Dried Shallots export from Iran

To which countries are Dried Shallots exported? What kind of dried shallots can be prepared for export? Shallot is one of the medicinal plants that are among the export products. Shallots are mainly used in dried form for export. You can prepare and use the major export dried shallots by contacting the collection.

Dried Shallots is one of Iran's medicinal plants that are exported to other countries. Iranian shallots are mainly exported in dried form and in carton packages.

Dried Shallots export from Iran

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dried shallots are an endemic plant belonging to the onion family and share similar properties with onions. Shallots are sometimes mistaken for garlic due to their similar properties. Shallots possess properties similar to garlic but have a more pleasant smell.

export of iran's dried shallots to neighboring countries

iranian shallots are divided into two categories: those from the onion family and those more similar to garlic, belonging to the garlic family. Due to their excellent taste and market demand, shallots are widely used in various cuisines and have a significant export market, particularly in neighboring countries. Raw shallots have numerous therapeutic properties, including helping to heal stomach ulcers, controlling diabetes, and relieving joint pain.

the largest volume of iranian dried shallots is exported to iraq. Iraq is one of the most important export markets for iran, and due to the strong political relations between the two countries, exports to iraq are substantial. Experts estimate that approximately 80% of iran's dried shallots are sold to iraq.

raw shallots are used in various dishes, particularly in pickling, yogurt, and buttermilk. Fortunately, with increasing awareness of the many benefits of shallots, their consumption has also grown. Shallots are a prominent export item among agricultural goods, and iran has a significant cultivation volume of this product.

the majority of shallot exports go to countries such as iraq, turkmenistan, kuwait, uae, afghanistan, armenia, and azerbaijan. Presently, iraq accounts for approximately 80% of shallot exports.

iranian shallots are considered native medicinal plants and predominantly grow in the zagros mountains. The provinces of kurdistan, lorestan, chaharmahal bakhtiari, and ilam are the main regions for shallot production. Unfortunately, overharvesting has put shallots at risk of extinction. In response to this crisis, mechanized cultivation of shallots began in kurdistan in 2014 to preserve this species. Currently, several hectares of land in the province are dedicated to shallot cultivation. Shallots belong to iran's rich agricultural heritage.

cultivating shallots, like other agricultural products, has its strengths and weaknesses. Frost is a concern for many farmers, but shallots have a low risk in this regard due to their minimal water requirements and high tolerance for cold temperatures, making them an excellent option for cultivation.

in terms of export, there are no significant issues. However, the main challenge lies in the limited cultivation and production of shallots. The lack of necessary facilities has contributed to the decline in cultivation.

export of dried shallots to europe

iranian shallots are exported to european countries, including turkey and russia, due to their quality. Shallots are used as a food seasoning and flavoring and have gained popularity in europe due to their medicinal properties.

shallots are garlic-like plants that resemble onions and have over 40 different species. Shallots are rich in antioxidants, vitamin c, manganese, and potassium. They grow in various regions of iran, such as sepidan, kohrang, and yasuj. The prices of field-grown and wild shallots differ. One important factor that affects shallot prices is the annual production volume. When the annual production volume decreases, usually due to factors like drought, the price of shallots increases. The harvest season for shallots is in june, during which the abundance of the product leads to lower prices compared to the rest of the year.

Iran dried shallots exporter exchange

wholesale purchase of iranian exported dried shallots

the bulk purchase of shallots is influenced by several factors, with product quality being one of the most important. Higher-quality shallots in terms of taste, color, and smell tend to attract more bulk purchases. Given the various applications of shallots, many individuals and companies are involved in buying and selling this product.

the wholesale price of iranian exported dried shallots is affected by factors such as the purchase volume. As the purchase volume increases, the wholesale price decreases. Additionally, the quality of the product and its packaging play a role in determining the wholesale price. Higher packaging costs can lead to an increase in the wholesale price of dried shallots. Furthermore, the brand name of the manufacturer influences the wholesale price.

price per kilogram of iranian exported dried shallots

several factors affect the price per kilogram of dried shallots, including production costs, storage and maintenance expenses, labor wages, and more. If these costs increase, the price per kilogram of shallots also increases. Freshness is another factor impacting the price. The fresher the product, the higher the price per kilogram. Additionally, a portion of the product is exported outside of iran.This export can affect the price per kilogram in domestic markets. If the export volume increases and there is a shortage of shallots within the country, the price per kilogram will also rise.

