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travertine is a decorative stone of the class of porous Travertine. These rocks are actually the remnants of hot springs and the holes in the rocks are created by the gases trapped in the hot water.

Travertine stone's color and pattern have made it a suitable and widely used choice for building facades, pool walls, flooring, decking and paving. Although the stones vary in porosity and quality, enthusiasts believe that the main mines of this stone are located in Isfahan, and this city accounts for most of the production.

Iran is one of the most famous and reliable countries in exporting stones to foreign countries, which has been able to attract many buyers from all over the world because of its beauty and variety. Most of Iran's stone exports are related to stone exports. Therefore, entrepreneurs with the right strategy and planning can get a lot of profit from this business. Yes, you need to manage all the steps and processes of travertine stone extraction to make money from this profitable business.

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The export of travertine stone is common in Iran due to the abundance of stone resources, so the largest resources of travertine stone in Iran are located in the center of Mehlat city. Mahalat city can be considered the stone production center of 50% of all travertine stones in Iran. Mahalati is the 18th producer and exporter of travertine stone in the production of marble, marble, porcelain, tiles, logs and tiles. Raw travertine stone.

To better understand the travertine stone, it is better to say that this stone is a type of decorative stone placed in the porous Travertine, which is the remains of the hot springs and holes created by the stones and winds. In this warm water

The different colors and shapes of travertine stone make it an excellent and versatile choice for building walls, walls and ceilings, floors and ceilings. In addition, there are many differences in the level and quality of the stone, which leaves lovers free to choose, the largest stone mine in Isfahan and this city in the field of travertine production in the world, if you study. history In your archeology and many other articles you will find ancient stones that have been used to build great monuments, statues and stone arches throughout Iran's history and civilization.

The making of these in Iranian history shows the art and skill used in the production of artificial stones since ancient times. We can also improve the country's economy by using big games. According to Iranian statistics there are 8800 non-ferrous metal companies, land, buildings and structures in Iran, and 1900 mines use decorative stone. So, despite the abundance of decorative stones But Iran is one of the four largest producers of decorative stones in the world.

Iranian stones are exported to many countries.

Many countries welcome Iranian stones and this industry has active markets in various countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates. Iranian stones are exported only to Europe in Italy, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Poland, Canada and also to South America, Australia and Japan. It can be said that we have very few products that we can export to European countries.

It can also be said that we do not have any exports to different countries of the world. But the volume of this export is very small. Because right now, due to the risk, we don't have the possibility to have direct banking with these countries, if these political issues are resolved, we will be in a really good place in the world stone market.

The quality and quantity required by the European market can easily be produced in the Iranian stone industry without any problems in this country. Unfortunately, the number of useful transactions in commercial efforts in the international market and export of Iranian stone to various countries is very limited.

Characteristics of travertine stone

This beautiful stone is used as a decorative stone and is sold well all over the world due to its many techniques. This stone can be used as a base for pools, building facades for decoration, walls, paths, floors, etc., and in fact, this seems to be one of the main reasons for buying high of travertine. him.

The direct export of travertine floor stones to neighboring and Asian countries has a significant impact on the growth of the country's economy, and exporters, merchants and traders believe that the export of this product can greatly affect the prosperity of the cycle. . From an economic point of view, the stones are of very high quality, so many people ask to buy in bulk.

Travertine patio stone is a type of stone with beautiful shapes and small pores, which is made of Travertine and is one of the sedimentary stones that can be found in hot water such as closed springs. This stone is often used for decorative purposes such as the facade of a building, the foundation of a swimming pool, which is important for its beauty and appeal. In addition to the distribution of this type of stone in the country, export companies also export to different parts of the world.

By identifying and knowing the best travertine stone brands in Iran, you will be able to purchase a high-quality product. The quality of Travertine has a great influence on product sales, therefore, the manufacturer has made maximum efforts to produce and sell first-class and durable products using modern knowledge and modern equipment. . Make your brand a popular product among consumers and buyers.

The manufactured travertine stone is the most sold in the market, this product has a unique look in addition to resistance and beauty, so many people wanted to buy this product and you can buy it. Use these types of stones without compromising the quality of the product.

Due to its unique appearance and performance, travertine stone is a common stone and construction material that is often used in house construction, pond flooring, garden flooring, floors, and sometimes wall coverings. part of the inner walls. From the garden like travertine stone used in buildings.

