Experience the Beauty of Iranian Ceramic Slab Stones

Exported slab stone is available in sizes suitable for cutting and dicing from quarries into super grades for shipment and sale to other countries. Ceramics are produced and marketed in various designs by domestic factories. This popular product is one of the essential elements of any building and is also very reasonably priced. Our company is fully specialized and professionally engaged in the sale and export of large ceramic plates. Our collection sells this product at the lowest price and also exports to neighboring countries.

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What is a ceramic plate?

Large ceramic or ceramic tile is one of the construction products used in floor and the wall, it is known as different types of products and used in different buildings. A large amount of storage can be made in the form of tiles or slabs and can cover a large area. This ceramic is known as the best product for interior decoration and many investors prefer to choose stone. Although large ceramic is made from common materials, some people still consider it unusual because of the way it is made. A large amount of flooring is produced in different colors and this allows it to be used in different parts of the building, such as the facade or the floor. The size of ceramic tiles is usually more than 180 x 90 cm.

Installation of ceramic tiles and tiles

Ceramics should be installed by experienced people, especially since ceramic tiles are large and prone to breakage. Installing ceramic panels is not easy and can only be done using special tools. Pottery work with coarse pottery requires precision and skill and every detail must be taken into account. Only professionals can combine large ceramics without damaging them and give them different patterns.

Types of slabs for export

As you know, slab stones are cut directly from stone glasses, and the dimensions of the slab are directly related to the dimensions of the glass. Therefore, slabs of any type of stone can be produced from a cup of the same stone. As a result, stones such as travertine, granite, marble, marble, crystal and porcelain will be able to produce stone slabs.

What is the thickness and diameter of the exported slab stones?

The diameter and thickness applied to stones when cutting stones is between 1.7 cm and 1.8 cm, but for export stones and most slabs, they are sold in 2 cm diameter due to weight and movement. Of course, it is possible to change the diameter of the stone according to the customer's opinion and request, and cut according to the customer's invoices and parameters. There is always an experienced consultation in the export business next to the customer's requests so that the customer does not suffer loss due to lack of information. We have raised this issue because some people ask for a smaller diameter than the standard to reduce the price and save their running costs, this is a misconception, but the stones are rusted due to the amount of lime Kh. He agreed and this is a very important thing when it comes to buying and more importantly when it comes to building.

Some terms are common in the ceramic tile industry


At the end of the ceramic manufacturing process, an additional step is applied to its edges.

Polychrome platen:

It is a type of tile widely used in mosques, places of worship, cemeteries and public buildings.


In addition to its smoothness, this ceramic is anti-microbial and anti-pollution due to its nano-coating.

Very fair:

Ultra white tiles mean brilliant white tiles.

Pool tile:

It is known as a tile used in wet and high humidity areas.

tile adhesive:

It is a pure polymer portland cement modified with sand particles and chemicals.

Glass tiles:

The tiles of the new generation are of high class in terms of beauty and luster.

It is also known as crystal tile because of its depth and high brightness.

Ceramics available in domestic and foreign markets differ greatly in quality and price. Most of the premium and quality samples on the market are produced in Iranian factories. One of the main advantages of high-quality Iranian pottery is its permanent color.

Ceramic sheets do not lose their original color over time. In the final stage of producing primary ceramics, nano polish is added. This polish prevents the penetration of stains and dirt, and you can clean this product with the strongest detergents on the market. All stains can be removed with a damp cloth and a little detergent. The quality of ceramics is different from one another, and before buying you should check the product you want in all aspects.

Premium ceramics cost a little more, but they last a long time. Lisi percentage is one of the most important characteristics of high-quality ceramics. The high-quality ceramic is designed to be non-slip. Salon ceramic floor will beautify any space and make your salon space look spacious. This product has different colors.

You can choose and buy the right model according to the harmony of your living room, living room and even your workplace. Our company is among the luxury sellers of this product, which has the highest sales rate compared to other centers.

We understand Iran's role in exporting ceramics

According to the latest survey, first-class ceramics exports have increased by around 19 percent in recent years. This product is mainly manufactured in the country by reliable and experienced factories. These centers have also curbed excessive imports by supplying pottery. All Iranian products are produced according to international standards and have no shortcomings. The production centers carefully observe all the details.

Iranian factories work hard day and night to supply the market with high quality products. Most of the permanent customers for high quality Iranian ceramics are from foreign countries. This product has a very low customs value and you, dear customer, can buy it. Iran has a good position in exporting first class ceramics.

This product is mainly exported across land and sea borders to different countries such as: Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and even Oman. All Iranian ceramics are packed in such a way that during the transport of your orders, dear customers, they are not damaged or cracked. Each carton contains all the information you need, dear customer, including: the name of the manufacturing company, the color and design of the product.

