Dates export from Iran

Various dates are exported to Iran. We all know that there are two general types of dry dates and soft dates, each with its own characteristics. But this category does not end with these two types and each has a different type in its subcategory.

As you know, date palms grow in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Dates export from Iran

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piarom dates, cultivated primarily in haji abad, hormozgan province, are considered one of the best and most expensive varieties for export from iran. These dates are exclusive to iran and highly prized for their exceptional quality. Piarom dates are medium to large in size, brown in color, and make for a delicious snack. With a moisture content of about 15%, piarom dates are semi-dry and feature a thin, wrinkled skin. They are particularly suitable for diabetic patients.

iran's date export sector encompasses various date varieties, including piarom, khezarawi, barhi, rabi, kabkab, zahedi, and more, cultivated in different cities across the country. The price of exported dates varies depending on the specific variety. If you have any inquiries regarding the purchase or sale of dates, feel free to contact our experts.

the role of trade organizations in the export of dates from iran

trade organizations play a vital role in promoting the export of dates from iran on a global scale. The iranian date association, a trade organization, promotes iranian dates' export, provides information about the different types of dates produced in the country, negotiates better prices, and supports date producers and exporters. Collaboration with trade organizations helps date producers and exporters increase their global visibility and expand their customer base.

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the types of dates produced in iran

iran produces various types of dates, including deglet noor, khadrawy, sayer, zaghloul, piarom, and mazafati. Deglet noor is the most popular variety, known for its semi-sweet taste and light color. Khadrawy is also popular, offering a soft texture and sweet flavor. Sayer stands out with its large size and rich flavor. Zaghloul is a medium-sized date with a sweet taste, while piarom is a high-quality, luxury date. Mazafati, on the other hand, is a soft, sweet date commonly used in baking.

piarom date

in the date export sector, the piarom variety has gained popularity and attracted attention in the world market for many years. This variety of date palm is highly resistant to salinity and is cultivated in many countries.

piarom dates from the groves of hajiabad in hormozgan district are known for their exceptional quality. These dates have a high sugar content consisting mainly of fructose, making them easily metabolizable in the body.

mazafati dates

mazafati dates, also known as bam dates, are highly regarded and considered one of the most delicious dates in the world. Their black color signifies their quality. These dates have a moisture content ranging from 14% to 36% and are rich in potassium, making them suitable for treating digestive disorders.

guntar or lulu dates

guntar dates, also known as lulu dates, have a dark brown color and an oval, wrinkled shape. They are harvested from khuzestan and hormozgan cities in september and october. Guntar dates, one of the best and sweetest exports from behbahan, are highly sought after.

sayer dates

sayer dates, known for their sweetness, are a popular variety in the date export market. Many of these dates are seedless and have a high sugar content, making them ideal for consumption. They are extensively grown in southern cities and are a significant portion of iran's date exports.

european countries are among the major importers of sayer dates. These dates are highly perishable in tropical climates and account for approximately 45% of iran's total date exports. They are often used as a natural sweetener in confectioneries and other food products.

shahani dates

shahani dates are primarily consumed in the form of khark due to their exceptional taste. Fars province is the main region for the production of shahani dates. These dates have a distinct shape with a narrow tip, dark color, and long size. Jahrom city alone produces around 40,000 tons of dates annually, with over 10,000 tons being exported.

zahedi dates

zahedi dates are classified as dry dates and are known for their thin skin and late harvesting. They are of high quality and have excellent storage and transportation properties, making them suitable for export.

kabkab dates

kabkab dates have a unique characteristic compared to other varieties. They have a bitter taste when unripe and crunchy. Barazjan, tabas, khormuj, and behbakhan are the main regions for the cultivation and harvest of kabkab dates. Kabkab dates rank fourth in terms of economic importance, following otamaran, shahani, and mazafati dates.