The most important characteristic of travertine, the quality and price of which varies from different colors to lighter colors, is that travertine, in addition to its unique beauty, has a high resistance to hot and humid weather, which is often different from other stones. The areas of the world used in this type of climate cause these plants and trees to flourish and as a result do not last long, as travertine is highly resistant to environmental factors.

As you know, in some places, depending on the situation, disinfectants are often used, which discourages people, for example, in swimming pools or in places where it often snows, travertine stone floors are used in these places. . Because in these places there are small holes in this type of stone that do not allow to break.

price per square meter of travertine stone

The price of travertine stone 80x80 per meter is determined and approved by the manufacturers and the people who try to produce the product. Please see our reliable sales collection to know the current price and dates of the product. Offline and online. Buy and use the desired product from the product comparison.

One of the most important factors that help determine the price of a product is the quality of the product, so if the product is of high quality, it can attract more customers and increase its sales.

If you decide to buy the product in bulk, you should contact the manufacturers and the authorized sales representatives of the product, so that you can buy more economically and pay additional costs and expenses by eliminating middlemen, time and sellers. Buying and selling products through wholesale and consolidation is beneficial to both sides of the transaction, ie. Seller and buyer, many people want to buy and sell products in bulk.

As you know, for every purchase you need to know the characteristics of the product. This information can be used to purchase any product, the price of which varies from product to product. There are different building materials such as travertine. The points discussed will be evaluated as follows according to the problems and requirements of the travertine stone.

The weight in grams of the product also affects the price of travertine stone for patio. The small size and light weight of the stones make them a cost-effective option.

One of the most important factors affecting the price of this product, which is produced by both traditional and industrial methods, is the method and type of cooking in the stone oven.

Find out about the cost of pavers

As you know, many factors affect the final price of each product, so with this in mind, we will discuss the factors that affect the price of cobblestones.

Economic differences are one of the main factors affecting the cost of building materials, including foreign travertine stone, compared to the use of cheaper or cheaper materials for travertine floors.

The amount and type of mineral deposit used in the production of travertine is an important factor in the price of this product, and for example, the more mineral deposits used, the higher the price because this material is derived from mineral A. have great value.

Another thing that affects the price of travertine is the color of the travertine, generally dark travertine like black and brown is more expensive than lighter colors like white and cream travertine due to its scarcity. . This stone has a low or high mineral content.

Judging by the prices, two pavers have been replaced in the yard in recent years

The most significant problem with travertine prices in recent years is the poor quality of travertine, which slows down the sales process. Sales of building materials such as travertine have declined

One of the factors that has affected patio stone prices in recent years is the rise in the value of the currency, which is considered one of the most important factors in the price of patio stones and will certainly cause prices to rise.

Factors affecting the price of travertine stone

Today, the progress of construction and urban development, followed by the increase in building materials in the region and the need to reconsider the production of travertine stone in terms of quality and world standards, have forced manufacturers to produce these high-quality products. Therefore, this center always tries to satisfy its customers with its offer as a market place for the sale and bulk order of travertine stone.

The supply and export market of Travertine Flooring Stones is also growing and selling well due to the profitable usage and high popularity and quality. This center seeks to save the cost and time of valued customers by directly removing Iranian travertine stones in bulk across the country, eliminating dealers and brokers. With this question in mind, we list the factors that affect the value of travertine stone:

Size of the travertine stone

Travertine stone types and colors

Travertine mine site and mine

Economic factors

Travertine stone cost for patio flooring in mall

The price of travertine stone flooring in the country market is modern and affordable at the same time due to the sudden demand for all kinds of decorative stones, the most important of which is the use of houses and buildings. Entertainment is a good place, therefore, according to this important principle, it is important to provide the best stones, including the cheapest travertine stone in the country, at a reasonable price, to meet the needs of the domestic market for these types . of stones. White travertine ax all over the country.

The export of travertine stone in Turkey, Kazakhstan, China and Spain is now carried out under special and advantageous conditions, at a fair price and in accordance with international standards.

Exporting travertine stone to Turkey is seen as a way to earn money, create employment and generate income. Due to scarcity of stones and abundance of stones in our country, all types of stone extraction and processing are ready to export travertine and marble to other countries. the country Countries.

