slab stone export from Iran

iran is known for its abundant natural resources, particularly in terms of stone minerals. The country has numerous stone mines, which have positioned it as a significant stone export center. The iranian market is already saturated with stone minerals, and the primary reason for exporting stones is the surplus of this product. In the following sections, you will find more information about the main types of stones exported from iran and the countries that receive them.

the most important stone for export

iran's stone industry has an active market in various countries, including china and the uae. Many nations welcome iranian stones, making it a thriving industry. Now the question arises: what are the main stones exported from iran?

travertine stone

travertine is a type of decorative stone that belongs to the category of porous limestone. It is formed from hot spring deposits, with the holes in the stone resulting from trapped gases in the hot water. The wide range of colors available in travertine makes it an ideal choice for building facades. It can also be used for walls, pool floors, and paving.

the abundance of travertine mines in isfahan, a region responsible for large-scale production in iran, contributes to its significant export. The quality of travertine and marble extracted from these mines is also noteworthy.

granite stone

granite, another popular building stone, is available in various colors. Marwarid granite stone is among the well-known granite stones exported from iran. Khorasan province has abundant reserves of pearl granite. Granite can be found in white, gray, red, black, pink, green, and blue colors.

marble stone

marble, a metamorphic stone primarily composed of calcite, is widely used in sculptures, making it a valuable export. Its dense texture provides high resistance, leading to diverse applications. Marble remains in demand for construction projects and contributes significantly to iran's stone exports.

slab stone export from Iran

destinations of iran's stone exports

iran holds a relatively important position in the global stone industry. It exports stones to neighboring countries and maintains trade with allied and friendly nations. Export destinations for iranian stones include oman, qatar, turkey, india, russia, china, italy, canada, and australia.

stone exports to oman

oman, sharing a water border with iran via the oman sea, is a neighbor and trading partner. With limited raw material production, oman relies on imports to meet its needs. Iranian stones, including cast iron, iron, and stones, are among the significant exports to this country.

stone exports to qatar

qatar, another neighboring country with a water border through the sea of oman, is a favorable destination for stone exports. Iran plays an increasingly important role in qatar's imports due to economic relations disruptions with saudi arabia and the uae. Stone, cast iron, iron, steel, plaster, and cement are the main products exported from iran to qatar.

stone exports to turkey

turkey, an iranian neighbor in both the western and european regions, provides a good market for stone exports. The construction boom and growing focus on the industry have led to increased imports of iranian marble, granite, and travertine.

stone exports to india

india, accessible through the pakistan border, serves as another destination for iranian stone exports. Although the volume of exports fluctuates due to political tensions, india remains one of the top importers of iranian stones.

stone exports to china

china engages in oil exchanges with iran, with iron ore and rock salt among the significant imports. While political tensions and customs issues have affected iran's iron ore trade with china, iran remains a better and cheaper source of iron ore compared to other producers.

stone exports to iraq

iraq, a neighboring country with substantial oil exchanges with iran, has a high demand for iranian building blocks. Marble and other stones are particularly popular in iraq.

stone exports to russia

russia, a consumer of iranian products and resources, presents a market with competitive advantages for iranian stone exports. Iranian stones, including various types of granite, marble, and other quality stones, find significant demand in russia.

stone exports to georgia

despite its own rich mineral resources, georgia imports building stones from iran due to limitations in technology and financial resources for identification, extraction, and stone cutting.

stone exports to europe

stone exports to europe

iran holds the eighth position globally in terms of stone exports, accounting for approximately 3% of the total import potential of european countries. European importers of iranian stones include germany, austria, italy, and north macedonia, with granite, marble, rough travertine, and cut stone being the primary imports.

iran's stone export volume

iran boasts around 10,000 mines for non-ferrous metals, stone, and industrial clay, with 1,900 mines dedicated to decorative stones. The total mining capacity of iran is estimated at 47 billion tons, with 4 billion tons attributed to the production of various types of stone. Iran's stone exports for the current year reach 7 million tons, consisting of 6 million tons of processed stone and 1 million tons of raw stone blocks and carpets.

challenges in iran's stone export

political tensions, including banking and currency sanctions, pose significant challenges to stone exports from iran. These tensions reduce the willingness of other countries to engage in business with iran, affecting the stone trade. Furthermore, the iranian government's imposition of a 25% tariff on exporters has diminished domestic producers' interest in shipping stones and selling products abroad. Weak marketing strategies and limited information exchange also create additional restrictions on the iranian stone market in other countries. Consequently, stone producers face hurdles in increasing their share of foreign sales.

construction stone export statistics worldwide: iran ranks fourth

1. Iranian travertine stone

many countries interested in importing stones from iran are significant customers of iranian travertine stone. Travertine is a decorative stone belonging to the category of porous limestone. It is highly versatile and widely used for various applications, including building walls, interior walls, pool tiles, flooring, and paving.

iran has over 200 travertine mines across the country, making it one of the world's leading producers and exporters of travertine. The government statistics of the islamic republic of iran indicate that iran recorded $2 million in travertine exports in 2020. The largest travertine deposits can be found in isfahan, central, east azerbaijan, and yazd provinces, accounting for 90% of iran's travertine production.

