Pistachio export from Iran

there are many types of pistachio exported from iran, the best iranian pistachios are akbari, ahmad agaei, fandgi, kale gochi and abbas ali. Generally, most of these pistachios have become brands that influence the price of pistachios. For example, the very name of the akbari pistachio, as a strong and tasty pistachio, regardless of the quality of the pistachio, will definitely affect its price.

exported pistachios and ways to send them to other countries will be presented to you in the following article! Buying and selling exported pistachio is one of the most profitable transactions we see in world markets today. Pistachio, as well as the export of dried fruits and nuts, are among the exports of countries without oil.

Pistachio export from Iran

introduction to pistachio exportation from iran

pistachio is one of the most famous and widely-exported nuts globally. Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios, providing a significant amount to the international market. The export of pistachios from iran has been on the rise in recent years, with a growing demand for the nut both domestically and internationally. The nut is known for its unique flavor and taste, making it a popular ingredient in various dishes and desserts. In this article, we will discuss the export of pistachios from iran and the purchase price of exported pistachios.

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the history of pistachio cultivation in iran

the history of pistachio cultivation in iran dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that pistachios were first cultivated in iran around 7000 bc. The nut was widely used by the ancient persians, who considered it a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today, pistachio cultivation is one of the major agricultural industries in iran, with a significant share of the country's export earnings coming from the nut.

pistachio varieties grown in iran

iran is home to several varieties of pistachios, including the kalleh ghouchi, akbari, ahmad aghaei, and badami. The kalleh ghouchi variety is considered one of the best pistachios in terms of flavor, texture, and color. It is widely cultivated in iran and exported to various countries around the world. The akbari variety is another popular type of pistachio grown in iran, known for its large size and unique flavor.

factors affecting pistachio export from iran

there are several factors that affect the export of pistachios from iran, including the production of the nut, international demand, and political stability in the country. Weather conditions, pest and disease outbreaks, and changes in trade policies can also have an impact on the export of pistachios. Despite these challenges, iran remains one of the largest exporters of pistachios globally, with a strong presence in the international market.

pistachio export destinations

iran exports pistachios to a wide range of countries, including the united states, china, europe, and the middle east. The us is one of the largest importers of pistachios from iran, accounting for a significant share of the country's total pistachio exports. China, on the other hand, has emerged as a rapidly growing market for iranian pistachios, with a growing demand for the nut among chinese consumers.

the quality of exported pistachios from iran

iran is known for producing high-quality pistachios, with a focus on maintaining strict quality control standards in its cultivation and export processes. The nuts are carefully selected, sorted, and packaged to ensure that only the best quality pistachios reach the international market. This, combined with their unique flavor and texture, makes iranian pistachios highly sought after by consumers around the world.

the importance of pistachio export for the iranian economy

the export of pistachios from iran plays a significant role in the country's economy. The industry provides employment opportunities for thousands of people, as well as generating a significant amount of revenue for the country. Pistachio exports also help to diversify the country's economy, reducing its dependence on oil and other primary industries.

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factors influencing the purchase price of pistachios

the purchase price of exported pistachios is influenced by various factors, including supply and demand, quality, and geopolitical stability. For example, during times of high demand, the price of pistachios may be higher, while during periods of low demand, the price may be lower. The quality of the nuts also plays a significant role in determining the purchase price, with higher quality pistachios commanding a higher price compared to lower quality nuts. Political stability in iran and other countries in the region can also impact the purchase price, as changes in trade policies or geopolitical tensions may cause price fluctuations.

the future of pistachio export from iran

despite the challenges faced by the pistachio export industry, the future of pistachio export from iran looks positive. The demand for high-quality pistachios continues to grow, both domestically and internationally, and iran remains one of the largest producers of the nut globally. The iranian government is also taking steps to support the pistachio export industry, including investing in research and development, promoting the nut to new markets, and providing support to farmers and producers. With  these efforts, it is expected that the export of pistachios from iran will continue to grow in the coming years, providing a boost to the country's economy and supporting the livelihoods of those involved in the industry.

iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world, and its pistachios are well known for their high quality and unique taste. Here are a few popular iranian pistachio varieties that are frequently exported:

when purchasing exported iranian pistachios, it's important to look for reputable suppliers that adhere to strict quality control standards. This will ensure that you receive the best possible product, with consistent taste and quality.

