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Various dates are exported to Iran. We all know that there are two general types of dry dates and soft dates, each with its own characteristics. But this category does not end with these two types and each has a different type in its subcategory.

As you know, date palms grow in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

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Piarom date

In the date export sector, the piarom variety is very popular and has been able to attract the attention of the world market for many years. This type of palm is very resistant to salinity, so it is cultivated in many countries.

Most of the sugar today consists of fructose, so it is easily usable in the body's metabolism. The best Pyaram dates can be found in the groves of Hajiabad in Hormozgan district.

Mazafati dates

If you look at the date export list, you will see the name Mozafati dates or Bam dates. Mozafati dates are one of the tastiest dates in the world. The black color of this type of date shows its quality. It is not part of the nut and its moisture content varies between 14 and 36%.

This date is rich in potassium and is very suitable for the treatment of digestive disorders.

Guntar or Lulu Dates

This type of sun is dark brown in color and has an oval and wrinkled shape. It was collected from Khuzestan and Hormozgan cities in September and October. Guntar dates are one of the best and sweetest exports of Behbahan.

Sayer dates

Many of these dates are seedless and are considered one of the sweetest dates in the date export market. They are widely grown in southern cities. The sugar content of this date is very high. (About 75 percent)

These dates are sent to European countries. This type of date is undoubtedly because it is highly perishable in tropical climates, it covers about 45% of Iran's exports.

The base of this day is easy to divide and this is a very good dish. These dates are used as a natural sweetener in sweets or other foods.

Shahani dates

Most products from this date are consumed in the form of khark, because its taste is high. A large percentage of Shahani dates are grown and harvested in Fars province. Like its fruit, the Shahani palm is different from other species. This date has a long shape with a narrow tip and is dark in color. 40,000 tons of dates are produced annually in the city of Jahorm, of which more than 10,000 tons are exported.

Zahedi dates

Among other types of dates in Iran, we can mention Zahedi dates. It is classified as a dry date. This date is a very thin and late type. It is of high quality and has convenient conditions for storage and transportation. Therefore, he allocated a portion of the date export to Iran.

Kabkab dates

Unlike other dates, pumpkin dates have a bitter taste when unripe and crunchy. These dates are widely grown and harvested in Barazjan as well as Tabas, Khormuj, and Behbakhan. . From an economic point of view, it ranks fourth after Otamaran, Shahan and Mozafat.

Rabbi dates

It is one of the most famous dates that can be seen on the export list in the province of Sistan and Balochistan. The long shelf life of these dates makes it effortless in the fridge for long trips. These dates have very low moisture content and are large in shape and shiny skin. The color of this red date tends to be black.

Berhi dates

Berhi is the most desirable date for international trade and date export and is mainly planted and harvested in Abadan and Khoramshahr regions. The strong taste and small size distinguish this type of date from other types.

khazravi dates

khazravi is one of the first dates that can be eaten raw or wet. This type of date is one of the first and tender dates that are mostly grown in Johorm, Kazrun, Dashtistan, Ramhormuz and other cities.

Iran is known worldwide as the second largest producer of this product after Egypt, with a date cultivation area of 240,000 hectares and an annual production of more than one million tons. After Iran, the countries of Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE and Pakistan are among the most important producers of dates worldwide.

Date juice Concentrate

Usually, during the growing season, dates are pressed, and their juice gives a better structure and creates a concentration of high quality and tasty dates. The production of date concentrate is very useful when using natural sugar and fructose. Dates that turn darker have a clearer color. Traditional medicine does not mention sugar, but their dates and storage are often recommended.

Date liquid sugar

Since dates are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins, they can be substituted for sugar. When making tea or cooking, baking and breakfast, he uses sugar (honey) instead of sugar, while delaying absorption and without insulin production continues to increase. Palm sugar is the type of date water used for dark things, and it is used as honey to make sweet dates.

Dates of export from Iran

You can use the Baskol market to buy and sell all types of Iranian export dates and find out export date prices to Iran.

Using Baskol's network of suppliers and buyers on the market, you can request prices from the best suppliers at all hours of the day or night, or by registering a purchase request, you can get price from many sellers at the same time find the best price on the market.

Types of dates based on harvest time:

In this section, the types of dates are classified into dry dates, semi-dry dates and fresh dates depending on the time of harvest.

Dried Dates

If the date moisture is less than 15%, it is called dry date.