rabbi dates

rabbi dates, prominently grown in sistan and balochistan province, are among the most renowned dates listed for export. These dates have a long shelf life, making them suitable for long-distance transportation. They have low moisture content, large size, and shiny skin. The color of rabbi dates tends to be black, with a hint of red.

berhi dates

berhi dates are highly desired for international trade and date exports. They are mainly grown and harvested in the abadan and khoramshahr regions. Berhi dates have a distinctive taste and small size, setting them apart from other varieties.

khazravi dates

khazravi dates are among the first dates that can be consumed either raw or semi-ripe. This type of date is predominantly grown in johorm, kazrun, dashtistan, ramhormuz, and other cities.

iran is globally recognized as the second-largest producer of dates after egypt. With a cultivation area of 240,000 hectares and an annual production exceeding one million tons, iran plays a significant role in the date market. Algeria, saudi arabia, iraq, uae, and pakistan are among the other major date-producing countries.

date juice concentrate

during the growing season, dates are pressed to extract their juice, which is then concentrated to enhance its structure and flavor. Date juice concentrate is a valuable product that offers natural sugars and fructose. The concentration process results in a clearer color, and darker dates are often preferred. Traditional medicine often recommends dates and their juice due to their beneficial properties.

date liquid sugar

dates, being a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins, can be used as a substitute for sugar. Date liquid sugar can be used in tea, cooking, baking, breakfast, and various other applications. It provides sweetness without causing a rapid spike in insulin production, making it suitable for individuals seeking healthier alternatives to traditionalsugar. Date liquid sugar is often used as a natural sweetener, similar to honey, and is particularly favored for its dark color in certain recipes.

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date export from iran

if you're looking to buy or sell iranian export dates, you can utilize the baskol market. Baskol offers a platform for trading all types of iranian export dates and provides information on date export prices to iran.

through baskol's network of suppliers and buyers, you can request prices from the best suppliers at any time of the day or night. By registering a purchase request, you can receive quotes from multiple sellers simultaneously, helping you find the best price on the market.

types of dates based on harvest time:

dates are classified into three categories based on their moisture content and harvest time: dried dates, semi-dry dates, and fresh dates.

dried dates

dates with a moisture content below 15% are classified as dried dates.

semi-dry dates

dates with a moisture content ranging from 15% to 18% are considered semi-dry dates.

fresh dates

dates with a moisture content between 18% and 35% are categorized as fresh dates.

best time for date export from iran

iran ranks third globally in terms of date exports, with an annual export volume of over 400,000 tons. As a trader in the food products sector, you might wonder which dates are best for export. Iran boasts the largest cultivation area for dates worldwide, and every year, a significant amount of high-quality dates, such as mozafati and piarom, find their way into international markets. Therefore, iran is considered one of the major date-producing countries, providing ample opportunities for successful date exports.

date prices

prices of dates can vary depending on the market and the packaging. Contrary to popular belief, large dates can be neatly packed and offer excellent cleanliness. Their base price tends to be lower than that of individually wrapped or boxed dates. Fresh whole dates are usually priced lower than decorated dates.

value of well-known export dates

seedless dates, sourced from jakhrom gardens in fars region, are highly sought after. They are suitable for daily consumption and various celebrations. Packaged dates often command higher prices compared to loose dates due to their limited availability. This product is exported from iran to european and asian countries, thanks to its healing properties.

bucket of dates price

with the recent increase in the price of dates, the cost of a bucket of dates has also risen. The specific price increase can vary depending on the chosen date variety.

date prices in iran

isfahan, one of the hottest provinces in iran, boasts a thriving date market. Isfahan is a major export hub for various industries and certain agricultural products suitable for arid regions. It serves as a starting point for many date merchants and traders. For affordable prices, larger cities in hot regions are the preferred destinations for purchasing dates.

expensive dates

irexporter is a premium exporter of dates, including the ala khasavi variety. These dates are predominantly grown in tropical regions of iran, such as bushehr, hormozgan, khuzestan, and kerman. Ala khasavi dates are smaller in size compared to other varieties. The price of khasavi dates is lower than that of piarom dates, although piarom dates are more popular due to their exceptional taste.

