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There are many types of pistachios exported from Iran, the best Iranian pistachios are Akbari, Ahmad Agaei, Fandgi, Kale Gochi and Abbas Ali. Generally, most of these pistachios have become brands that influence the price of pistachios. For example, the very name of the Akbari pistachio, as a strong and tasty pistachio, regardless of the quality of the pistachio, will definitely affect its price.

Exported pistachios and ways to send them to other countries will be presented to you in the following article! Buying and selling exported pistachio is one of the most profitable transactions we see in world markets today. pistachio, as well as the export of dried fruits and nuts, are among the exports of countries without oil.

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Major producers of pistachios for export to all countries of the world account for a significant share of world exports. The statistics of sale and purchase of exported pistachios and the export of pistachio kernels have always shown positive growth in recent years. Statistics and figures are a set of analytical information and are presented annually. Access to this information for all companies or individuals working in the pistachio export industry allows them to effectively sell their products in target countries and achieve significant success.

With the issue of buying and selling exported pistachios, as well as examining and assessing the price of exported pistachios in today's market, we have dedicated this article to examining this issue. In this section, we are trying to analyze the export pistachio producers, export pistachio price, export and import, and the region of export pistachio in general. Stay with us till the end of the article to get practical information if you are active in this field.

Iranian export of pistachios and its stages

Iranian pistachio export and its stages The pistachio is one of the most important export products of Iran's agricultural sector. Peanut as an export product due to its added value in the country's economy is very important and for this reason it is the focus of attention of many traders, traders and investors. ireexporter trading center, with many years of experience in the field of Iran peanut export, using the technical and specialized capabilities of its experienced staff, is ready to provide you with guidance and advice for your favorite Iran peanut export.

Iranian pistachio export and its stages

The pistachio nut is a valuable export product that has customers in European, American and Asian countries. Europe pistachio export, Turkey pistachio export, Georgia pistachio export, Iraq pistachio export, China pistachio export, Qatar pistachio export, UAE pistachio export, Russia's pistachio are the major destinations of pistachio export to Iran.

Steps to export pistachios:

Supply of products

Before embarking on Iranian pistachio export activities, traders need to do a lot of research and detailed information about customers in destination countries, types of pistachios these customers want, customs conditions in importing countries, food and health standards. Exporting Iran's finest pistachios requires an importing country. For example, some European countries issue import permits only for low aflatoxin pistachios.

Pistachio packing

After the delivery phase of the product, it is time to package it. In the packaging and export of Iranian pistachios, the type and production characteristics of pistachios, production company, export company, import company and so on should be mentioned so that consumers can buy Iranian pistachios with full information. . The high quality of the exported pistachios and the type of packaging is very important because it will lead to finding more customers and increasing the reputation of the producer and exporting company.

Get Iranian pistachio standard documents

In Iranian pistachio exports, the required standards must be obtained before the product enters the customs process. This standard, in addition to being approved by the standards department, must also obtain all the necessary approvals to import dried fruit in the destination country. Especially in European countries, products exported to these countries need to obtain all valid tests and certificates related to food health and safety, or in some special cases, approval from the Food and Drug Administration of the destination country. All these steps must be taken before declaring the cargo to the customs office. It should be noted that conducting laboratory procedures and obtaining confirmation of the amount of aflatoxin in exported pistachios takes some time.

Presentation of pistachios to customs

After completing the above steps, the export product must be submitted to the customs office of the city where the product is manufactured, and the relevant documents such as product type declaration, product weight, product specifications and product invoice must be completed.

Issuance of health certificate of pistachios at customs

In the country's culture, the inspection department requires companies that export dried fruits to comply with inspection standards, obtain and submit certified documents, especially during the export of Iranian pistachios. If the products are large and unmarked, or not registered by the exporting company, or if they do not meet the requirements, the customs office will take samples from the exported products and obtain the standard confirmation, and submitted to research tests, and when approved. . A plant health and food hygiene certificate is issued, and after this step, a customs clearance certificate is issued.

Delivery of exported pistachio to a transport company

After completing the customs documents and procedures, a bill of lading should be prepared for the export of Iranian pistachios. At this stage, the exporting company signs an agreement with the transport company and informs them of the process to be followed in carrying out the work, and the transport company announces the process of carrying out the work to the customer.

Before loading large quantities of Iranian pistachios, the shipping company should check the container or truck or truck trailer to ensure that it is as clean and sterile as possible.

Please note that exporting Iranian pistachios does not require a refrigerated container, but other dry fruit products require an agreement with the exporter.

