Raisin export from Iran

raisins are one of the dried fruits obtained from grapes. This dry fruit is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins. There are different types of raisins and they are available in the market in different forms. In some regions of iran, the quality of these lovely dried fruits is so high that they are exported to modern countries. A large portion of iran's dried fruit exports are raisins for export, which we will discuss below.

Raisin export from Iran

introduction to raisin export from iran

raisins, also known as dried grapes, are popular dried fruits consumed worldwide. Iran is a leading exporter of raisins, producing high-quality, sun-dried raisins in various varieties and grades. The country's favorable climate and soil conditions make it an ideal place for grape cultivation, and the traditional drying methods used in iran result in superior quality raisins.

iran's raisin export industry

iran has a well-established raisin export industry with a long history of exporting raisins to countries around the world. The country exports a wide range of raisins, including sultanas, golden, black, and green raisins, to meet diverse international demand. The increasing demand for high-quality, natural, and organic products, particularly in developed countries, primarily drives iran's raisin exports.

raisin export destinations

iran's major raisin export destinations include countries in the middle east, europe, and asia. The united arab emirates, iraq, russia, and turkey are the largest importers of iranian raisins. In recent years, iran has also expanded its exports to new markets such as the united states, canada, and australia.

Iran raisin exporter exchange

factors affecting raisin export from iran

several factors can affect the export of raisins from iran, including changes in global demand, competition from other raisin-producing countries, government policies and regulations, and economic conditions. For example, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact the competitiveness of iranian raisins in the international market.

importance of quality in raisin export

quality is a critical factor in the export of raisins from iran. The country has a reputation for producing high-quality raisins, and maintaining this reputation is essential for the success of its raisin export industry. Iranian raisins are known for their sweet taste, rich color, and high nutritional value, making them a popular choice among consumers worldwide.

Export raisin shopping center

purchase price of exported raisins

the purchase price of exported raisins from iran is determined by various factors, including the raisins' quality, supply and demand in the international market, and production costs. Generally, the price of iranian raisins is competitive compared to other major raisin-producing countries such as turkey and the united states.

seasonal variations in the purchase price of raisins

the purchase price of raisins exported from iran can also vary depending on the time of year. During the harvest season, when there is an abundance of raisins available, the purchase price may be lower. On the other hand, during the non-harvest season when the supply of raisins is limited, the purchase price may be higher.

negotiating the purchase price of raisins

the purchase price of raisins exported from iran is typically negotiated between the exporter and the importer. The exporter offers a price based on the raisins' quality and current market conditions, while the importer considers the price based on their budget and competition from other raisin-producing countries. Effective communication and a good understanding of market conditions are key to successfully negotiating the purchase price of raisins.

payment terms for raisin export

the payment terms for the export of raisins from iran can vary depending on the agreement between the exporter and the importer. Common payment terms include advance payment, letter of credit, and open account.

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buy iranian export raisins

iran is renowned for being one of the largest producers of raisins worldwide. We have the capacity to export our surplus production to other countries while meeting the domestic demand. Our raisins are famous worldwide, and some of the notable production centers include malaier, bonab, zanjan, qazvin, fars, and kashmar. These regions have earned a reputation for producing high-quality exported raisins. With the expanding wine-growing areas in the western and northwestern provinces, as well as fars and isfahan, we have great opportunities to export iranian raisins to neighboring countries, the persian gulf, india, europe, and russia. We take pride in meeting the high demand for iranian raisins, which are not only used extensively in the food industry but also hold a significant place in iran's traditional nuts and dried fruits market.

the price of raisins exported from iran

raisins come in various varieties such as peloi, dry sun raisins, sour raisins, and dry shade raisins. Each variety has its own value, and it is impossible to provide a fixed price for all. The prices of major raisin varieties depend on factors such as packaging, transportation costs, quality, and more. Additionally, fluctuations in exchange rates and the harvest season can impact the daily price of raisins. For the most accurate pricing information, we recommend contacting the manufacturer or the main seller of the product.

price of iranian export raisins in bulk

raisins are available in different colors, including yellow, green, red, and black, depending on the type of grapes used and the production process. Green raisins, which are popular for various culinary applications and as a daily snack, come in different sizes. The price of green raisins varies based on multiple factors, including those mentioned earlier. Exchange rate fluctuations also play a role in determining the price of green raisins, as they are exported to other countries.