2. Iranian granite

granite is a highly sought-after stone imported from iran. It is a natural stone available in various colors. Iran's granite exports are significant, driven by its unique quality. Some notable export granite stones from iran are:

- natanz white granite: this high-quality granite is exported to countries such as turkmenistan, azerbaijan, iraq, armenia, turkey, and russia. The price difference between the domestic and export markets is primarily due to packaging and transportation costs.

- nehbandan granite: nehbandan stone is also suitable for export, primarily in the form of slabs and tiles, but it can be produced in any size and shape based on customer orders.

- yazd red granite: this granite is known for its high density, making it one of the best red granite stones in the world.

iraq is one of the major destinations for iranian granite exports. To purchase iranian granite, you can contact irexporter trading company, which collaborates with the largest iranian stone producers to offer a wide range of iranian stones for export at the best quality and price. The price of exported granite depends on factors such as the type, size, and thickness of the stone. The 60x60 size is particularly popular for exports to iraq, syria, russia, and turkey.

3. Iranian marble

marble, a decorative and semi-precious stone, plays a significant role in iran's non-oil exports. In 2020, iran's non-oil exports, including building stones, reached 20,867,830 kilograms, generating $2,573,504 in revenue. Some of the best and highest quality iranian marbles include:

- azarshahr marble

- sangab marble

- sanandaj marble

- kerman green marble

- cadiz marble

to purchase iranian marble, you can also consider an export trading company.

4. Natural iranian onyx

iran is renowned as the world's leading exporter of onyx marble, which comes in various colors and patterns. Onyx marble is highly valued for its translucency and unique aesthetics. Some of the notable iranian onyx marbles for export include:

- onyx isfahan

- onyx marble

- dehbid onyx marble

- four-marble

these are just a few examples, as iranian onyx marbles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Iranian onyx marbles are exported to various countries around the world.

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if you want to buy export stones, you can find them through online stores or contact stone exporters directly. These platforms offer a convenient way to browse stone options, make purchases, and provide after-sales services.

overview of stone export from iran

stone export is a significant industry in iran, with the country being one of the leading producers and exporters of various types of stones such as marble, travertine, granite, onyx, and limestone. Iran has abundant natural resources and a long history of stone production and trade, dating back to ancient times. The industry employs thousands of people and contributes significantly to the country's economy. The export of stones from iran primarily takes place to countries in the middle east, europe, and asia, with the majority of exports being in the form of raw materials and finished products such as slabs, tiles, and mosaics. Despite facing challenges such as sanctions and competition from other countries, the stone export industry in iran continues to grow and evolve, positioning the country as a major player in the global stone market.

types of stones exported from iran

types of stones exported from iran

iran is known for producing and exporting a wide range of high-quality stones, including marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone, sandstone, soapstone, quartzite, and serpentine. These stones are utilized in various applications such as construction, architecture, sculpture, and landscaping. The diversity and quality of iranian stones make them highly sought after in international markets.

the history of stone export in iran

iran has a rich history of stone export, dating back to ancient times. Stones were extensively used in persian architecture, including famous structures like persepolis. Over time, iran's stone industry has evolved and modernized, leadingto increased production and exports. Today, iran stands as a major player in the global stone market, with a reputation for high-quality stones and a wide variety of options. The government has supported the industry's growth, and iran actively promotes its stone products in international markets to attract more buyers and strengthen its position as a leading stone exporter.

despite challenges such as political tensions, sanctions, and competition, iran's stone export industry continues to thrive. The country's abundant natural resources, advanced mining and processing facilities, and skilled workforce contribute to its success in producing and exporting various types of stones.

iran's stone exports are primarily directed to countries in the middle east, europe, and asia. The exports include raw materials as well as finished products like slabs, tiles, and mosaics. Iran's marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone, and other stones are highly valued for their quality and aesthetics, making them popular choices for construction, architecture, and interior design projects worldwide.

in terms of stone exports, iran ranks among the top countries globally. It offers a wide range of stones with unique colors, patterns, and textures, allowing buyers to find the perfect fit for their specific needs. The government and export trading companies facilitate the smooth process of purchasing and exporting iranian stones, ensuring customer satisfaction and quality assurance. With its rich history, abundant resources, and continuous growth in the stone export industry, iran is well-positioned to maintain its prominent role in the global market. The demand for iranian stones remains strong, and the country's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction further enhances its reputation as a reliable source of high-quality stones.

What are the types of stones exported from Iran?

Iran is known for exporting various types of stones, including marble, travertine, granite, onyx, and limestone.

What are the main destinations for stone exports from Iran?

The main destinations for stone exports from Iran are China, India, Turkey, the UAE, and Iraq. These countries import Iranian stones for use in construction, decoration, and other purposes.

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slab stone export from Iran
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