Semi-dry periods

When the moisture content of dates is between 15% and 18%. It is called semi-dry date.

recent date:

When the date humidity is between 18 and 35% This is called a fresh date

When is the best date for Iranian export?

In the ranking of world export of dates, Iran is ranked third in the world with an annual export of dates of more than 400,000 tons. For traders in the field of food products, the first question may be what is the best date to export? Iran ranks first in the world in terms of date cultivation area, and every year a large amount of this product finds its way to the markets of other countries, and the export of dates is very prosperous. Therefore, Iran is considered as one of the important date producing countries with the production of high quality dates for export, such as Mozafati, Pyaram, etc.

dates prices

In the market, the price of dates and boxed dates is different. Contrary to what most people believe, large dates can be packed and very clean. Its base price is lower than other single and boxed dates. The price of fresh and whole dates is lower than that of decorated dates.

Date value of the well for export

Seedless dates are prepared from Jakhrom gardens of Fars region. They are used for daily use and various parties. Packaged dates cost more than harvested dates, but they are produced in small quantities. This product in Iran is exported to European and Asian countries due to its healing properties.

The price of a bucket of dates

After the increase in the price of this fruit, the price of bucket dates also increased. Depending on the type of date selected, this price increase may vary.

The price of dates in iran

Isfahan is one of the hottest provinces in Iran. The exchange rate of Isfahan province itself is very high. Dates grow mainly in the sun and in the tropical regions of Iran.

Isfahan is one of Iran's largest export provinces in terms of industry and some agricultural products suitable for dry areas. This district is the starting point for many merchants to trade in dates and their products. If you want to buy this product cheap, the best choice is the big cities of hot places.

Data is expensive

irexporter is a premium dates exporter. Ala Khasavi dates are found in most tropical areas of Iran such as Bushehr, Hormozgan, Khuzestan and Kerman. This type of date is much smaller than other types. The price of Khasavi dates is cheaper than Pyaram. Of course, most people prefer pyaram for its good taste.

Buy the best export date

Pyaram dates are one of the best and most expensive types and types of dates to export from Iran, they are cultivated only in Iran and mostly in the district of Haji Abad in the province of Hormozgan due to the suitable conditions for the cultivation of Pyaram dates.

This date is known as the best date of Iran, which has a higher price than other types of dates sent to Iran.

Piyaram dates are medium to large in size and brown in color and are used as snacks Pyram dates have a moisture content of about 15% and semi-dry dates have thin and wrinkled skin. Kharma pyram is very suitable for diabetic patients

Iran's date export sector consists of different varieties of dates. Such as: Payaram Dates, Khezarawi Dates, Barhi Dates, Rabi Dates, Kabkab Dates, Zahedi Dates, etc., which are grown and cultivated in different cities of Iran. The price of exported dates varies depending on its type and if you have any queries about buying and selling dates, you can contact our experts.

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Introduction to the Export of Dates from Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world, and the export of dates from Iran has become a significant part of the country's economy. Iran produces more than 20 different varieties of dates, which are known for their unique taste and high quality. The country is located in the Middle East, near the Persian Gulf, which provides ideal conditions for date cultivation. Dates have been a staple food in the region for centuries, and the demand for Iranian dates has increased globally in recent years.

The Types of Dates Produced in Iran

Iran produces a variety of dates, including Deglet Noor, Khadrawy, Sayer, Zaghloul, Piarom, and Mazafati. Deglet Noor is the most popular variety of date produced in Iran and is known for its semi-sweet taste and light color. Khadrawy is another popular variety, known for its soft texture and sweet flavor. Sayer is a popular variety for its large size and rich flavor. Zaghloul is a medium-sized date with a sweet flavor, while Piarom is a high-quality, luxury date. Mazafati is a soft, sweet date that is often used in baking.

Factors Influencing the Export of Dates from Iran

The export of dates from Iran is influenced by several factors, including the quality of the dates, the size of the harvest, and political stability in the region. The quality of the dates is an important factor as buyers are looking for high-quality dates that are consistent in flavor and appearance. The size of the harvest is also an important factor as a large harvest can increase the supply of dates available for export. Political stability in the region can also influence the export of dates, as any instability can disrupt the transportation and distribution of dates.