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Export dried shallots shopping center

the packaging of dried shallots for export

proper packaging is essential for preserving the quality and flavor of dried shallots during transit. Typically, dried shallots are packaged in airtight containers such as bags or jars that protect them from moisture and light. The packaging must also include accurate labeling, providing information on origin, weight, and expiration date to meet regulatory requirements in the importing country. The export of dried shallots from iran is a thriving business that supplies high-quality products to consumers worldwide. With advanced production methods, an extensive export network, and a reputation for quality, iran occupies a prominent position in the global dried shallot market. The purchase price of exported dried shallots from iran is determined by factors such as quality.

the production of dried shallots in iran

the production of dried shallots in iran follows a highly organized and efficient process that utilizes advanced equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality. Iran's favorable climate and soil conditions provide an ideal environment for growing shallots, which are carefully harvested, cleaned, and dried to produce top-notch dried shallots. The production process is meticulously controlled to ensure the shallots are dried to the appropriate moisture content, preserving their flavor and texture.

the export of dried shallots from iran

iran stands as one of the major exporters of dried shallots worldwide, with its products reaching countries across the globe. The combination of the country's vast production capacity and reputation for high-quality dried shallots positions it as a significant player in the global market. Experienced professionals manage the export process, ensuring proper packaging and shipping methods that preserve the quality and flavor of the dried shallots.

Export dried shallots sales

the purchase price of exported dried shallots

the purchase price of exported dried shallots from iran depends on several factors, including the product's quality, supply and demand dynamics in the global market, and the exchange rate between the iranian rial and the importing country's local currency. Generally, high-quality dried shallots from iran command a higher price than lower-quality alternatives, but their superior flavor and longer shelf life often justify the premium cost.

the importance of quality for dried shallots

quality plays a crucial role in dried shallots, directly influencing their flavor, texture, and shelf life. Premium dried shallots from iran are firm, exhibit a deep brown color, and possess a robust aroma. They should not be brittle, powdery, or show signs of mold or spoilage. The quality of dried shallots from iran is meticulously monitored to ensure only the finest products reach the export market.

Iran export dried shallots business group

price of dried mountain shallots exported from iran

the price of dried mountain shallots exported from iran varies depending on weather conditions. The production volume of this product fluctuates, and if there is a decrease in production due to factors like drought, the price of mountain shallots increases. However, in general, the price of mountain shallots is higher than that of field-grown shallots due to the challenging harvesting process.

introduction to dried shallots export from iran

iran is a leading exporter of dried shallots worldwide, with a rich history of producing and exporting this popular ingredient. Dried shallots are widely used in many cuisines due to their distinctive flavor and aroma. Iran is renowned for producing high-quality dried shallots that are highly sought after by consumers globally. This article aims to explore the export of dried shallots from iran and provide insights into the purchase price of these exported products.

the advantages of dried shallots

dried shallots offer several advantages over fresh shallots, including extended shelf life, easy storage, and a more concentrated flavor. They eliminate the need for refrigeration, making them convenient for both consumers and manufacturers. Additionally, dried shallots are versatile and can be used in various dishes such as soups, stews, stir-fries, and curries. These qualities make dried shallots an attractive option for consumers and a valuable commodity for exporters.

the market for dried shallots

the market for dried shallots is continuously expanding as more consumers discover the unique flavor and convenience of this versatile ingredient. The demand for dried shallots is particularly high in regions where fresh shallots are scarce or expensive. This includes countries in the middle east, asia, africa, and areas with large immigrant populations accustomed to using shallots in their traditional dishes.

the major export destinations for dried shallots from iran

the primary export destinations for dried shallots from iran include countries in the middle east, asia, africa, and regions with large immigrant populations that incorporate shallots into their traditional cuisine. Key markets for iranian dried shallots include the united arab emirates, india, saudi arabia, and nigeria. These countries represent a substantial portion of the global demand, establishing iran as an important supplier in the world market.

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Purchasing Iranian Dried Shallots

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Quality Assurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I purchase Iranian dried shallots in bulk?

    Yes, we offer bulk purchase options for our Iranian dried shallots. Whether you need a large quantity for commercial purposes or want to stock up for personal use, we can accommodate your needs. Please contact us to discuss your bulk order requirements.

  2. Do you provide samples before purchase?

    Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating the quality of our products before making a purchase. We can provide samples of our Iranian dried shallots for you to assess their taste, aroma, and overall quality. Contact us to request a sample.

  3. What packaging options are available?

    We offer various packaging options for our dried shallots, including bulk packaging and customized retail packaging. Our packaging is designed to ensure the freshness and quality of the shallots during transit and storage. Let us know your specific packaging requirements, and we will accommodate your needs.

  4. What are the shipping options?

    We work with reliable shipping partners to offer a range of shipping options for our customers. Whether you prefer air freight or sea freight, we can arrange the most suitable shipping method for your order. Contact us with your shipping preferences, and we will provide you with the available options.

  5. Are your dried shallots organic?

    Yes, our dried shallots are sourced from organic farms that follow strict organic cultivation practices. We prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly methods throughout our supply chain. When you choose our dried shallots, you can trust that they are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

  6. How can I place an order?

    To place an order for our Iranian dried shallots, simply reach out to us via phone or email. Our sales team will guide you through the ordering process, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with the necessary details and documentation. We look forward to serving you!

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