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Walnut shell flour ranges from fine to coarse based on particle size. Walnut is the most important product in Iran. Not only the walnut tree is used as food, but also the walnut shell is used and used in various situations to the extent that the walnut shell is exported from Iran. The sale of walnut skins is very successful in Iran. The biggest exporters of walnut shells in Iran are the cities with the highest location in the walnut production area.

Walnut shell powder is a granular and hard product with a light yellow or brown color that has many uses and is obtained from normal walnut shells.

Walnut shell powder or loose walnut powder, like its seeds, has many properties and benefits. Walnut is one of the most valuable and useful products in Iran. You must have heard many stories about the benefits and properties of walnut skin before and it is possible to buy walnut skin powder as per your need. It should be noted that compressed charcoal briquettes are also products of walnut shell powder.

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Bulk Walnut Powder Packaging:

Double-layer composite packaging (weight: 25kg±5%) placed in a thick bag.

Two-layer composite packaging placed in a jumbo bag (weight: 25kg±5%).

Double layer composite packaging (weight: 25 kg ± 5%) placed on the pallet.

Properties of walnut shell powder

The most important features of walnut shell powder are non-toxicity, durability and naturalness, natural degradation, no need for flammable solvents, environmental friendliness, completely free from silica, renewable, reusable and replaceable with sand. Silicosis (lung disease) is mentioned. The nut consists of several parts: the outer green skin, the hard woody skin, the brown skin on the seed and finally the tasty kernel. All the parts of walnut have special importance for every part of our body. Even its skin! Nuts can come in a thousand varieties; If you are in doubt, in this section we will introduce you to the various benefits of walnut skin for skin and hair.

The dust of the Walnut shell in medicine

Cow hide has amazing medicinal, beauty and health properties. For this reason, coconut shells are used in the production of various herbal medicines with traditional medicinal purposes. Coconut shell powder is known as a very important product in medical use.

Shelled walnuts are used as a traditional and effective remedy for blood sugar control. Although there are still no comprehensive scientific studies in this area; But the experience of traditional medicine doctors shows the effectiveness of walnut skin powder in reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Reasons for using Walnut shell powder in making hard coal

In fact, compressed coal (Briquette) is a type of burning briquette whose raw material is wood, and its use can have many advantages and can have more applications than traditional coal. The most important advantages of this charcoal are uniform heat, less damage, faster burning, etc. Pressed coal, also known as Chinese coal, is produced by new methods and using many special equipment.

One of the most important advantages of compact coal production compared to traditional coal is the need to cut down trees to provide raw materials. Made from natural materials and waste like sawdust, walnut shell, almond shell, pistachio shell, this charcoal is environmentally friendly. Walnut skin for compressed coal contains a certain amount of fat, which is useful in increasing the quality of the coal and increasing its life. Also, the amount of heat produced by walnut shell charcoal is much higher and longer compared to regular charcoal and lasts longer.

What are shelled nuts?

If before and after harvesting nuts, the hard shell is known as waste, today scientific research on this material has determined that the hard shell is one of the richest and most beneficial components of the walnut tree. and contains various compounds including vitamins, alkaloids, phenols, amino acids, phenol carboxylic acids, coumarins, vitamins, proteins, etc. Peanut shells are ground into powder of various sizes by special machines and this powder is known as loose peanuts.

Characteristics of chopped walnut skin

Walnut shell media is a sustainable material of completely natural origin; Materials with high strength and high bioavailability.

In terms of physical properties, this material has a specific gravity of 1.2 to 1.4, a hardness of 1.5 MOH and a Rockwell hardness of 91, and performs well in a variety of acidic, alkaline and neutral environments.

The optimal performance in this field is the resistance of this material to fermentation. Due to this resistance, it is considered a recyclable material and has multiple uses. Composite materials have used walnut skin in their composition for many years.

The most important uses of hard walnut skin

As we have said, nut shell has many and many compounds and can have many applications in different industries. In fact, this tool can have more than 100 different benefits and applications, but the most important and important ones are as follows:

Use in making hard coal

Today, compressed coal is used more than conventional coal because it produces more heat, burns faster, causes less pollution, and ultimately has a longer shelf life. The production of compressed coal, unlike conventional coal, does not harm the environment, and the main material for its production is the skin of walnuts, almonds, etc.

Used in the water and sewage industry

The use of walnut shells in the water treatment industry for water purification is also one of the most important uses of this material. In fact, walnut skin can play a special role in removing any oil and grease from the water surface and it is very effective.

use as a natural fertilizer

At present, the problem of fertilizer use has become one of the major problems in the world agriculture sector, and the use of natural plants, animals, etc. fertilizers has gained great importance and value from the point of view of health and environment. The use of nutshell powder as a natural and plant fertilizer has been scientifically proven due to its various compounds and salts, and this material is known as one of the best natural and plant fertilizers.