Our company is one of the 10 domestic exporters and has significantly reduced side costs. One of the most important features of our collection is the fast and immediate delivery of your orders to your doorstep, dear customers. By reducing side costs, we attracted the attention of foreign buyers. You can contact our sales department for more information and find out about the export process of this product.

Our experienced colleagues in this department will tell you about the export of first-class and high-quality ceramics from zero to a hundred. In addition, the sales department will tell you everything you need to know before buying this product. Contrary to popular belief, 3D ceramics are cheap and you get a high quality product at the lowest price.

limestone exports

irexporter trade, which has a large source of building stone suppliers in Iran, in addition to distribution and distribution services, has been exporting stone for the success of the country's mining operations and because Iran has large and large sources of building stone. As a result, it is a source of supply. It is very rich in this field.

Among the stones intended for export at Irexporter, it is possible to mention tile stones, which are in high demand in the foreign market.

Irexporter tile stone for export has the ability to produce all kinds of natural stone and quarries in Shiraz and Isfahan supply and manufacture tiles.

How to export building stone

In order to export to other countries, first there will be a written request for the desired mineral, after analyzing the length and width of the stone, length and thickness, which must be specified in this request, how much. and how much do they need to declare this stone for importers business based on domestic production capacity?

After receiving the request, you must specify the desired destination, as the type of uploading and sending varies depending on the country of destination. Generally, there are two types of shipments for export in the business of exporters, one is by sea and the other is by land.

The price of slab stone

The prices of stone slabs advertised for export to other countries will vary depending on the type of stone and the dimensions and thickness of the stone. Manufactured in exquisite designs and dimensions, the slabs are priced per square meter to ensure fair trade. Marble and granite can be more expensive among other stones and this is due to the quality and special holes that can be seen in these stones.

Selling stone slabs in Isfahan iran

Isfahan irexporter quarry factory is a distribution and loading center for all kinds of slab stones, which will be loaded directly from there after signing the contract and visiting them.

All export stone slabs selling prices in central Isfahan are very reasonable and in a competitive range and always one of the focus of slabs market in Iran.

Types of exported stone slabs

Stone slabs for export are many and varied, which can be produced in plain, four match and wavy types. Book slabs are stones that form a standard slab made from a single cup stone by placing two slabs together to create a symmetrical design. Four matchstones are stones that create a symmetrical design by placing four pieces together.

A ceramic buyer must have sufficient and accurate information to select and order a high-quality product. First-class ceramics are produced from the best raw materials available on the market. Unfortunately, some profit seekers are looking for high profits and use low quality content. These ceramics do not differ much in appearance from other samples, but they crack in the shortest time.

Most of the reputed domestic factories use first-class and high-quality raw materials, the material used in this product is directly related to its quality. You can buy these ceramics online and in person. Every year, the number of centers selling this product increases. In the face-to-face method, you have to spend a lot of time to find a reliable store, and you also have to pay a lot of extra charges.

In the online method, with a simple click and a little research, you can find a reliable and experienced store to buy this top product. Online fraudsters are always ready to trap you, dear customers, make sure you do the necessary checks before buying. For example, the ceramic facade of the building is made by very professional Iranian designers and is also installed in a very short time.

This product has a cheaper price compared to other examples on the market. Use an experienced and professional person with sufficient experience in this field to install this ceramic. Our company has a great history in selling and exporting this product. To register an order, you, the customer, only need to enter your phone number on the website. A store expert will contact you as soon as possible.

How to recognize high quality ceramics?

How to determine the quality of high-quality ceramics? This question must have fascinated your mind. In general, a high quality product can be known by careful inspection. For example, first-class ceramics have a standard length and width, because they are placed on top of each other without a small gap when they are installed. Not cutting the tool properly and using old tools can cause this problem.

The surface of this product must be completely smooth and smooth, any additional damage other than ceramic designs is a sign of using poor quality raw materials. This product is not very thick and its weight is very light. High-quality ceramics do not lose their original quality due to various environmental factors such as moisture, sunlight, heat and cold, and are more resistant to impact.

The moisture absorption rate of first grade glass is about 3%, and the moisture will damage the internal tissues of this product. All high quality glass is coated to prevent the design and color of the product from darkening. If you buy this gram, they have different models, you should avoid buying them. This product is made in different parts, and before you make a purchase, provide all the necessary information in the package instructions.

First-class ceramics do not stain easily, and even the harmful rays of sunlight do not change their color. The variety of products in our collection is so great that it sometimes makes the selection process difficult for you, dear customers. Our company sells white ceramic bricks at the cheapest price.

