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All types of almonds are produced in Iran, and these types of almonds are usually exported in large quantities. Marma almonds are usually more attractive to exporting countries, and the price of Iranian almonds is usually higher than any other type of almond in the world. As usual, Iran has very good almonds, which makes this country one of the best and highest quality almonds in the world, so it ranks fifth. You can find any type of almond in Iran.

In recent decades, there have been many changes in the world for all products, especially almonds. Because of such changes, businesses are no longer the same as before, and electronic methods can be used in these cases. The commercial market for any type of Iranian almond is huge, and so are many exporters, including Jahangiri Exports and Imports. Prices are also known and almonds are widely traded in Iran. It was difficult to export products to other countries, but today's science has made it very easy to export to any part of the world, and any company can send almonds to the farthest part of the world; Finding customers with today's electronic science; Earlier, Iranians exported more almonds to India because more merchants exported them, but today's science makes this type of export easy. Therefore, the export of Iranian almonds is increasing day by day.

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Iran is one of the largest producers of almonds in the region, supplying most of its market needs with domestic production. Of course, part of the country's needs are met through imports and even smuggling. The most famous production centers in Iran are the cities of Saman and Ben Shahrekord in the province of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, the types of midwives, paper and stone skins of this region are known throughout the world and are distributed and sold in large quantities. every year in the market. As the province of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari grows and expands its manufacturing facilities, there are good opportunities to export this product to other countries including neighboring Western countries, the Persian Gulf and India. In addition to being used in many foods in Iran, this product is one of the nuts and dried fruits of Iran, which is the most developed market for almonds every year. The Maami variety is highly valued by traders for its high quality, and the market for buying and selling Maami and Sangi almonds in the region is booming every year.

Buying almonds imported from Iran

The best time to buy almonds in bulk from vendors and farmers is immediately after the harvest season of this product at the end of the dry season and peeling of this product. This season, due to the abundance of products and the high distribution in the market, is a good time to buy almonds in bulk, it is a tree. Due to the high supply this season, the overall price of almonds is at an all-time low. Many exporters and bulk buyers use this opportunity to buy almonds in bulk and introduce this product to the consumer market. During this period, the distribution and sale of this product with skin and without skin in the form of brains in the form of stones and midwives is also very successful.

The price of almonds for export from Iran

There are different types of almonds, such as tree almonds, cashews, and chickpeas, and the prices of these types of almonds vary. The price of tree almonds varies depending on whether the almonds are shelled or shelled. Generally, almond quality, size, exchange rate fluctuations, crop of the year, harvest time, almond procurement time, order quantity, almond flavor, almond kernel quality and their absence are some of the most important factors affecting the price of almonds. Also, almonds are sold in the market in toasted, plain and flavored form and the price of each of these almonds is different, it is not possible to give exact price of almonds. Packaging or bulk commodities directly affect the price of almonds.

Daily price of almonds exported from Iran

Knowing the daily price of almonds is necessary for everyone who has a business related to almonds. If you want to be successful in your business, you must follow the daily price of almonds in real time. The daily price of almonds depends on various factors, which are mentioned above, so the daily price of almonds is not fixed and may decrease or increase forever. If you want to know the true and current price of almonds, it is better to contact the main distributor directly.

Purchase and sale of almonds exported from Iran

Almond production and wholesale market is one of the important agricultural markets in the western and mountainous provinces of Iran, such as Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari, Kermanshah and Kurdistan, which is produced in the cold regions of Iran along with other products and is also very economical The cultivation of this product among the inhabitants and farmers of the mountainous regions of Iran has a long history. The long life and good performance of this product is one of the most important reasons for its popularity. The quality of the Iranian variety is high and tastes much better than the foreign and imported variety, which is why Iranian consumers buy Iranian almonds. Buying and selling almonds in the production centers of this product, such as the provinces of Hamedan (Tuisarkan), Fars (Euclid and Bowanat) and Kerman (Baft, etc.), is one of the most important sources of income for farmers and operators. in these areas.

Purchase order and price of almonds for export

High-quality production in areas such as Saman district of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province has allowed this product to enter the world market easily and foreign trade opportunities have been provided for the businessmen of this region. The export price of almonds depends on various factors, such as the size of the product, the type of variety (stone, shell, etc.) and its quality. Usually at the beginning of the harvest season, the value of almonds for export is determined by farmers and activists in the area, based on the dollar price.

