Almond export from Iran

all types of almonds are produced in iran, and these types of almonds are usually exported in large quantities. Marma almonds are usually more attractive to exporting countries, and the price of iranian almonds is usually higher than any other type of almond in the world. As usual, iran has very good almonds, which makes this country one of the best and highest quality almonds in the world, so it ranks fifth. You can find any type of almond in iran.

in recent decades, there have been many changes in the world for all products, especially almonds. Because of such changes, businesses are no longer the same as before, and electronic methods can be used in these cases. The commercial market for any type of iranian almond is huge, and so are many exporters, including jahangiri exports and imports. Prices are also known and almonds are widely traded in iran. It was difficult to export products to other countries, but today's science has made it very easy to export to any part of the world, and any company can send almonds to the farthest part of the world; finding customers with today's electronic science; earlier, iranians exported more almonds to india because more merchants exported them, but today's science makes this type of export easy. Therefore, the export of iranian almonds is increasing day by day.

Almond export from Iran

export of almonds

irexporter is an almond exporter, supplying almonds to different countries, including turkey, pakistan, uzbekistan, iraq, georgia, afghanistan, cyprus, kuwait, oman, qatar, syria, armenia, turkmenistan, russia, morocco, europe, africa, australia, new zealand, malaysia, germany, sweden, bangladesh, thailand, singapore, and cyprus.

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Iran almond exporter exchange

buying export almonds

iran is one of the largest almond producers in the region, meeting most of its domestic demand through domestic production. While imports and smuggling also contribute to the market, the cities of saman and ben shahrekord in the chaharmahal bakhtiari province are renowned for their almond production. The almond varieties produced in this region, such as midwifery, paper skin, and stone skin almonds, are well-known globally and are distributed and sold in large quantities every year. As the province of chaharmahal bakhtiari expands its manufacturing facilities, there are promising opportunities to export almonds to neighboring western countries, the persian gulf, and india. Apart from its extensive use in iranian cuisine, almonds are among iran's most developed markets for nuts and dried fruits. The maami variety is highly valued for its superior quality, and the market for buying and selling maami and sangi almonds in the region experiences significant growth each year.

buying imported almonds from iran

the best time to purchase almonds in bulk from vendors and farmers is immediately after the harvest season and almond peeling at the end of the dry season. During this period, when there is an abundant supply in the market, it is an opportune time to buy almonds in bulk. Many exporters and bulk buyers take advantage of this period to make large-scale almond purchases and introduce the product to consumer markets. This season also witnesses successful distribution and sales of almonds, both with and without shells, in various forms such as whole kernels, stones, and midwives.

Export almond shopping center

export price of almonds from iran

almonds come in different types, such as tree almonds, cashews, and chickpeas, each with its own price range. The price of tree almonds varies based on whether they are shelled or unshelled. Several factors influence the price of almonds, including almond quality, size, exchange rate fluctuations, annual crop yield, harvest timing, almond procurement timing, order quantity, almond flavor, kernel quality, and absence of defects. Additionally, almonds are sold in the market as toasted, plain, or flavored, and each variation carries a different price. Packaging, whether in bulk or individual packaging, also affects almond prices.

daily export price of almonds from iran

keeping track of the daily export price of almonds is essential for businesses involved in the almond trade. Staying informed about the daily price fluctuations is crucial for success in the market. The daily export price of almonds is influenced by various factors, as mentioned above, making it a variable figure that can rise or fall. For the most accurate and up-to-date almond prices, it is recommended to contact the primary distributors directly.

purchasing and selling almonds for export from iran

the almond production and wholesale market is significant in the western and mountainous provinces of iran, including kohkiloyeh and boyer ahmad, chaharmahal bakhtiari, kermanshah, and kurdistan. These regions, known for their cold climates, have a long history of almond cultivation and play a crucial role in the livelihoods of farmers and operators. Iranian almonds are highly sought after due to their quality and superior taste, leading to their popularity among iranian consumers. The buying and selling of almonds in production centers such as hamedan (tuisarkan), fars (euclid and bowanat), and kerman (baft, etc.) provide essential income sources for local farmers and traders.

purchase orders and export prices of almonds

high-quality production, particularly in regions like saman in chaharmahal bakhtiari province, has facilitated the easy entry of iranian almonds into the global market. Business opportunities for foreign trade have opened up, especially with neighboring countries and those in the european market. The export price of almonds depends on various factors, including product size, variety (stone, shell, etc.), and quality. Typically, almond export prices are determined by farmers and industry players in the region based on the dollar exchange rate at the beginning of the harvest season.