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major producers of pistachios account for a significant share of world exports. The sale and purchase statistics of exported pistachios and pistachio kernels have consistently shown positive growth in recent years. These statistics and figures provide valuable analytical information and are presented annually. Access to this information enables companies and individuals in the pistachio export industry to effectively sell their products in target countries and achieve significant success.

in this article, we focus on buying and selling exported pistachios, as well as examining and assessing the price of exported pistachios in today's market. We analyze the export pistachio producers, export pistachio prices, export and import processes, and the overall export region for pistachios. By the end of this article, you will gain practical information and insights if you are involved in the pistachio export industry.

Export pistachio sales

iranian pistachio export and its stages

pistachios are one of the most important export products in iran's agricultural sector. Due to its significant economic value, pistachios receive considerable attention from traders, merchants, and investors. As an experienced trading center in iran's pistachio export industry, irexporter is equipped with the technical expertise and specialized capabilities to guide and advise you on your preferred iran pistachio export ventures.

iranian pistachio export and its stages

pistachio nuts are highly sought-after export products with customers in european, american, and asian countries. Iran exports pistachios to major destinations such as europe, turkey, georgia, iraq, china, qatar, uae, and russia. The export of pistachios from iran involves several stages:

1. Supply of products: before engaging in iranian pistachio export activities, traders must conduct extensive research and gather detailed information about customers in the target countries, the specific types of pistachios in demand, customs regulations in importing countries, and food and health standards. Exporting iran's finest pistachios often requires compliance with specific importing country requirements, such as low aflatoxin levels in pistachios for some european countries.

pistachio packing

after the products are prepared, the next step is packaging. The packaging and export of iranian pistachios involve specifying the type and production characteristics of the pistachios, as well as mentioning the production company, export company, import company, and other relevant details. This comprehensive packaging and labeling ensure that consumers can make informed purchases of iranian pistachios. High-quality packaging contributes to attracting more customers and enhancing the reputation of the producer and exporting company.

obtaining iranian pistachio standard documents

prior to customs processing, iranian pistachio exports require the necessary standards and approvals. These standards must be approved by the appropriate authorities and meet the import requirements of the destination country. In european countries, for example, exported pistachios need to undergo valid tests and obtain certificates related to food health and safety. It is essential to complete laboratory procedures and obtain confirmation of aflatoxin levels in exported pistachios before declaring the cargo to the customs office.

presentation to customs

after completing the above steps, the export product must be presented to the customs office in the manufacturing city. Relevant documents, including product declarations, weight specifications, product invoices, and more, need to be completed for customs clearance.

issuance of health certificate at customs

during the export of dried fruits, including pistachios, compliance with inspection standards and submission of certified documents is required. In the case of exported iranian pistachios, the products may undergo inspection and testing for compliance with quality and health standards. Once approved, a plant health and food hygiene certificate is issued, followed by a customs clearance certificate.

delivery to transport company

after completing the customs procedures and obtaining the necessary documents, the exported pistachios should be delivered to a transport company. An agreement is signed between the exporting company and the transport company to outline the transportation process. The shipping company ensures that the containers or trucks used for transporting pistachios are clean and suitable for the task.

settlement of the bill and bill of lading

in iranian pistachio exports, it is common for the seller to receive a percentage of the commercial price upon presenting the bill of lading. Typically, 20% of the amount is paid in advance, and the remaining 80% is settled by presenting the invoice. Once the goods are loaded, the shipping company provides the original invoice and other necessary documents to the customer for customs clearance of the exported iranian pistachios.

obtaining additional documents and certificate of origin

upon completing other customs procedures and confirming the customs and seller's invoice, the shipping company can obtain the certificateof origin for the exported iranian pistachios from the chamber of commerce. Once the documents are complete, they are ready to be sent to the destination country and cleared through customs.

iran's pistachio exports have exceeded $850 million in the last 9 months. According to reports from march 21 to december 21, 2017, more than 96,000 tons of pistachios worth $852 million were exported from iran to various regions during that period. Iran ranks as the world's second-largest producer of pistachios after the united states and is known for being the best exporter of this product.

in march 2016, the recorded figure was approximately 135,000 tons valued at about $1.2 billion. The expectation for iran's pistachio export sales is continuous growth in pistachio sales and export statistics. The recorded figures have shown a positive growth of about 38% (around 17,000 tons) in 2018 for iranian pistachio exports to world markets.

iranian pistachios currently hold more than 50% of the global pistachio market. The major customers include the usa, ukraine, uae, italy, bahrain, brazil, bulgaria, turkey, canada, qatar, switzerland, france, poland, sweden, malaysia, vietnam, netherlands, thailand, japan, romania, and hong kong.