Export sales center for almonds

Iran has a long history of production, purchase and sale of almonds and many farmers are involved in the production of this product in cold regions of Iran. This product is one of the traditional products of Iran, the production and consumption of which has long been popular among Iranians. This product is one of the most famous agricultural products in the world, which has a special place in the nutritional basket of the people of the world as a dry fruit, so the global market for buying and selling this product is very rich. . In recent years, with the increase in the production of this product with new methods in the country and the use of superior varieties, the purchase and sale of export peanuts has been associated with exponential growth and the way to enter the export market has been opened. . countries in the region. Due to the high quality of Iranian products and its biological agriculture, European customers are also willing to buy almonds exported from Iran, and Iranian goods enter the markets of these countries as raw nuts or dried fruits.

Wholesale almonds for export from Iran at best prices without middlemen

Different types of this product are marketed and sold according to the type of consumption and differences between consumers. The kernels of this product are sold as dried fruits and for home consumption, and are industrially sliced and peeled for cake and cookie factories, confectioners. Many large consumers are looking for ways to buy almonds in bulk directly and without middlemen to get the product at a better price and avoid paying percentages to additional middlemen. Mother and stone varieties are also sold in large numbers in the market. Many producers and farmers supply small quantities of their produce to a large number of stores to enter the consumer market.

Price of almonds with export quality:

Almonds are also exported in the form of nuts, of course, apart from the shell, this type of almond is sold and exported separately and at a different price, and world demand is also high.

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Introduction to Almond Export from Iran

Almond is one of the most popular and widely used tree nuts in the world. Iran is a major producer and exporter of almonds, with a significant portion of its production being shipped to various countries around the world. Iran's almond industry has grown in recent years, due to the increasing demand for almonds globally and the high quality of Iranian almonds. In this article, we will examine the export of almonds from Iran and the purchase price of exported almonds.

History of Almond Production in Iran

Iran has a long history of almond production, with the nut being grown in the country for hundreds of years. In recent years, the industry has seen significant growth, as the demand for almonds has increased globally. The country has a favorable climate for almond production, with a warm and dry climate that is ideal for the growth of almonds.

Factors Affecting the Export of Almonds from Iran

There are a number of factors that can affect the export of almonds from Iran, including political and economic conditions, transportation costs, and global demand. The political and economic stability of the country can also play a role in the export of almonds, as instability can lead to disruptions in the supply chain and decreased exports. Additionally, transportation costs, such as shipping and handling fees, can also impact the price of exported almonds.

The Global Demand for Almonds

The global demand for almonds has been growing in recent years, driven by increased awareness of the health benefits of almonds and their versatility in cooking and baking. The demand for almonds has been especially strong in countries such as the United States, Europe, and Asia, making them a valuable export for Iran.

The Quality of Iranian Almonds

Iranian almonds are known for their high quality, with a sweet and nutty flavor that is prized by consumers around the world. The country's warm and dry climate is ideal for almond production, allowing the nuts to mature and develop their unique flavor. Additionally, the use of modern production methods and strict quality control measures ensure that Iranian almonds are of the highest quality.

The Purchase Price of Exported Almonds

The purchase price of exported almonds can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the almonds, the quantity being exported, and the country of destination. Generally, the purchase price of exported almonds is determined by supply and demand, with prices rising as demand for the nuts increases. Additionally, the cost of transportation, shipping, and handling can also impact the purchase price of exported almonds.

Competition in the Almond Market

There is significant competition in the global almond market, with a number of countries, including the United States, Spain, and Australia, also exporting almonds. However, Iranian almonds are competitive in the global market due to their high quality and favorable price point.

Opportunities for Growth in the Almond Export Market

There is significant potential for growth in the almond export market, as the demand for almonds continues to increase globally. Additionally, the development of new markets, such as Asia, offers new opportunities for growth in the export of almonds from Iran.

Challenges Facing the Almond Export Market

There are a number of challenges facing the almond export market, including the impact of global economic conditions, transportation costs, and political instability. The impact of global economic conditions, such as recessions or economic slowdowns, can impact the demand for almonds and result in decreased exports. Additionally, transportation costs and political instability can disrupt the supply chain and impact the export of almonds.

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