wholesale almonds for export from iran at the best prices, directly

almonds are sold and marketed in various forms depending on the type of consumption and consumer preferences. Almond kernels are sold as dried fruits for home consumption, while the industrial sector uses sliced and peeled almonds in cake and cookie factories and confectionery production. Many large-scale consumers prefer to purchase almonds in bulk directly from suppliers, avoiding intermediary costs and obtaining better prices. Both mother and stone varieties are in high demand in the market, and many producers and farmers supply small quantities to numerous stores to cater to the consumer market.

prices of almonds with export quality

apart from shelled almonds, almonds areexported as nuts, which have high demand worldwide. The price of export-quality almonds varies depending on the type, quality, and market conditions.

introduction to almond export from iran

almonds are widely recognized as one of the most popular tree nuts globally. Iran plays a significant role in almond production and export, catering to the increasing demand for almonds worldwide. Iranian almonds are known for their superior quality. In this article, we will explore the export of almonds from iran and discuss the pricing of exported almonds.

history of almond production in iran

iran boasts a long-standing tradition of almond production, with a history spanning hundreds of years. Recent years have witnessed substantial growth in the almond industry, driven by the rising global demand. Favorable climatic conditions, characterized by a warm and arid climate, create an ideal environment for almond cultivation in iran.

factors affecting the export of almonds from iran

several factors influence the export of almonds from iran, including political and economic conditions, transportation costs, and global demand. The stability of the country's political and economic landscape is crucial, as instability can disrupt supply chains and hinder exports. Additionally, transportation expenses associated with shipping and handling also impact the pricing of exported almonds.

the global demand for almonds

the global demand for almonds has experienced steady growth in recent years due to increasing awareness of their health benefits and versatility in cooking and baking. Notably, countries like the united states, europe, and asia exhibit strong demand for almonds, making them valuable exports for iran.

the quality of iranian almonds

iranian almonds are renowned for their exceptional quality, characterized by a delightful sweet and nutty flavor cherished by consumers worldwide. The country's warm and arid climate provides optimal conditions for almond cultivation, allowing the nuts to mature and develop their distinctive flavors. Moreover, modern production methods and stringent quality control measures ensure that iranian almonds maintain their superior quality.

the purchase price of exported almonds

the purchase price of exported almonds varies depending on factors such as almond quality, quantity, and the destination country. Generally, prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics, with prices rising as demand increases. Additionally, transportation, shipping, and handling costs also factor into the purchase price of exported almonds.

competition in the almond market

the global almond market is highly competitive, with various countries, including the united states, spain, and australia, engaging in almond exports. Nonetheless, iranian almonds remain competitive due to their superior quality and favorable pricing.

opportunities for growth in the almond export market

the almond export market presents significant growth opportunities as global demand for almonds continues to rise. Furthermore, the exploration of new markets, particularly in asia, opens doors for further expansion in iran's almond exports.

challenges facing the almond export market

the almond export market faces several challenges, including the impact of global economic conditions, transportation costs, and political instability. Economic downturns or recessions can affect almond demand and lead to decreased exports. Additionally, transportation expenses and political instability can disrupt supply chains and hinder almond exports.

Export almond sales

export sales center for almonds

iran has a long-standing tradition of almond production, purchasing, and sales, with many farmers engaged in almond cultivation in the country's cold regions. Almonds hold a special place in the nutritional basket of iranians and are among the well-known agricultural products worldwide. As a result, the global market for buying and selling almonds is vast. In recent years, iran's increased production, adoption of advanced cultivation methods, and use of superior almond varieties have led to exponential growth in the export of almonds. These iranian goods find their way to the markets of neighboring countries and even european markets, where they are consumed as raw nuts or dried fruits.


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  1. Can I purchase small quantities of Iranian almonds?

    Yes, we cater to orders of all sizes. Whether you need a small quantity or a large bulk order, we can accommodate your requirements.

  2. Do you offer international shipping?

    Absolutely! We provide international shipping services to deliver our Iranian almonds worldwide. Contact us for more information on shipping options and rates.

  3. Are your almonds organic?

    While we offer a variety of almond options, including organic almonds, please specify your preference, and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.

  4. What is the shelf life of your almonds?

    Our almonds are carefully processed and packaged to ensure optimal freshness. The shelf life of our almonds typically ranges from 12 to 24 months, depending on the specific product. Please check the packaging for detailed information.

  5. Do you provide samples?

    Yes, we offer samples of our Iranian almonds. Contact our customer service team to discuss sample availability and shipping options.

  6. Can I request a price quote?

    Certainly! To receive a price quote for our Iranian almonds, please reach out to us through our website or contact our sales team directly. We will provide you with the necessary pricing information based on your specific requirements.

Almond export from Iran
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