however, pistachio cultivation in iran faces challenges due to water scarcity and climate change, which lead to the destruction of pistachio plantations. It is crucial for pistachio producers aiming to maintain their position in the export market to adopt new technologies and innovative approaches to pistachio cultivation. Increasing knowledge and awareness of export pistachio orchards can help address issues related to irrigation and planting.

buying pistachios

iran is one of the world's largest pistachio-producing countries, with vast farms dedicated to this product. Iranian pistachios are traditional dry and dried fruits highly sought after both domestically and internationally. Their high quality, variety, and per capita consumption make the purchase and sale of pistachios a thriving wholesale market. Many individuals recognize the investment potential in this sector. Iran's pistachios are not only good but also of high quality and diverse varieties, making iran a major global supplier. Over 90% of pistachios produced in iran are exported to other countries.

the importance of packaging for exported pistachios

proper packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and longevity of nuts and dried fruits, including pistachios. It is essential to store pistachios under stable conditions, away from moisture and heat. Moisture penetration can lead to spoilage and mold development over time. Exported pistachios require high-quality packaging that adheres to the relevant standards, sales guidelines, and agricultural and food regulations. These packaging solutions provide optimal protection against environmental conditions and ensure the integrity of pistachios during transportation.

producers and exporters of pistachios must use packaging designed specifically for their products, following regulations and standards. Export pistachio packaging often consists of standardized and visually appealing cartons. Packaging safeguards pistachios from unfavorable conditions and preserves their quality. When packaging exported pistachios, factors such as healthy and clean shells or kernels are considered. Additionally, pistachios should be completely dry. Packages must be free from agricultural pests, and the pistachio products within them should be free from decay or spoilage. Meeting these conditions ensures that packages are suitable for export.

wholesale pistachio stands

the best time to purchase pistachios in bulk from suppliers is immediately after the harvest, when the product is recorded for processing and sorting. This period offers numerous options, and prices are typically lower due to increased availability. Many exporters and buyers take advantage of this opportunity to buy pistachios in bulk, leading to increased export activities. Bulk pistachio purchases present profitable opportunities, attracting numerous individuals each year. At irexporter, you can connect with major pistachio sellers and directly discuss bulk purchases. By registering on our website, you can submit multiple requests and expect prompt responses from various sellers.

pistachio prices

pistachios are among iran's most important export commodities, with annual exports to various countries. Different types of pistachios, such as akbari, ahmed aghaei, fandgi, and kole ghochi, vary in quality and market demand. The prices of these pistachios also differ. Moreover, pistachios are available in various forms, such as fresh, flavored, shelled, or pitted, each with its own pricing. Therefore, it is best to consult wholesale pistachio traders to obtain accurate pricing information based on your desired pistachio variety.

today's pistachio prices

iranian pistachios are renowned for their exceptional quality and high demand in international markets. Over 90% of pistachios produced in iran are exported, which contributes to the relatively high prices in the iranian market. However, given the volatile nature of the currency exchange rate in iran, the price of pistachios is subject to constant fluctuations. Therefore, it is essential to check the current pistachio prices at the time of purchase. Irexporter provides a platform where you can connect with numerous major pistachio sellers who can provide up-to-date pricing information.

current pistachio prices

as mentioned earlier, the price of pistachios is influenced by export competitiveness and various other factors. The current pistachio prices in iran are constantly changing due to currency fluctuations. For accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult reputable wholesale pistachio traders and stay informed about the latest news and market trends. Irexporter serves as a valuable resource for connecting with pistachio market participants and obtaining the latest pricing information.

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pistachio export

pistachios are a vital export product for iran, with a significant percentage of the production being exported annually. Iran is recognized as a major global supplier of pistachios, and many individuals are interested in investing in pistachio exports. While the visual appeal of pistachios is important, the quality of the product is a key factor that attracts buyers. Iran's major pistachio export destinations include european countries, which often require aflatoxin certificates to ensure the health and safety of pistachios. Persian gulf countries may have different requirements. At irexporter, we facilitate the buying and selling of exported pistachios, providing a convenient platform for secure transactions.

pistachio export prices

the export price of pistachios is influenced by various factors, including export competitiveness. Other factors such as packaging, pistachio type, quality, and required quantities also impact the export price, leading to price fluctuations. Irexporter has a large community of major pistachio sellers, including exporters. You can inquire about pistachio export prices directlyfrom them to obtain the latest information on pistachio export prices.

bulk pistachio export prices

pistachio products are crucial for iran's agricultural exports, with a wide range of varieties being exported directly and indirectly to over 50 countries worldwide. However, determining the daily price of pistachios poses a challenge for traders. The daily pistachio price is influenced by factors such as export volumes and destinations. Staying updated with the latest news on pistachio prices is essential for success in the pistachio market. Wholesalers and news sites can serve as valuable sources of information. At irexporter, you can connect with industry professionals and stay informed about the latest pistachio prices.