Travertine is one of the most famous stones in the world, and it is in high demand and used in construction, which is why the necessary measures were taken to export this stone.

Currently, the financial support of our country's economy is provided by the export of travertine to Turkey, and if the sales of this product per capita increase, we will undoubtedly experience economic growth and prosperity.

Some countries, considering the climate and amount of construction, have included the use of stone in their plans and even made changes in their industries using different types of stone.

Travertine stone is not only used as coupes or travertine slabs, but its body is used for trade and production of mosaics, handicrafts and art and other things, and Turkey is one of the most important consumers of its kind. that we are fully prepared to work in the field of direct export or to take the necessary measures for cooperation with customers.

Sell travertine stone

Although Turkey is a neighbor of our country, Iran, many people in the world consider this country as a European country. Therefore, exporters should pay the most attention and care when shipping tractor stone to Turkey so that Iranian transportation can have positive results in the Turkish market.

If this happens, we can definitely expect an increase in exports to Europe.

Types of travertine stones brought to Iran

There are many stone quarries in a big country like Iran. Sending stones like travertine, marble, granite, etc. to other countries helps in creating added value. Foreign travertine stones in Iran are very beautiful, and among the foreign travertines the following can be mentioned:

Tagaba silver travertine stone

Silver travertine stone mantle

Mako wavy travertine stone

Abbasabadi white travertine stone

Azarshahr Red Travertine Stone

Steam Travertino Valley Cream Wave

Curved Travertine Stones of Bukhari Valley

Lemon travertine stone

called. These exported travertine stones are exported to other countries in the form of cup and cut travertine. Contact us to order one of our exported travertines.

Our country has achieved tremendous growth and success in the field of travertine stone production and we are proud to witness first class travertine stones in the market.

If domestic and foreign consumers are sufficiently informed about these stones, there is no doubt that the sales volume of these products will increase significantly.

Export of travertine stone to Turkey with customs label

The extraction or production of any type of stone and stone waste, transport and transportation of any type in export is of particular importance and specialists will obtain the necessary permits and verify at all these stages.

All types of stone are exported to Turkey in accordance with international standards, so you can be sure of its quality and certification.

Certificates and approvals are obtained from experts and all products have good standards and quality.

One of the main reasons for the high sales of these items in the international markets is the good price that is set for the sale of these stones. The price of 4 cm white travertine stone is very cheap compared to other products in the world market.

Also, if the foreign buyers buy the customs stamp of these stones in the first part and buy them in bulk, there is no doubt that the percentage of the final price will be reduced for the buyers in the first part, of course they can keep these stones for a long time.

Long-term storage of travertine means protection against future price increases and can be considered a special economic value.

Local export requirements of white travertine

Without a doubt, a plan should be adopted for the export of white travertine from other areas and a series of rules should be followed to increase the export of this product significantly. The requirements are as follows:

Improving the quality of travertine stone: To compete with foreign brands of white travertine production, you must first improve the quality of this stone as much as possible. Domestic producers should use the best raw materials, highly skilled people and latest technology to produce tuff stone with the highest quality and send it to global markets.

Considering the right price: To increase the export of silver travertine slabs and a person, you need to think about the economy of the country you choose to export. In any case, economic recession happens in some countries of the world at times and it often happens that foreign manufacturers also want to produce goods at a good price.

So, if these stones are considered the right number for sale, they will undoubtedly be welcomed by all.

Ensuring proper packaging: The packaging designed for Mehlat White Travertine Stone and Chocolate Travertine Stone should firstly be completely durable and not get damaged during the journey, secondly it should be stylish and beautiful and at first sight it should satisfy the customers. should attract. the guest

When manufacturing companies think of good packaging for their product, they actually add more value to the product.

Export Requirements for Travertine Stone

By getting the right information about travertine stone export laws, we will surely achieve the perfect per capita sales of the product and witness economic prosperity. The country's leader should first think about the organization of the foreign exchange market.

Of course, if the currency market in our country is stable. We will see an increase in travertine spa stone sales volume in the global market. It should be noted that sanctions against our country make it very difficult for traders and exporters.

For this reason, things should be considered in order to contract with many companies in the Persian Gulf and Europe so that the citizens can export the goods at the best level. Of course, exporters should also think about improving the quality of their products and think about the right price to sell travertine in the world market.