He receives the pistachio bill of lading and settles the bill

In Iran's pizzeria exports, it is common for the seller to obtain a percentage of the commercial price at the same time as the bill of lading (specifications of the goods, specifications of the destination country, and buyer); shipment to an international carrier.

In the most common way, 20% of the amount is paid in advance and the remaining 80% is paid by presenting the invoice. After loading the goods, the shipping company must present the original invoice along with other necessary documents to the customer for customs clearance of exported Iranian pistachios.

Obtain the remaining documents and certificate of origin for pistachio exports

After receiving other customs documents and confirming the customs and seller's invoice, the shipping company can obtain the certificate of origin of the exported Iranian pistachios from the Chamber of Commerce. In this case, the documents are completed and ready to be sent to the destination country and cleared through customs.

Iran's pistachio exports exceeded 850 million dollars in the last 9 months. According to the reports published from March 21 to December 21, 2017, the results show that more than 96 thousand tons of pistachio worth $852 million were exported from Iran to different regions in the last 9 months. Thus, Iran is the world's second largest producer of pistachio after America and the best exporter of this product.

Reports indicated that this figure amounted to about 135,000 tons, valued at about $1.2 billion, in March 2016. What is expected in Iran's pistachio export sales is that pistachio sales and export statistics are facing increasing growth every year. The recorded figures showed a positive growth of about 38% (about 17,000 tons) in 2018 for Iranian pistachio exports to world markets.

It is a good thing that the pistachios exported from Iran have occupied more than 50% of the world pistachio market. Among the main customers are USA, Ukraine, UAE, Italy, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, Canada, Qatar, Switzerland, France, Poland, Sweden, Malaysia, Vietnam, Netherlands, Thailand, Japan, Romania and Hong Kong. are Iran exports pistachios.

Although very satisfactory figures have been recorded for buying and selling export pistachios in the world market for Iranian pistachios, pistachio cultivation in Iran faces challenges. Water scarcity and climate change affect pistachio plantations in Iran. In the report, experts stated that between 8,000 and 12,000 hectares of pistachio plantations are destroyed in Iran every year.

If the producer of pistachios for export decided to preserve his valuable position in the export of pistachios and the export of pistachio kernels, it is necessary to look at the issue of horticulture and the application of new technologies of growing pistachios in a different way. It seems that if the knowledge and awareness of export pistachio orchards increases, half the problem of pistachio irrigation and planting will be solved!

Buy pistachios

Iran is one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world and has the largest farms of this product. This product is a traditional dry and dried fruit of Iran, which has a high demand for purchase inside and outside the country, and its per capita consumption is high, so it can be said that the purchase and sale of pistachios is a wholesale market. More and more people always know that they are looking for investment in this area. Iran's pistachios are not only good but also of high quality and variety, Iran has great potential in the field of pistachio production due to the climatic conditions, all these things have established Iran as a major supplier of pistachios. Known worldwide and currently more than 90% of pistachios produced in Iran are exported to other countries.

The importance of packaging for export pistachios

As you know, different types of pistachios are considered nuts and dried fruits Stable storage conditions for nuts and dried fruits make them usable for a long time An important standard condition introduced for the storage of dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios is to keep the packages away from moisture and heat.

The penetration of moisture into the packages of pistachio nuts destroys their properties and over time it becomes moldy and rotten. Packaging of pistachios for export is in high demand. The quality standards, sales, agricultural and food standards provide guidelines and methods for the correct packaging of pistachios and their export to the world market.

Producers and exporters of pistachios to the world of all kinds must use the packaging designed for their products in accordance with the regulations and standards. Pistachio export packaging, like any other export, comes in very nice and standard cartons and packaging.

By using packaging and boxes, it protects pistachios from bad environmental conditions and spoilage. In each measure, the point is determined to collect pistachios for export. In other words, a kind of guide has been introduced in the standard to collect pistachios with the shell, and a special guide has been created to collect pistachio kernels.

For example, if the exported pike is packed with skins, the skins must be healthy and free of dirt or foreign matter on their surface. Also, the pizza should be completely dry and moist.

Inside the packages of foreign pistachios there should be no traces of agricultural pests. All types of exported pistachios, including pistachios or shelled pistachios, must be free from agricultural pests and free from any flavor or taste. In pistachio products transported in packages, the effects of decay, decay or spoilage should not be taken into account. In fact, packages that meet the above conditions are approved for export.

