Tea export from Iran

tea is an incredibly important and popular beverage in iran and worldwide. It has always held a special place in iranian families and is considered one of the easiest to serve. With the abundant production of tea in iran and the high demand beyond its borders, tea has become a significant export for many years. Iranian dry tea is exported to numerous countries, especially neighboring ones.

tea holds a long-standing history among the iranian people, cultivated in the northern fields of iran for nearly a century. Its roots trace back to parts of india. There are various types of tea available, each with its own distinct taste and flavor, with green tea and black tea being the most renowned. Drinking tea has become an integral part of iranian culture, making it the preferred beverage for gatherings and celebrations.

Tea export from Iran

varieties of iranian tea

iranian tea is categorized based on quality, cultivation, and processing methods. The favorable climate in northern iran allows for optimal tea cultivation. The moderate temperatures and mountainous terrain contribute to healthy plant growth, ultimately enhancing the quality of the tea.

black tea is the most popular type of tea in iran, including various varieties such as sergol tea, premium tea, feather tea, crushed tea, and powdered tea. Let's explore these types in more detail:

sargol tea

sargol tea is among the most expensive teas in iran. It is harvested in the spring season. This tea is known for its wide spiral leaves, distinct bitter taste, and pleasant color. Due to its higher price compared to other iranian teas, it is typically sold in smaller packages with less weight.

premium tea

another popular iranian tea is premium tea, known for its unique aroma, taste, and reasonable price.

qalam tea

qalam tea falls into the category of affordable, good-quality iranian tea. It is made from the lower leaves of the tea tree, resulting in a strong flavor and color.

broken tea

broken tea is characterized by its light weight and quick infusion. During production, the leaves are crushed, resulting in uneven shapes.

baroti tea

baroti tea is widely used in iran, often obtained by sifting other teas. It is commonly used for tea bags and general tea consumption.

tea drinking culture

drinking tea holds cultural significance across different countries. In england, it was initially limited to the upper classes but later became accessible to the general public. China not only uses tea for consumption but also for medicinal purposes. Japan has a special tea-making and serving ritual. In iran, tea serves various purposes in different cultures. It is often used to entertain guests and remains a tradition in gatherings and celebrations.

Iran tea exporter exchange

export of iranian tea

iran is globally recognized as one of the leading producers of high-quality tea. Persian gulf countries and neighboring nations are the primary target markets for iranian tea exports. The reputation of iranian tea in arab countries bordering iran has resulted in direct buying from farmers and subsequent exports by many trading companies.

china, sri lanka, india, kenya, poland, japan, and the united arab emirates are the largest tea exporters worldwide. In 2020, iran exported over 570 tons of high-quality tea, valued at approximately $490,000, to countries such as iraq, kazakhstan, afghanistan, germany, india, tajikistan, russia, uzbekistan, and turkey. Although this amount is lower than the tea imports in the same year, the best export destinations for iranian tea currently include armenia, iraq, the republic of azerbaijan, and the united arab emirates.

Export tea shopping center

premium iranian tea for export

iranian companies actively engaged in tea exports consider their products to be of the highest quality. They offer these products to import companies in other countries, fostering strong collaborations. Iranian export teas undergo rigorous approval processes, ensuring excellent color and superior quality.

Export tea sales

wide range of export teas available

in iran, all types of export tea are available in both packaged and bulk forms. These products have received positive feedback from other countries, and buyers who purchase from iranian companies are highly satisfied. Our experts are available to assist you in purchasing export tea of the desired quality and at competitive prices. Whether you're looking for the highest quality, affordable options, or specific tea types, we have the best selection for you. You can easily place your order and coordinate with our experts to enjoy the benefits of buying export tea.

Iran export tea business group

introduction to tea export from iran

iran boasts a rich cultural heritage and a history of producing high-quality tea. In recent years, it has emerged as a major tea exporter, witnessing growing demand both domesticallyand internationally. The tea industry in iran has experienced significant growth, with numerous tea plantations and processing facilities spread across the country. Iranian tea is renowned for its unique flavor and exceptional quality, making it a popular choice among consumers worldwide.

history of tea production in iran

tea production in iran dates back to the 19th century when british traders introduced tea to the country. Over the years, tea production in iran has expanded and evolved, becoming a staple beverage for many iranians. Today, iran stands as one of the largest tea producers globally, contributing significantly to the country's economy.