export price of pistachios today

as previously mentioned, pistachio prices are subject to constant change due to the fluctuating currency exchange rate. The current price of pistachios cannot be fixed, and it is necessary to consult reliable sources for the most up-to-date pricing information. News regarding pistachio prices, including export volumes and destinations, greatly influences daily pricing. By connecting with reputable wholesale pistachio traders and utilizing news sources, you can stay informed about the export price of pistachios in today's market. Irexporter offers a platform to interact with pistachio market participants and acquire the latest news and pricing information.

the iranian pistachio industry plays a significant role in the global market, with iran being a major exporter of high-quality pistachios. The export process involves multiple stages, including supply, packaging, obtaining standard documents, customs procedures, and transportation. Proper packaging is essential to maintain the quality of pistachios during export, and compliance with international standards and regulations is crucial. The price of pistachios varies based on factors such as variety, quality, and market demand. It is important to stay updated with the latest pistachio prices, especially in the export market. Irexporter provides a platform to connect with pistachio sellers and stay informed about current pricing trends.

whether you are interested in buying or selling pistachios, irexporter can assist you in finding reliable partners and navigating the pistachio market effectively. With a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, irexporter strives to facilitate successful pistachio transactions and contribute to the growth of the pistachio industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I place an order for your Iranian pistachios?

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3. Are your pistachios suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Our pistachios are naturally gluten-free and suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities. However, if you have specific dietary concerns or allergies, we recommend consulting the product labels or contacting our customer support for detailed information.

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To maintain the freshness and quality of our pistachios, we recommend storing them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat, as it may affect the taste and texture of the nuts.

Best Iranian Natural Pistachio Supplier and Exporter Company

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Product Quality
Section 3: Competitive Prices
Section 4: Wide Range of Pistachio Varieties
Section 5: Efficient Purchase Process
Section 6: Reliable Export Services

Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to our article highlighting the best Iranian natural pistachio supplier and exporter company. With a rich history of pistachio cultivation and expertise, our company has established itself as a trusted and reputable source of premium pistachios. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, or retailer, we aim to provide you with the finest quality pistachios at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

Section 2: Product Quality

We take great pride in offering only the highest quality natural pistachios. Our pistachios are sourced from carefully selected orchards and undergo rigorous quality control processes. Each pistachio is handpicked to ensure optimal ripeness, flavor, and texture. Our commitment to quality extends to the processing and packaging stages, where we employ advanced technology and adhere to strict hygiene standards. By choosing our pistachios, you can be confident that you are purchasing the best quality product.

Section 3: Competitive Prices

At our company, we believe that premium quality should be accessible to all. That's why we offer competitive prices for our natural pistachios. Through our efficient supply chain and direct relationships with pistachio growers, we are able to streamline costs and pass the savings on to our customers. We understand the importance of finding a balance between quality and price, and we strive to provide exceptional value for your investment. Contact us to learn more about our pricing options.

Section 4: Wide Range of Pistachio Varieties

We offer a diverse range of pistachio varieties to cater to the unique preferences of our customers. From the popular Kerman variety to the flavorful Ahmad Aghaei and the delicate Badami, we have something to suit every taste. Our pistachios are available in various sizes, including jumbo, large, and medium. Whether you require roasted and salted pistachios or raw ones for culinary purposes, we have you covered. Explore our wide selection of pistachios and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Section 5: Efficient Purchase Process

We understand the importance of a smooth and efficient purchase process. That's why we have streamlined our ordering system to make it as convenient as possible for our customers. Whether you prefer to place your order online through our user-friendly platform or communicate directly with our dedicated sales team, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our prompt and reliable delivery services ensure that your pistachios reach you in perfect condition, no matter where you are located.

Section 6: Reliable Export Services

As a leading exporter of Iranian natural pistachios, we have extensive experience in international trade. Our company is well-versed in the export procedures and regulations of different countries, enabling us to handle all necessary documentation efficiently. We work closely with trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and secure delivery of our pistachios to your destination. Whether you require a small shipment or a large-scale export, our export services are reliable and tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets your pistachios apart from others?

A: Our pistachios are sourced from carefully selected orchards and undergo rigorous quality control processes...

Q: Do you offer bulk purchasing options?

A: Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options to accommodate the needs of wholesalers and distributors...

Q: How can I place an order?

A: You can place an order through our user-friendly online platform or by contacting our sales team directly...

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