Indulge in the Sweetness of Iranian Raisin Exports

Raisins are one of the dried fruits obtained from grapes. This dry fruit is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins. There are different types of raisins and they are available in the market in different forms. In some regions of Iran, the quality of these lovely dried fruits is so high that they are exported to modern countries. A large portion of Iran's dried fruit exports are raisins for export, which we will discuss below.

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Buy Iranian Export Raisins

Iran is one of the largest raisin producers in the world, able to export surplus production to other countries in addition to the needs of its domestic markets. The most famous production centers of this Iranian export product may be the cities of Malaier, Bonab, Zanjan, Qazvin, Fars and Kashmar, whose exported raisins are world famous. With the growth and expansion of the wine-growing area in the western and northwestern provinces, as well as in the provinces of Fars and Isfahan, he pointed out a good opportunity to export Iranian raisins to other countries, including neighboring countries to the west, the Persian Gulf and India. European countries and Russia are among the regular buyers of raisins exported from Iran. In addition to Iran's high food and industrial use in food factories, this product and raisins are among the traditional nuts and dried fruits of Iran, and the wholesale market of raisins is very developed. In addition, due to its high quality, Iranian raisins are in high demand among traders for supply in foreign markets, and the annual market for buying and selling export raisins is accompanied by high demand.

The price of Raisins exported to Iran

Peloi, dry sun raisin, sour raisin, dry shade raisin etc. There are so many varieties of raisins and the value of the main raisin is different in each of the cases mentioned, it is impossible to say. Fixed price for all. Also, prices of major varieties of raisins include packaging, variety of raisins, cost of transportation, quality, etc. It depends on various factors such as raisins are one of the main export products of Iran and most of the raisins produced in Iran are exported to other countries, so fluctuations in the exchange rate have some effect on the daily price of raisins. will have. Also, other factors that affect the price of raisins are the season of the raisin harvest. Due to the abundance of raisins during the harvest season, their prices decrease. The best way to find out the price of raisins is to contact the manufacturer or the main seller of the product.

Price of Iranian export raisins in bulk

Raisins have different colors, such as yellow, green, red and black, due to the use of different Raisins and different processes to produce them. Green raisins are one of the popular types of raisins in the country, available in the market with or without seeds. It should be noted that green raisins are used to make cakes and various foods, or consumed as a daily snack, this type of raisins comes in different sizes. The price of green raisins is different depending on all the mentioned items. Considering that this type of raisin is also exported to other countries, it is not possible to give a fixed price because exchange rate fluctuations have some effect on the price of green raisins.

Buy Wholesale Raisins for Iran Export

Often, Raisins are purchased from grape exporting companies, dry farms, or grape distribution companies in the country. As we have mentioned that raisins are considered a valuable commercial commodity and every year a lot of them are exported to other countries, so buying and exporting raisins is considered a profitable business. is, which many people are watching. To invest in this field. Raisins are rich in potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, vitamin B, folate, thiamin, vitamin C, etc. The minerals present in raisins show the high nutritional value of this product. All these products have recommended the use of raisins to treat or prevent other diseases such as digestive problems, skin and hair health, kidney problems, anemia, cancer, cholesterol and many more. The mentioned products have made many people want to buy Raisins, and the market for buying and selling Raisins has grown, buying Raisins is now considered a profitable business. .

Buy more Raisins in the market

Most of the exported grape varieties are black pilaf and sour pilaf Raisins, these two types of Raisins have the same characteristics, but different types of Raisins are used to make them. It should be noted that black grape pilaf is the most popular type in the country, and it is usually consumed more than other types. Grain pilaf has many uses, it is often used to make bread, various dishes and desserts, so there is a great demand for it, so the market is growing. Grape pilaf. Buying Raisins from major manufacturers will save you money.

Prices of Iran's Export Raisins in Production Centers

If you want to buy pilaf raisins at a reasonable and realistic price, you should buy from a farmer or a wholesaler and practically eliminate the side costs added to the product by various middlemen and greatly reduce the daily cost of pilaf raisins. . The best time to buy raisins in bulk from producers and farmers is usually after the grape harvest season and at the end of summer and during the drying process at the production plants. Raisins for wholesale purchase are available in a large supply this season, and the price of pilaf raisins is usually at an all-time low. The daily price of pilaf raisins depends on the order quantity, pilaf raisin quality, color, taste, purity of pilaf raisin, packaging, etc. and it is also impossible to specify a fixed price of pilaf raisin. All the goods mentioned. . Many exporters and major buyers are using this opportunity to buy raisins in bulk and bring this product to consumer markets. This product has a large storage capacity, so you can pay a lower price for Raisins cooking during the harvest season and buy them at a more favorable price. time Sell to target markets This feature actually gets most major buyers to buy early in the season and hold the product until it hits the market.