Wholesale stands pistachios

The best time to buy pistachios in bulk from suppliers is immediately after the harvest of this product and transport it to the record of this product for processing and sorting. At the moment, because of the many types of products, it is the best way to buy pistachios in bulk. Due to many offers at this time, the price of the product is at a low level. Many exporters and buyers have taken advantage of this opportunity to buy pistachios in bulk and exports are growing as a result. Buying pistachios in bulk is considered a profitable business and brings many people every year. To buy pistachio in bulk, you can take help from irexporter website and talk directly with the sellers. You also have the opportunity to register several requests to buy pistachios after registering on the irexporter website and wait for many sellers to contact you as soon as possible.

The price of pistachios

Pistachios are one of Iran's most important export items, which are exported to other countries every year. There are different types of pistachios like Akbari pistachios, Ahmed Aghaei pistachios, Fandgi pistachios and Kole Ghochi pistachios, each of which has a different quality and market. In addition, the prices of the above-mentioned pistachios are different from each other, and it is not possible for the Pistachio prices to be declared in a fixed and precise manner. Also, pistachios are available in the market in fresh, flavored, shelled or pitted form, and the prices of these pistachios differ from each other. Therefore, the best way to find the exact price of pistachios is to contact those who are involved in the wholesale of pistachios and ask them for the desired pistachios.

The price of pistachios today

Iranian pistachios are the best and highest quality pistachios in the world, which have a high demand and are exported abroad in large quantities every year, more than 90% of pistachios are exported from the country, that is the reason why pistachios are sold in Iran. The price is still high today. Although pistachios are produced domestically. They are adjusted for dollar value. Today's price of Pistachio cannot be fixed given that the currency volatility in the country is very high and today's price of Pistachio is subject to change at a moment's notice. So the best solution is to check today's pistachio price at the time of transaction. Currently, there are hundreds of major pistachio sellers on the irexporter website, whom you can contact without any middlemen and ask them today's pistachio price.

Current price of pistachios

As we explained above, pistachio is an export product and a high percentage is exported, considering that the price of money determines the price of pistachio in Iran, the current price of pistachio is constantly changing. The dollar rate in Iran is volatile, which directly affects the price of pistachios, and the current price of pistachios has not been fixed.

News on pistachio prices

For those in the wholesale pistachio trading industry, the latest pistachio price news is very important, and news such as export volume and export destinations largely determine the daily pistachio price. Pistachios, to get more success, you need to know the latest pistachio price news. Wholesalers and news sites can be good sources for the latest pistachio price news. The irexporter site provides an opportunity to connect with people active in the pistachio market and get the latest news on pistachio prices.

Export of pistachios

pistachio are one of Iran's most important export products and most of the pistachio that are produced are exported, so Iran is considered one of the largest suppliers of pistachio in the world and many people want to invest in the field of exporting pistachio. It is true that the pistachio that are exported must have a good appearance, but the most important aspect of exporting pistachio that attracts the attention of many buyers is the quality of the pistachio. Kale Ghochi pistachio, Badami pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Akbari pistachio, and Fandghi pistachio are among the most exported pistachio in the world market. pistachio exported to European countries must have an aflatoxin certificate so that the pistachio are healthy, this issue is not very important for pistachio exported to Persian Gulf countries. To buy and sell exported pistachio, you can log into the ireexporter website and complete your payment easily with a few clicks.

Export price of pistachios

An important factor affecting the export price of pistachios is the export competitiveness of pistachios. his mom. It should be noted that many factors such as packing, type of pistachio, quality, quantity required...also affect pistachio export price and cause pistachio export price to rise or fall. irexporter has a large community of large pistachio sellers, some of them are active in the field of pistachio export and you have the opportunity to inquire about pistachio export prices from them and find out the latest pistachio export prices.

Export bulk pistachio price

Pistachio products are one of Iran's most important agricultural exports, which are exported to more than 50 countries around the world directly and indirectly.

But one of the most important criteria and challenge in pistachio transactions is the daily price of pistachios, which traders should get online and updated from reliable centers.

Every year, the buying and selling of pistachios exported to the world market is analyzed. This issue also applies to bulk purchase of exported pistachios and export of pistachio kernels. Exporting pistachio growers can easily capture the country's market by producing large quantities of different varieties of pistachios or one or two types of pistachios. Before introducing the best production of pistachios for export to the world in 2022, we must remember that producing high quality pistachios does not guarantee success in foreign markets! Other factors also play a role in pistachio export value;

This includes pistachio tree growing conditions, export packaging, pistachio selling price, international marketing methods and export pistachio sales contracts, as well as currency exchange rate fluctuations and countries' political and economic issues. Export price of pistachio in today's market. In this section, we tabulate the names of the most exported pistachio producers in 2022. The volume of export pistachio production for each country is shown in tons. In this regard, pay attention to the table below.