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northern iran holds significant importance in producing the finest iranian tea. Currently, persian gulf countries are the primary buyers of iranian tea. Overall, iranian dry tea is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide, with the majority being iranian black tea. Today, there are 42 billion tea traders globally, with over 66% belonging to asian countries.

first-grade iran export tea, including premium tea, pen, powder, and more, are available for sale. We offer wholesale and bulk sales for all types of export tea, ensuring competitive prices. The northern tea center plays a crucial role in exporting substantial quantities of tea to various countries across the world.

iranians take pride in producing high-quality products, including tea, which is highly sought after in the market. The natural and organic nature of iranian tea, processed using state-of-the-art technologies, ensures a pollution-free product with exceptional quality. Due to its reputation and superior quality, iranian tea is in high demand and widely exported to the global market.

Iran export tea transportation

varieties of tea produced in iran

iran produces a diverse range of teas, including black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. Black tea holds the highest popularity in iran and is consumed widely both domestically and internationally. Green tea production in iran has also witnessed growth due to its health benefits and distinct flavor. Additionally, herbal teas, made from various herbs, are favored in iran for their medicinal properties.

Guide to specifications of export tea from Iran

factors influencing tea export from iran

several factors influence the export of tea from iran, including tea quality, availability of processing facilities, and market competitiveness. Iranian tea is renowned for its high quality, with a distinctive flavor that sets it apart. The well-established tea processing industry in iran enables competitive pricing. Market competitiveness is another crucial factor, as iran faces strong competition from other major tea-producing countries.

the importance of the tea industry to iran's economy

the tea industry plays a significant role in the iranian economy, providing employment opportunities and generating substantial revenue. Tea production and export are vital components of iran's agricultural sector, with tea plantations and processing facilities spread throughout the country. Additionally, tea exports contribute to iran's foreign exchange earnings, as iranian tea reaches numerous countries across the globe.

Export tea sales system in Iran

the global tea market and competition for iranian tea

the global tea market is highly competitive, with numerous countries involved in tea production and export. Iran faces competition from other major tea-producing countries, such as india, china, and kenya. To remain competitive, the iranian tea industry must continuously strive to improve tea quality and promote the unique characteristics of iranian tea to consumers worldwide.

in conclusion, the export of tea from iran has become a significant contributor to the country's economy. With a rich history and a focus on producing high-quality tea, iran has gained recognition as a major tea exporter. Various factors, including tea quality, demand, market competitiveness, and government support, influence the tea export industry. The purchase price of exported tea reflects these factors, while the demand for iranian tea is driven by its exceptional quality, reputation, and effective marketing. The iranian tea industry's role in the economy is significant, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the country's foreign exchange earnings. To thrive in the global tea market, iran must continue to enhance tea quality, promote its unique attributes, and navigate competition with other tea-producing nations.

Where can I buy export tea

factors affecting the purchase price of exported tea

the purchase price of exported tea is influenced by various factors, including tea quality, demand, and market competitiveness. High-quality tea commands a higher price, as consumers are willing to pay more for exceptional teas. Demand also impacts tea prices, with prices typically rising during high-demand periods and decreasing during low-demand periods. Market competitiveness, influenced by prices offered by other tea-producing countries, also affects the purchase price of exported tea.

factors affecting the demand for iranian tea

the demand for iranian tea is influenced by factors such as tea quality, the reputation of the iranian tea industry, and marketing efforts. Iranian tea has gained a reputation for its quality and unique flavor, establishing iran as a major tea producer. The positive image associated with high-quality iranian tea contributes to its demand. Furthermore, effective marketing initiatives play a crucial role in increasing awareness of iranian tea and enticing consumers to try it.

the role of government in supporting the tea industry

the iranian government plays a vital role in supporting the tea industry by providing financial and technical assistance to tea growers and processors. The government offers subsidies and financial incentives to promote the growth of the tea industry, with a focus on improving tea production quality and facilitating the export of iranian tea. Additionally, technical support, including training and education programs, is provided to enhance the skills and expertise of tea growers and processors.

Tea export from Iran
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