Best Ceramic Panel Distribution Center in Tehran

This is the best large ceramic tiles and 10 x 20 ceramic distribution center in Tehran. With bags of experience our collection has managed to attract hundred percent satisfaction from your dear customers. All our products are highly scratch resistant and even fire resistant. This ceramic is heated in a special furnace and poor quality samples are also removed in the quality control unit.

After a purchase you will notice the high quality of our products, our store sends this product to all cities. This pottery can bear any weight and is also very elegant and beautiful in appearance. Our collection has taken a large part of the market selling high quality samples. This product can be washed and you can get ceramic plates of any size.

The price of large ceramic slabs has grown significantly in recent years, our company sells these ceramics with the lowest profit. Our collection guarantees the quality of its products in all aspects. Your satisfaction, dear customer, after purchase increases the credibility of our collection. Ice Flower Design Ceramics is suitable for all tastes and also has a luxury product that is everything you would expect from a high quality ceramic.

Direct delivery of high quality ceramic tiles

The Ceramics Store offers high quality and premium large tiles directly to the market. All our products have a standard marking and have the ability to compete with foreign models. Our collection includes a variety of high-quality ceramics for all tastes, so you can be sure of the final price of our products. Our store sells all ceramic products at extraordinary prices.

Dear user, the information you need is distributed on the site and you can access all the information you need with a simple search. The quality of the ceramics in our collection is very high, and this product is easy to maintain and clean. One of the most recent developments in the ceramic industry is the large beam. This product and its beautiful features have been mentioned many times in major interior design magazines.

By purchasing this ceramic in bulk from our collection, you will also enjoy unique discounts. You can buy cheap ceramics with the highest quality only from our store. First-class large ceramic plates are produced with advanced and up-to-date equipment. The number of vertical installation lines, which is sometimes important for customers, is much less. This product perfectly covers a large part of the ceiling and walls.

The special sale of large ceramic plates at a reasonable price tries to satisfy you, dear customer. Middlemen and brokers are one of the main factors in increasing the price of any product, and they also greatly reduce the purchasing power of the buyer. Middlemen also weaken the economic foundations of the company, buying from the main distributors and domestic factories is more favorable for you, dear customer.

irexporter ceramic slabs company offers all products directly to wholesale and retail export markets. If you encounter a specific issue or need further guidance, please contact our support unit. Our colleagues will solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Our support unit is always active and ready to answer your questions, dear customers.

Export of floor and wall ceramics

Iran has a rich history in ceramic production, dating back to the 7th century BCE. The country is well known for its high-quality ceramics, ranging from decorative pieces to functional ones. In recent years, Iran's ceramic industry has expanded significantly, with a growing demand for its products both domestically and internationally. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the export of ceramics from Iran, including the purchase price of exported ceramic stone.

Export of Ceramics from Iran:

Iran is one of the largest exporters of ceramics in the world, with a focus on traditional and modern styles. The country has a diverse range of ceramics available for export, including tile work, pottery, and mosaic pieces. The ceramics are made from a variety of materials, including clay, porcelain, and stoneware. Iran's ceramics are renowned for their unique designs, intricate patterns, and high quality.

Types of Ceramics Exported from Iran:

Iran exports a wide range of ceramics, including tiles, bowls, vases, plates, and figurines. These products are made from different materials, such as clay, porcelain, and stoneware, and are available in various sizes and shapes. The country also exports traditional ceramics, such as those found in the ancient city of Kashan, which are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Market for Ceramics from Iran:

Iran's ceramics are in high demand both domestically and internationally. The country's ceramics are popular in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and are used in a variety of settings, from homes and offices to hotels and public spaces. The demand for Iranian ceramics has grown significantly in recent years, as more people become aware of the country's rich cultural heritage and the quality of its products.

Factors Influencing the Price of Exported Ceramics:

The price of exported ceramics from Iran is influenced by several factors, including the type of material used, the complexity of the design, and the size of the piece. The price of ceramics made from high-quality materials, such as porcelain, is generally higher than that of those made from other materials. The cost of labor and production also play a role in determining the price of exported ceramics.

Quality of Ceramics from Iran:

Iran's ceramics are renowned for their high quality, with a focus on intricate patterns and traditional styles. The country uses high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that each piece is durable and long-lasting. Iran's ceramics are also known for their unique designs, which are inspired by the country's rich cultural heritage. The quality of Iranian ceramics is one of the key factors that sets them apart from those of other countries.

Benefits of Exporting Ceramics from Iran:

Exporting ceramics from Iran has several benefits, both for the country and for buyers. Iran's ceramics are of high quality and offer unique designs, making them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their home or office. The country's ceramics are also affordable, making them accessible to a wider range of buyers. Exporting ceramics from Iran also provides a source of income for the country and helps to promote its rich cultural heritage.

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