gravity and chemical resistance, remain in place, forming tailings deposits. These deposits typically contain a heavy particle content ranging from 10% to 20%. More than 80% of the world's barite production is used as drilling mud in the oil and water well drilling industry. The high specific gravity of barite mud prevents borehole wall collapse by forming a mud cake, and it efficiently removes excavated materials from the borehole.

barite is widely used in the chemical industry as a source of barium. Lithopone, a combination of barite and zinc sulfide, is a common use of barium and finds applications in the dye and textile industries. Barium sulfate precipitates are used as fillers in textiles and cosmetics and as white pigments. Barite also finds applications in rubber, paper, leather, glass, porcelain, pesticide manufacturing, refractory materials, brake pads, and nuclear reactors. In the ceramic industry, barium carbonate compounds are used to produce luminous projectiles and explosive detonators. The mixture of rubber, asphalt, and barite is used for surfacing parking lots, roads, and airport surfaces.

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barite production volume in world countries and iran

in 1996, global barite production reached approximately 4.5 million tons. Some of the major barite-producing countries include england, romania, czechoslovakia, morocco, algeria, germany, russia, mexico, canada, and the united states. Iran is home to numerous barite mines, with around 20 active mines producing nearly 16,000 tons of barite per year for domestic and international markets.

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uses of barite

1. Oil and gas drilling:

barite is extensively used in the oil and gas industry for rotary drilling in areas with high gas or water pressure. Its high specific gravity and chemical neutrality make it ideal for controlling pressure and stabilizing drilling fluids. Approximately 3.4 million tons of barite are consumed annually in the drilling industry.

2. Preparation of chemicals with barium:

barite serves as a source of barium-containing chemicals used in various industries. Precipitated barium sulfate is used as a filler and coating in the paper, rubber, and linoleum industries. Barium chloride finds applications in the leather and textile industries, while barium carbonate is used in glazes and ceramic finishes. Barium oxide is utilized in glass manufacturing, electric furnaces, and metallurgy. Barite is also used as a catalyst in chemical compounds, and approximately 10% of all barite produced is employed for this purpose.

3. Use of crushed barite:

crushed barite is utilized as a direct coating, rubber coating, and paint fluidizer. It can also be used in the glass industry when the size of crushed barite grains is similar to coarse sand. In this application, barite acts as a melting agent, facilitating the glass-making process and imparting transparency. Crushed barite cement is used to line underwater pipes for oil and gas transportation due to its weight and chemical neutrality.

4. Application of barite in ceramics:

barite finds applications in ceramics by acting as a homogenizer in molten materials, reducing air bubbles, and enhancing the brightness and transparency of products. Glass containing barium is known for its superior transparency and luster compared to lead or cao glass. Advanced ceramics incorporating barium are utilized in electronics, telecommunication devices, and the permanent magnet industry.

crystal barite value for large exports

barite is a mineral that occurs naturally as a precipitate. Different forms of barite, including barite powder, barite flakes, and barite crystals, are used in various industries, leading to different market prices. Factors such as the type, size, and quality of barite influence its price. Crystal barite, lump barite, and barite powder have distinct pricing.

overview of barite export from iran

barite, also known as barium sulfate, is a mineral commonly used as a weighting agent in drilling muds, as a filler in paint and plastics, and as a radiation shielding material. Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of barite in the world.

importance of barite

barite is an important mineral with unique properties such as high specific gravity, chemical stability, and low oil absorption. It finds wide applications in various industries, including oil and gas, high-tech product manufacturing, paint, rubber, and plastics.

barite production in iran

iran possesses significant reserves of barite and ranks among the top 10 global producers. The country has several large barite mines that yield high-quality products in high demand worldwide. Iranian barite is utilized across diverse industries, including oil and gas, paint, rubber, and plastics.

barite export from iran

iran exports a substantial quantity of barite to countries such as china, india, turkey, and the united states. The country's abundant reserves and favorable geographical location enable it to readily access markets in asia, europe, and the middle east, meeting the increasing global demand for barite.

factors affecting barite export from iran

the export of barite from iran is influenced by various factors, including global demand, geopolitical tensions, and economic sanctions. The continuous growth in demand, particularly from the oil and gas industry, drives the export of barite.

trends in barite export from iran

the trend in barite export from iran has been positive, with a steady increase in the volume of exported barite in recent years. This growth is fueled by rising global demand and iran's favorable location, facilitating access to diverse markets.

future of barite export from iran

the future of barite export from iran is expected to remain positive due to the increasing global demand for the mineral. Iran's substantial reserves of high-quality barite and its advantageous geographical position position it well to meet this demand.

challenges facing barite export from iran

despite its growth potential, the barite export industry in iran faces challenges such as economic sanctions, geopolitical tensions, and insufficient investment in the sector. These challenges can hinder industry growth and reduce the volume of barite exported from the country.

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purchase price of exported barite

the purchase price of exported barite depends on factors like product quality, order size, and destination country. Supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical tensions, and economic sanctions also impact the price of barite.

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    Yes, we cater to both small and large quantity orders. Whether you need a few kilograms or several metric tons of Iranian Barite, we can fulfill your requirements.

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    Absolutely! We offer international shipping services to customers worldwide. Our efficient logistics partners ensure that your Iranian Barite is delivered to your desired location promptly and safely.

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    We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, letters of credit, and online payment platforms. Our team will provide you with detailed payment instructions and assist you throughout the payment process.

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    Yes, we provide competitive pricing for bulk orders. If you have a large quantity requirement, please contact our sales team to discuss pricing and any available discounts.

Barite export from Iran
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