Use in the field of medicine

The composition and each substance in the walnut skin can have various health applications, so in the past in traditional medicine, walnut skin tea was used to treat many diseases. Today, walnut shells or walnut shells are used to produce various herbs and chemical medicines. Among the most important medical uses of this material can be mentioned the treatment of gingivitis, the treatment of hair loss, the treatment of blood sugar, the peeling of the skin, the production of cosmetics and cleaning products, etc. more than a dozen more. used.

Use in the oil and drilling industry

Among other features of fire skin, we can mention its role and importance in oil and drilling industry. During the drilling of oil wells, the fire casing prevents the circulation of fluids in closed passages and prevents the production of oil. does not pose a problem. In fact, this substance is introduced into the well with the mud and blocks various openings, making the well impenetrable and safer. An attractive point of using casing in the oil and drilling industry is the ability to reuse the material multiple times.

Production of building materials

Another important use of hard walnut shell is in the production of various construction and industrial materials, etc. Walnut shell powder is used to make plywood, doors and windows, furniture, rubber, etc.

Wood industry, paint and resin industry, cosmetics industry, plastics industry etc. are among other industries that use a lot of hard walnut skin and its powder.

The price of the seed project is sent to Iran

The diversity and complexity of uses for walnut shell powder has made this material a dynamic market today, with millions of tons of loose walnuts consumed annually by various industries, making the market dynamic. Different factors can affect the price of walnut shell powder. The most important factors affecting the price of shelled walnuts are the quality and purity percentage of the walnut shell, granulation and packaging method, transport costs, volume of the walnut shell, shelf life of the walnut shell, weight of the walnut shell, freshness or age. in a nutshell, etc

Exporting high quality walnut shell powder

Iran is regarded as one of the successful and reliable countries in the field of exporting high quality walnut shell powder. This is because we always strive to offer the most standard types of these products at the best selling prices.

Walnut shell export from Iran

Introduction to Walnut Shell Exportation from Iran

Walnut shell is a byproduct of the walnut industry and is mainly used as a natural abrasive in various industries such as cosmetics, paint, and metal polishing. Iran is one of the largest producers of walnuts in the world and is also a significant exporter of walnut shell. The country has a long history of walnut cultivation and is well-known for its high-quality walnuts and walnut shells.

Advantages of Walnut Shell from Iran

Iranian walnut shell is known for its uniform size and consistent quality, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. The shell is carefully processed to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that the final product is free from harmful substances. Additionally, the use of walnut shell as an abrasive helps to reduce waste, as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other abrasive materials.

Demand for Walnut Shell from Iran

The demand for walnut shell is increasing globally, particularly in the cosmetics and paint industries. Iran's favorable climate and soil conditions, along with its long history of walnut cultivation, make it an ideal location for the production of high-quality walnut shell. As a result, the export of walnut shell from Iran has increased in recent years, and the country has established itself as a reliable supplier of this product.

Production of Walnut Shell in Iran

Iran has a well-established walnut industry and is home to numerous walnut processing facilities. The walnut shells are carefully processed and cleaned to ensure that they meet the high standards required by various industries. The production process is strictly monitored to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets international standards.

Exportation Destinations for Iranian Walnut Shell

Iran's walnut shell is primarily exported to countries in Europe and Asia, where it is in high demand. Some of the largest importers of Iranian walnut shell include Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, and China. Iran's favorable geographical location and well-developed transportation infrastructure make it easy for the country to export its products to these destinations.

Factors Affecting the Price of Exported Walnut Shell

The price of exported walnut shell is influenced by various factors, including supply and demand, production costs, and currency fluctuations. In recent years, the increasing demand for walnut shell has led to a rise in its price. However, fluctuations in the global economy, changes in demand, and shifts in production costs can also impact the price of exported walnut shell.

Role of the Government in the Export of Walnut Shell

The Iranian government plays a significant role in promoting and regulating the export of walnut shell from the country. The government provides support to the walnut industry through various initiatives and policies aimed at improving the production and export of this product. The government also works to ensure that the export of walnut shell complies with international trade agreements and regulations.

Infrastructure for the Export of Walnut Shell

Iran has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, including ports, airports, and roads, which facilitates the export of walnut shell. The country's ports are equipped with modern facilities and are capable of handling large volumes of cargo, making it easy to export the product to various destinations. Additionally, Iran has a well-established logistics industry, which helps to ensure that the exported walnut shell is delivered on time and in good condition.

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