The Global Market for Iranian Dates

The global market for Iranian dates is growing, and the export of dates from Iran is becoming increasingly popular. The demand for dates is high in many countries, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. In the United States, there is a growing demand for high-quality dates, and Iran is well-positioned to meet this demand. In Europe, the demand for dates is also increasing, and Iran is a major supplier to the region. In Asia, there is a large and growing market for dates, and Iran is a major supplier to countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

The Benefits of Exporting Dates from Iran

The export of dates from Iran provides several benefits to the country and its economy. Firstly, the export of dates generates significant revenue for the country, which can be used to fund development projects and support economic growth. Secondly, the export of dates provides employment opportunities for people in the region, particularly in rural areas where date cultivation is common. Finally, the export of dates helps to increase the visibility of Iran on the global stage and contributes to the country's reputation as a major producer of high-quality dates.

The Challenges Faced by the Export of Dates from Iran

Despite the benefits, the export of dates from Iran also faces several challenges. The biggest challenge is the competition from other countries that produce and export dates. For example, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also major producers of dates and compete with Iran for market share. In addition, the transportation and distribution of dates can be disrupted by political instability in the region, which can have a negative impact on the export of dates from Iran.

The Importance of Quality Control in the Export of Dates from Iran

Quality control is an important factor in the export of dates from Iran, as buyers are looking for high-quality dates that are consistent in flavor and appearance. To ensure the quality of exported dates, the Iranian government has established strict quality control standards and regulations. These standards are designed to ensure that the dates exported from Iran meet the high standards expected by buyers.

Buy Quality Iranian Dates Lowest Price

To buy the best quality dates from Iran at the lowest price, you could try the following steps:

Research the different varieties of dates grown in Iran, such as Deglet Noor, Medjool, and Zahidi, and determine which type you are interested in purchasing.

Note that prices of dates can vary greatly based on factors such as the time of year, availability, and quality.

Iran is known for producing some of the finest dates in the world, with a long history of cultivation and a warm, arid climate that is ideal for date palm trees. Exported Iranian dates come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors, making them a versatile ingredient for a wide range of recipes and a popular snack on their own.

When looking to buy exported Iranian dates, there are a few things to consider in order to ensure you are getting the best quality. One of the most important factors is the variety of date you choose. Some of the most popular varieties of Iranian dates include Piarom, Mazafati, Kabkab, and Shahabi. Each variety has its own unique flavor and texture, so it's important to try a few different types to see which you prefer.

Another factor to consider is the freshness of the dates. The longer the dates have been stored, the less fresh they will be, so it's important to look for a supplier who can guarantee a fresh batch of dates that has been harvested and packaged within the past few months. Additionally, you should also look for a supplier who uses high-quality packaging materials to ensure that the dates are protected during transport and storage.

When it comes to introducing your newly bought exported Iranian dates to others, there are many creative and delicious ways to showcase their unique flavors and textures. Dates can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, from date-sweetened baked goods and smoothies to savory stews and sauces. They can also be served on their own as a healthy and satisfying snack, or used as a natural sweetener in place of sugar.

In conclusion, buying exported Iranian dates is a great way to bring the delicious taste and versatility of this ancient fruit into your kitchen. With a variety of flavors and textures to choose from, and many creative ways to use them in cooking and baking, dates are a versatile ingredient that is sure to become a staple in your pantry.

In addition, many date producers in Iran have implemented their own quality control measures to ensure the consistency and quality of their dates. These measures may include strict storage and handling practices, regular testing, and the use of modern technology to monitor the quality of the dates.

The Role of Trade Organizations in the Export of Dates from Iran

Trade organizations play an important role in the export of dates from Iran by promoting the country's dates on a global scale. The Iranian Date Association is a trade organization that promotes the export of dates from Iran and provides information about the various types of dates produced in the country. This organization also helps to negotiate better prices for the dates and provides support to date producers and exporters. By working with trade organizations, date producers and exporters can increase their visibility on the global stage and expand their customer base.

The Purchase Price of Exported Dates

The purchase price of exported dates from Iran is influenced by several factors, including the quality of the dates, the size of the harvest, and the demand for the dates in the global market. High-quality dates with a consistent flavor and appearance generally command a higher price. The size of the harvest can also impact the purchase price, as a large harvest can increase the supply of dates available for export and lead to lower prices. The demand for dates in the global market also plays a role in determining the purchase price, as high demand can result in higher prices.


The export of dates from Iran is a significant part of the country's economy and provides numerous benefits to the country and its people. Despite facing challenges, the export of dates from Iran continues to grow as demand for high-quality dates increases globally. Quality control, the role of trade organizations, and the purchase price of exported dates are all important factors that influence the export of dates from Iran. With the right support and investments, the export of dates from Iran has the potential to continue growing and contribute to the country's economic development.

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