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introduction to the export of dates from iran

iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world, and the export of dates from iran plays a significant role in the country's economy. With more than 20 different varieties, iranian dates are known for their unique taste and high quality. Located in the middle east, near the persian gulf, iran enjoys ideal conditions for date cultivation. Dates have been a staple food in the region for centuries, and global demand for iranian dates has been increasing in recent years.

factors influencing the export of dates from iran

the export of dates from iran is influenced by several factors, including the quality of the dates, the harvest size, and political stability in the region. High-quality dates that are consistent in flavor and appearance are sought after by buyers. A larger harvest increases the supply available for export. Political stability is crucial for uninterrupted transportation and distribution of dates.

the global market for iranian dates

the global market for iranian dates is expanding, and the export of dates from iran is gaining popularity. Demand for dates is high in countries such as the united states, europe, and asia. The united states has a growing demand for high-quality dates, and iran is well-positioned to meet this demand. Europe also experiences increasing demand, with iran being a major supplier. In asia, countries like china, japan, and south korea present a large and growing market for dates, with iran playing a significant role as a supplier.

the benefits of exporting dates from iran

the export of dates from iran provides several benefits to the country and its economy. Firstly, it generates significant revenue that can fund development projects and support economic growth. Secondly, it creates employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas where date cultivation is common. Finally, it enhances iran's visibility on the global stage and reinforces its reputation as a major producer of high-quality dates.

the challenges faced by the export of dates from iran

despite the benefits, the export of dates from iran faces challenges. The competition from other date-producing countries like saudi arabia and egypt is a significant challenge as they vie for market share. Additionally, political instability in the region can disrupt transportation and distribution, negatively impacting the export of dates from iran.

the importance of quality control in the export of dates from iran

quality control is crucial in the export of dates from iran as buyers seek high-quality dates with consistent flavor and appearance. The iranian government has implemented strict quality control standards and regulations to ensure exported dates meet the expected standards. Date producers in iran have also implemented their own quality control measures, including storage practices, testing, and the use of modern technology to monitor quality.

buy quality iranian dates at the lowest price

if you want to buy the best quality dates from iran at the lowest price, consider the following steps:

  1. research the different varieties of dates grown in iran, such as deglet noor, medjool, and zahidi, to determine your preferred type.
  2. note that prices of dates can vary greatly based on factors such as the time of year, availability, and quality.
  3. iran is known for producing some of the finest dates in the world, benefiting from a long history of cultivation and an ideal warm, arid climate for date palm trees. Exported iranian dates come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors, making them versatile for a wide range of recipes and a popular standalone snack.
  4. when buying exported iranian dates, consider factors such as the freshness of the dates. Look for a supplier who can guarantee a fresh batch of dates harvested and packaged within the past few months. Additionally, ensure the use of high-quality packaging materials for proper protection during transport and storage.
  5. there are many creative and delicious ways to showcase the unique flavors and textures of iranian dates, including using them in sweet and savory recipes, as natural sweeteners, or enjoying them as a healthy snack.

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the purchase price of exported dates

the purchase price of exported dates from iran is influenced by factors such as the quality of the dates, harvest size, and global market demand. High-quality dates with consistent flavor and appearance generally command higher prices. Larger harvests can increase supply and potentially lower prices. Global market demand also plays a role in determining the purchase price, as high demand can drive prices up. The export of dates from iran plays a significant role in the country's economy, offering numerous benefits. Despite challenges, such as competition from other date-producing countries and regional political instability, the export of dates continues to grow due to increasing global demand for high-quality dates. Quality control, the role of trade organizations, and the purchase price of exported dates are all important factors influencing the export of dates from iran. With adequate support and investments, the export of dates from iran has the potential to thrive and contribute to the country's economic development.

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