Sending construction stones to 5 neighboring countries

Iranian stones are shipped in raw or processed form to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. that is sometimes exported from those countries to other countries. So what could be better if Iran's building block is exported directly or indirectly to these countries. But Iranian building block is a good export product in terms of quality and value.

There are different types of discharge stones. Below are several examples of stone building requirements:

All kinds of stones are made in the form of coups

Granite stone for cabinets and paths

Travertine stone for facade and floor

Marble in the shape of slabs



Litter or river rock

Countertops (travertine, granite, glass)

Tombstones (marble, granite)

The stones used in these countries are very different.

Exporting cheap chocolate travertine to Iraq is the domain of this group, and we provide services in the form of raw or processed stones and in standard stone diameters and sizes.

Exported cheap brown terracotta stone has proven its ability to produce all kinds of building stone in Iran, and because this stone is full of standards and high quality and can be used directly, the cost is low in the market. We can provide the best service to our buyers by pricing the stones and knowing the best and most popular types of stones and this helps us to export and check the ability of our experts.

What is rock travertine?

As we said, there are different types of building stones, and in fact, stones such as travertine, marble and marble are among the stones that are more famous among different strata and their consumption is greater in other countries. The chocolate travertine produced in the country is of high quality and has both beauty and correct diameter, and because of direct sales or direct use for export, this stone is cheaper than other samples.

The best selling building stone is a person who has enough knowledge about different building stones, and this knowledge cannot be obtained without working in this field for many years. And Saderat Trading Group has more than 20 years of experience in stone quarrying and quarrying and helps stone buyers in reducing stone selection errors in construction stone processing operations. It will benefit them financially.

Today, with technological advancements, buying building stones is easier than ever. You can search for building stones online and buy your building stones by comparing stone products and prices.

travertine rock stone export from Iran

Introduction to Travertine Stone in Iran

Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock that is formed from the accumulation of calcium carbonate deposits. It is known for its distinctive appearance, which features visible holes and ridges on the surface of the stone. Iran is one of the leading exporters of travertine stone slabs, offering a range of high-quality products to the international market.

Characteristics of Iranian Travertine Stone

Iranian travertine stone is renowned for its exceptional beauty and durability. It is a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications, including flooring, wall cladding, and paving. The stone is also available in a variety of colors, including beige, cream, and red, making it suitable for use in both traditional and contemporary design styles.

The Travertine Stone Export Market in Iran

Iran has a thriving travertine stone export market, with the majority of its exports going to countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The country has a long history of producing and exporting the stone, and its products are highly sought after for their quality and affordability. As a result, the demand for Iranian travertine stone continues to grow, making it an important contributor to the country's economy.

The Benefits of Exporting Travertine Stone from Iran

Exporting travertine stone from Iran offers a range of benefits for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, purchasing the stone from Iran offers access to high-quality products at affordable prices. For sellers, exporting the stone provides the opportunity to reach a global market, increasing their potential customer base and generating increased revenue.

Factors Affecting the Price of Exported Travertine Stone

The price of exported travertine stone is influenced by a range of factors, including the quality of the stone, the size and thickness of the slabs, and the exchange rate between the Iranian currency and the currency of the importing country. Additionally, the cost of transportation and insurance can also impact the final price of the stone.

Factors Influencing the Quality of Travertine Stone in Iran

The quality of travertine stone in Iran is influenced by various factors, including the location of the quarry, the methods used to extract the stone, and the processing techniques used to produce the finished product. High-quality travertine stone is typically extracted from quarries in areas with a rich deposit of the mineral, and processed using advanced techniques to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.

The Quarrying Process in Iran

The quarrying process in Iran involves the extraction of the stone from the earth using specialized machinery. The stone is then transported to a processing plant where it is cut into slabs, polished, and finished to the desired specifications. The processing plant is equipped with modern machinery and technology, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality.

The Importance of Processing Techniques in Travertine Stone Production

Processing techniques play a crucial role in the production of high-quality travertine stone. Techniques such as honing, brushing, and tumbling are used to enhance the natural beauty of the stone and to create a smooth, polished surface. Advanced techniques, such as cross-cutting and book-matching, are also used to produce unique patterns and designs on the surface of the stone.

The Role of Quality Control in Travertine Stone Export

Quality control is an important aspect of the travertine stone export process, as it helps to ensure that the stone meets the highest standards of quality.

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