As we know, the largest part of Iranian pistachio export is abundant, and the price of Iranian pistachio in the international market is in the form of a piece price.

Iran export pistachio business group

Introduction to Pistachio Exportation from Iran

Pistachio is one of the most famous and widely-exported nuts globally. Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios, providing a significant amount to the international market. The export of pistachios from Iran has been on the rise in recent years, with a growing demand for the nut both domestically and internationally. The nut is known for its unique flavor and taste, making it a popular ingredient in various dishes and desserts. In this article, we will discuss the export of pistachios from Iran and the purchase price of exported pistachios.

The History of Pistachio Cultivation in Iran

The history of pistachio cultivation in Iran dates back to thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that pistachios were first cultivated in Iran around 7000 BC. The nut was widely used by the ancient Persians, who considered it a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today, pistachio cultivation is one of the major agricultural industries in Iran, with a significant share of the country's export earnings coming from the nut.

Pistachio Varieties Grown in Iran

Iran is home to several varieties of pistachios, including the Kalleh Ghouchi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami. The Kalleh Ghouchi variety is considered one of the best pistachios in terms of flavor, texture, and color. It is widely cultivated in Iran and exported to various countries around the world. The Akbari variety is another popular type of pistachio grown in Iran, known for its large size and unique flavor.

Factors Affecting Pistachio Export from Iran

There are several factors that affect the export of pistachios from Iran, including the production of the nut, international demand, and political stability in the country. Weather conditions, pest and disease outbreaks, and changes in trade policies can also have an impact on the export of pistachios. Despite these challenges, Iran remains one of the largest exporters of pistachios globally, with a strong presence in the international market.

Pistachio Export Destinations

Iran exports pistachios to a wide range of countries, including the United States, China, Europe, and the Middle East. The US is one of the largest importers of pistachios from Iran, accounting for a significant share of the country's total pistachio exports. China, on the other hand, has emerged as a rapidly growing market for Iranian pistachios, with a growing demand for the nut among Chinese consumers.

The Quality of Exported Pistachios from Iran

Iran is known for producing high-quality pistachios, with a focus on maintaining strict quality control standards in its cultivation and export processes. The nuts are carefully selected, sorted, and packaged to ensure that only the best quality pistachios reach the international market. This, combined with their unique flavor and texture, makes Iranian pistachios highly sought after by consumers around the world.

The Importance of Pistachio Export for the Iranian Economy

The export of pistachios from Iran plays a significant role in the country's economy. The industry provides employment opportunities for thousands of people, as well as generating a significant amount of revenue for the country. Pistachio exports also help to diversify the country's economy, reducing its dependence on oil and other primary industries.

Factors Influencing the Purchase Price of Pistachios

The purchase price of exported pistachios is influenced by various factors, including supply and demand, quality, and geopolitical stability. For example, during times of high demand, the price of pistachios may be higher, while during periods of low demand, the price may be lower. The quality of the nuts also plays a significant role in determining the purchase price, with higher quality pistachios commanding a higher price compared to lower quality nuts. Political stability in Iran and other countries in the region can also impact the purchase price, as changes in trade policies or geopolitical tensions may cause price fluctuations.

The Future of Pistachio Export from Iran

Despite the challenges faced by the pistachio export industry, the future of pistachio export from Iran looks positive. The demand for high-quality pistachios continues to grow, both domestically and internationally, and Iran remains one of the largest producers of the nut globally. The Iranian government is also taking steps to support the pistachio export industry, including investing in research and development, promoting the nut to new markets, and providing support to farmers and producers. With these efforts, it is expected that the export of pistachios from Iran will continue to grow in the coming years, providing a boost to the country's economy and supporting the livelihoods of those involved in the industry.

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world and its pistachios are well known for their high quality and unique taste. Here are a few popular Iranian pistachio varieties that are frequently exported:

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: This is a large, round and light green pistachio with a thin shell that is easy to crack. It has a sweet and nutty flavor that makes it a popular snack.

Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio: This is a long and thin pistachio with a greenish-yellow color and a slightly bitter taste. It is widely used in baking and cooking due to its crunchy texture.

Fandoghi Pistachio: This is a large, round and light green pistachio with a thin shell. It has a sweet, creamy and nutty flavor that makes it a popular snack.

Jumbo Pistachio: As the name suggests, this is a large and plump pistachio with a dark green color and a sweet and nutty flavor. It is widely used in baking, cooking and as a snack.

When purchasing exported Iranian pistachios, it's important to look for reputable suppliers that adhere to strict quality control standards. This will ensure that you receive the best possible product, with a consistent taste and quality.

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