split pea export from Iran

Split peas exported from Iran are a type of league derived from split peas and include yellow, red and green varieties. Cotyledons have many properties including fiber, thiamin, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which are beneficial in controlling blood pressure, anemia, blood sugar, etc. Of course, keep in mind that apart from kobo peas, it comes from a variety of products, beans, lentils and kidney beans are also available in the market, and people can buy different types of kohlrabi depending on their needs. In the Iranian market, chickpeas are harvested more often than pepper, and after harvesting, they are processed into chickpeas in special factories.

split pea export from Iran

iranian split peas

iranian split peas are renowned for their high quality and uniform size, making them an attractive option for buyers worldwide. The country's favorable climate and fertile soil conditions provide an ideal environment for growing split peas, ensuring consistent high standards.

split peas are a type of pulse crop that is widely cultivated in iran. They are popular in many countries due to their high nutritional value and versatility in cooking. Iran is one of the world's largest producers of split peas, making it a significant player in the global market for this commodity.

influence of the global market

the global market for split peas is highly competitive, and the commodity's price is influenced by supply and demand dynamics. High demand leads to price increases, while high supply results in price decreases.

supply and demand split pea

weather conditions, disease outbreaks, and political and economic situations in producing and consuming countries can affect the supply and demand of split peas in the global market. Recent years have seen an increase in demand, resulting in higher prices for split peas globally.

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wholesale price of split peas exported from iran

the market for buying and selling split peas exported from iran is prosperous due to their use in various iranian dishes. The price of split peas varies based on packaging types. Additionally, the high nutritional value and protein content of split peas make them a suitable substitute for meat, especially with the increase in the price of red meat. The wholesale price of split peas is influenced by factors such as purchase volume, with larger volumes resulting in lower prices. Due to fluctuations in domestic markets, the specific price of split peas cannot be stated here.

price of split peas exported from iran

inflation in iran is an important factor affecting the price of split peas in the international market. The increase in inflation has led to higher prices for many food items, including split peas. The quality of the product, determined by taste and color, also affects its price. The price of small split peas is generally lower than that of other sizes. The cooking time and harvest time also influence the price of split peas, with shorter cooking times and abundant harvests leading to lower prices.

export volume split pea

iran exports a significant amount of split peas each year, with export volumes increasing in recent years. In 2020, iran exported over 100,000 metric tons of split peas, with the majority going to countries in the middle east and asia.

factors influencing exports

several factors influence the export of split peas from iran, including international demand, commodity prices, and the country's political and economic situation. In recent years, the demand for split peas has risen as consumers become more health-conscious, leading to increased exports from iran.

purchasing price of exported split peas

the purchasing price of exported split peas from iran is determined by factors such as product quality, export volume, and the state of the global market. On average, the price ranges from $600 to $800 per metric ton, depending on the product's quality.

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factors affecting the price of split peas

the price of split peas can be influenced by changes in global demand, supply fluctuations, exchange rates, and production costs, including labor, materials, and transportation. The growing trend towards plant-based eating is expected to drive continued demand for split peas.

market trends

the demand for split peas has been rising as consumers increasingly opt for plant-based food options due to health-consciousness. This trend is expected to continue, presenting growth opportunities for split pea exports.

in conclusion, the export of split peas from iran plays a significant role in the country's agricultural economy. The purchasing price is influenced by factors such as global demand, supply, and economic and political conditions. The ongoing shift towards plant-based eating offers prospects for further export growth.

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price per kilogram of split peas exported from iran

split peas are widely used in various sectors, such as restaurants and food factories. The price per kilogram of split peas directly impacts the prices of products made from them. The production volume of split peas affects the price per kilogram, with higher volumes leading to lower prices. The quality of the product also plays a role, with higher quality split peas commanding higher prices. The freshness of the product influences demand and subsequently the price of fresh split peas.

price of split pea exported from iran

split peas are sold in bulk and packaged in the market. The price of bulk split peas is generally lower than packaged ones. Various factors affect the price, including production costs, labor wages, maintenance and repair expenses. Harvesting methods, whether manual or mechanical, also impact the price. Transportation costs, such as fuel prices, contribute to the overall price of split peas.

purchase price of each kilogram of split peas exported from iran

thepurchase and sale of split peas exported from iran occur in the market, with the price per kilogram varying based on the weight. Different types of chickpeas, such as changi, zard kurdistan, and black, are used for split pea production in iran, and their prices affect the price per kilogram of split peas. As the weight increases, the price per kilogram also increases. The packaging type of the product affects its price, with bulk split peas being cheaper than packaged ones. Various factors, including production costs, labor wages, and transportation expenses, can influence the price of split peas.

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