buy wholesale raisins for iran export

raisins are often purchased directly from grape exporting companies, dry farms, or grape distribution companies within iran. Given the significant export volume of raisins, buying and exporting them can be a profitable business. Raisins are rich in various minerals and vitamins, making them highly nutritious. They offer numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, skin and hair health, kidney function, anemia prevention, cancer prevention, and cholesterol control. The demand for raisins has increased due to these qualities, making buying and selling raisins a profitable venture.

buying more raisins in the market

black pilaf and sour pilaf raisins are among the most exported grape varieties. These two types share similar characteristics but are made from different types of grapes. Black grape pilaf raisins, in particular, are highly popular and widely consumed. They are commonly used in bread, various dishes, and desserts. The market demand for black grape pilaf raisins is substantial, creating growth opportunities. To save costs, it is advisable to purchase raisins directly from major manufacturers.

prices of iran's export raisins in production centers

to obtain pilaf raisins at a reasonable and realistic price, it is recommended to buy directly from farmers or wholesalers. This eliminates additional costs imposed by intermediaries, resulting in a lower daily cost for pilaf raisins. The best time to purchase raisins in bulk from producers and farmers is usually after the grape harvest season, towards the end of summer, and during the drying process at production plants. During this season, wholesale supplies of pilaf raisins are plentiful, and prices typically hit their lowest point. The daily price of pilaf raisins varies based on factors such as order quantity, quality, color, taste, purity, packaging, and more. To get the best price and eliminate intermediaries, many exporters and major buyers take advantage of this season and purchase raisins in bulk, holding the product until it reaches the market.

iran is renowned as one of the world's largest exporters of raisins. Iranian raisins are widely recognized for their quality, and they are packaged by various companies under different brands for global distribution.

Iran export raisin business group

buying raisins for export

iran has a long history of grape production and sales, with many farmers in the cold regions of the country engaged in this sector. Raisins have been a traditional product of iran for a significant period, and their production and consumption have always been popular among iranians. Raisins are globally recognized as a staple dry fruit, finding their place in people's food baskets worldwide. As a result, the global market for buying and selling raisins is thriving. In recent years, iran's raisin production has seen significant advancements in terms of new methods and high-quality varieties. This has led to the development of the export market, enabling entry into regional markets. European customers, attracted by the high quality and organic farming practices in iran, show interest in imported iranian raisins, as well as other nuts and dried fruits.

prices of raisins exported from iran

the production process for clay raisins involves using acid, whichhelps speed up the production and allows for long-term storage. Acid raisins are an excellent choice for export due to their extended shelf life, making them ideal for shipping to other countries without circulation problems. The prices of sour raisins are subject to currency values, and currency volatility can cause temporary fluctuations in today's prices.

sun-dried raisins, known as sunny eggs, are produced in large quantities in iran. They are sold directly from dry farms or farmers to consumers, as well as to various companies. These raisins undergo a washing and separation process before being soaked in a tamarind solution for extended storage. The price of sun-dried raisins varies depending on factors such as variety, packaging, and other considerations. It is not possible to provide a fixed price for these varieties as they are available in both bulk and packaged forms.

selling ceramics without intermediaries at the best price

different types of raisins are available in the market to cater to various consumer preferences. Raisins, along with other grape varieties, are used for fruit drying, domestic consumption, and industrial purposes in confectionery factories and bakeries. Many large-scale consumers seek to buy raisins in bulk directly from growers and farmers to obtain the best prices without additional intermediaries. Both acid and pill varieties are available in the wholesale market. Growers and small-scale farmers often wholesale their products to grocery and nut stores, ensuring the availability of raisins in consumer markets.

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    We maintain a strict quality control process that involves careful inspection and sorting of our raisins. This ensures that only the freshest, most flavorful, and perfectly textured raisins make it to our customers.

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    While we cannot disclose the exact pricing here, we assure you that our rates are highly competitive within the market. We offer excellent value for our premium Iranian natural raisins.

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    We offer a wide range of raisin varieties, including golden raisins, sultanas, and black raisins. Each variety is carefully sourced and processed to retain its natural sweetness and nutritional benefits.

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    We prioritize efficiency in our purchase and delivery process. Our dedicated team ensures prompt order processing, and we offer flexible options for buying in bulk or smaller quantities. You can trust us to deliver your order safely and on time.

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    Yes, we have a strong track record of satisfying customers worldwide. Our commitment to exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and reliable service has earned us the trust of countless customers.

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