Raisins for export

Iran is considered one of the world's largest exporters of pears, exporting large quantities of pears to other countries every year. Iranian Raisins are one of the best examples of Raisins in the world and since Raisins are prepared from the process of drying Raisins, it can be said that Iran is the leading country in the export sector of Raisins and now the exported Raisins are packaged by various products. The company and its various brands are sold all over the world.

buying Raisins for export

Iran has a long history of grape production and sales, and many farmers in the cold regions of Iran are engaged in this production. This product is one of the traditional products of Iran, its production and consumption has been popular among Iranians for a long time. It is one of the most famous agricultural products in the world, which as a dry fruit has a special place in the food basket of people all over the world, that is why the global market for buying and selling this product is very bright. . In recent years, with the promotion of the production of this product in the country with the use of new methods and high-quality varieties, the purchase and sale of exported Raisins has been linked to several levels of development and entry into export. markets. regional countries. Due to the high quality of Iranian produce and its organic farming, European customers are also interested in buying imported tomatoes from Iran, and Iranian goods are entering the markets of these countries in the form of raw nuts or dried fruits.

Prices of Raisins exported from Iran

The method of obtaining clay raisins is different than other raisins, acid is used in the preparation process of this type of raisins. The main reason for using acid is to speed up the production process of raisins, this liquid allows the storage of raisins for a long time and therefore, acid raisins are a suitable choice for export because there are no circulation problems. Shipping goods to other countries is not made for this.

Buy and sell Raisins on the market today

Sour Raisins are one of Iran's export products, which are exported in large quantities to other countries every year. Today's sour grape prices depend to some extent on currency values and currency volatility can cause momentary changes in today's sour grape prices.

Sunny eggs are sun-dried eggs without any industrial treatment. This type of grape is produced in large quantities in the country, and usually some are sold mainly in dry farms or directly from farmers to consumers, and some are sold to different companies, these companies are usually after washing and separating the branches and files are made. The Raisins are placed in a tamarind solution for longer storage and after packing, they are distributed to domestic and foreign markets. The price of sunflower seeds in the market varies according to the conditions mentioned and it is not possible to specify a fixed price for both varieties and packaged varieties.

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Depending on the type of consumption of raisins in the market and the change of consumers, different types are offered in the market and bought and sold. Raisins and other grape varieties are supplied for fruit drying, domestic and industrial use in confectionery factories and bakeries. Many large consumers are looking for a way to buy raisins in bulk directly and without intermediaries, in order to buy the product at the best price and not pay interest to additional intermediaries. Acids and pills are also sold in the wholesale market. Many growers and small-scale farmers wholesale their products to grocery and nut stores to reach the consumer market.

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Introduction to Raisin Export from Iran

Raisin, also known as dried grapes, is a popular dried fruit widely consumed around the world. Iran is one of the leading exporters of raisin, producing high-quality, sun-dried raisins in various varieties and grades. The country's favorable climate and soil conditions make it an ideal place for grape cultivation, and the traditional drying methods used in Iran result in high-quality raisins.

Iran's Raisin Export Industry

Iran's raisin export industry is well established, with a long history of exporting raisins to various countries around the world. The country exports a wide range of raisins, including sultana, golden, black, and green raisins, to meet the diverse demand from international markets. Iran's raisin exports are primarily driven by the increasing demand for high-quality, natural and organic products, particularly in developed countries.

Raisin Export Destinations

Iran's major raisin export destinations include countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The largest importers of Iranian raisins are the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey. In recent years, Iran has also expanded its exports to new markets, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Factors Affecting Raisin Export from Iran

There are various factors that can affect the export of raisin from Iran, including changes in global demand, competition from other raisin-producing countries, changes in government policies and regulations, and economic conditions. For example, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact the competitiveness of Iranian raisins in the international market.

Importance of Quality in Raisin Export

Quality is a critical factor in the export of raisins from Iran. The country has a reputation for producing high-quality raisins, and maintaining this reputation is essential for the success of its raisin export industry. Iran's raisins are known for their sweet taste, rich color, and high nutritional value, which makes them a popular choice for consumers around the world.

The Purchase Price of Exported Raisin

The purchase price of exported raisins from Iran is determined by various factors, including the quality of the raisins, the supply and demand in the international market, and the cost of production. In general, the price of raisins exported from Iran is competitive compared to other major raisin-producing countries, such as Turkey and the United States.

Seasonal Variations in the Purchase Price of Raisin

The purchase price of raisins exported from Iran can also vary depending on the time of year. During the harvest season, when there is an abundance of raisins available, the purchase price may be lower. On the other hand, during the non-harvest season, when the supply of raisins is limited, the purchase price may be higher.

Negotiating the Purchase Price of Raisin

The purchase price of raisins exported from Iran is typically negotiated between the exporter and the importer. The exporter will offer a price based on the quality of the raisins and the current market conditions, while the importer will consider the price based on their budget and the competition from other raisin-producing countries. Effective communication and a good understanding of the market conditions are key to successfully negotiating the purchase price of raisins.

Payment Terms for Raisin Export

The payment terms for the export of raisins from Iran can vary depending on the agreement between the exporter and the importer. Common payment terms include advance payment, letter of credit, and open account.

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