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One of the important and useful materials for the construction industry is brick. Refractory brick is a high-quality old material with many unique characteristics. Firebrick is used to make the interior and exterior of the building, and this brick creates a beautiful and resistant style on the facade of the structure. Due to the availability of high-quality raw materials for making all types of bricks in Iran, many cities began to produce this product in various collections. Due to the availability of porcelain soil and abundant raw materials, as well as the production of quality refractory bricks in Iran, many neighboring countries are interested in buying bricks.

Refractory bricks are produced in Iran using modern methods and advanced technologies. And the country has many factories exporting quality bricks to different countries. Chi Brick Factory is one of the reliable brick factories that can produce high quality bricks using state of the art knowledge and modern equipment and delivery. widely exported to various countries Bricks are made in different ways. And each brick has its own characteristics. Here we will take a look at the different types of brick exporters. and a large, reliable and large Ajar Chi export company stay with us.

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Brick Export:

Materials made of clay, lime or concrete are called bricks. According to developing countries, brick exports have a suitable market abroad.

Brick is one of the most widely used building materials and it is available in different types such as Russian brick, Kazakh brick, refractory brick, avalanche brick, first grade brick, three flower brick, 10 hole brick, left brick, small mold. It produces 5 bricks, twin bricks and tunnel bricks.

The brick is known in international customs under the price code (HS code) number 6904.

Export of construction bricks and their types.

As mentioned at the beginning, brick is one of the most widespread materials in construction. Bricks are a type of adobe, which has been industrially modified and is used today in the facades of buildings. All types of building bricks have high resistance, and load-bearing capacity is one of the most important factors for distinguishing high-quality bricks. Today, brick processing is done by machine or by hand. Clay, sand, lime, iron compounds and sulfates are the main ingredients of building bricks.

The use of brick in Iran's historic buildings dates back to 6,000 years ago. It can be recognized that Iran is one of the countries that produce bricks and use them in construction. After Iran, other countries in Europe and the Far East used brick as a building material, and after that brick construction was gradually used around the world.

Many of the brick tombs found in Shush and Kashan are over 4,000 years old. Jam Mosque and Taq Qasr in Isfahan are two important ancient buildings made of mud bricks in Iran.

Brick buildings have different functions depending on the type of material in them and the structure. The most commonly used types of bricks are: glazed bricks, machined bricks, facing bricks, pressed bricks, fired bricks, fired bricks, sand bricks, refractory bricks, unit bricks, etc. Below, we describe some of the most commonly used building bricks in the market.

The quality of bricks exported from Iran to other countries

Silica furnace brick: This brick is made with a high proportion of silica soil, and by being exposed to the high temperature of the furnace, it gains the necessary strength and resistance. Silica brick has a very high resistance to weather changes such as sunlight and cold. The export of bricks to neighboring countries like Iraq is very extensive and the brick offers high quality. Besides their good features, silk bricks are also cheap.

Kazakh facade brick: One of the oldest types of brick is Kazakh brick, which is widely used for both Chinese walls and facades of traditional buildings. This brick is produced in two types: rustic and slab.

Refractory brick: the variety of colors of this brick is very wide and is at a very high level in terms of durability. Firebrick is one of the reasonably priced quality bricks that has many admirers. The export of Chamouti brick is more than other bricks because in addition to its high strength and variety, it also has a good price.

Beautiful Brick Facade: This brick is very popular for its beautiful appearance and resistance to accidents and weather changes.

Lefton Brick: Lefton or 10-hole brick is one of the bricks suitable for the walls and facades of Chinese buildings. Due to their lightness and high strength, Lefton blocks are used in the construction of warehouses and multi-storey buildings. Yellow and red 10-hole brick were used for the facade of the building. These bricks are heat and moisture resistant and strengthen the building.

Firebrick: Firebrick is one of the best bricks for the facade of a building. The size and color of these bricks are large and they are widely used in the facades of various buildings such as mosques and schools. Flames are resistant to heat and other harmful factors. The facade chair bricks made at Ajr Chi factory are of first class quality and high quality materials.

White and black facade bricks: One of the best selling facade bricks is white and black bricks. The combined appearance of the two bricks creates a beautiful building appearance.

Ancient brick facade: Ancient brick creates a beautiful and unique atmosphere inside the building. These bricks come in many colors and different designs and create a modern style.

Iran brick exporter

In the field of brick export, the main factor is the quality of building materials, but quality is not the only factor, and another factor such as price is also very influential. The Ajar Chi factory began its activity in 1358 with the production of Kazakh bricks. After a few years, Ajar Chi expanded its production and started the production line of yellow and gold clay facing bricks. Ajr Chi collection consists of experienced people and modern machines, therefore the products produced in this factory are of very high quality.

The firebrick production line was started in 2008 at Ajar Chi factory and all types of modern and industrial firebricks are manufactured using modern methods and European brick kilns. With years of efforts in this field, Ajar Chi Company has been able to export refractory bricks to Russia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Tajikistan and Armenia. Ajr Chi manufactures premium quality products without any impurities and the products manufactured by this factory are frost and rot resistant.

Export of reinforced bricks: According to the production process, bricks are divided into two types: concrete bricks and steel bricks. This article focuses on the type of aggregated brick. Fired bricks get their name from the fact that when this type of brick was first produced, the clay was beaten by hand, and the corners of the cast filled with special clay by hand pressure of the clay artist. The size of this type of brick is 5x10x20 or 5.5x11x22 cm. All construction work is done by hand such as porcelain tiles, hollow panels, load-bearing walls, porcelain braids, and interlocking bricks that are used for solid and underground construction. construction work is underway.

glazed brick

Glazed brick is used for cladding or interior decoration due to the variety of colors and decorations available. As the name suggests this type of brick; It is produced by glazing method and protects the brick structure from atmospheric elements and fire. One use of this brick is in the construction of traditional buildings. Glazed brick is priced higher than normal bricks due to the details and processing method.

A brick wall

Clay bricks are one of the materials used in construction, which are often used in many houses today due to their light weight, good price and ease of application. This type of brick; Due to the structure and the nature of the space, it is used only for the construction of weightless walls. High stability, resistance to water and heat are characteristics of clay bricks.

press brick

Pressed brick, as the name suggests; They are baked under manual pressure and in brick ovens and reach the processing stage. Due to its great resistance, this type of brick is used for building stability, the construction of arches and babar walls.


This type of brick, which has recently become popular in the industrial sector, differs from other materials in appearance and appearance. Recycled brick contains pumice, a refractory mineral that makes it strong against heat and extreme temperatures.

Properties of suitable building blocks

One of the few ways to identify quality bricks is their uniform appearance and texture. Bricks that are well fired in the masonry stage have a uniform and regular texture. Other characteristics of first class bricks are high pressure resistance and low percentage of water absorption. In addition, all standard bricks are of the same dimensions and there is no dirt on their surface.

Analysis of brick export potential:

Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in Eastern Europe have the greatest opportunity to export bricks. Iraq, Qatar and UAE are also good places to export this product in the Middle East. Germany, Bulgaria and Italy also have good potential in Europe.

Amount of Brick Export Capacity:

Iraq and Azerbaijan have a saturated market for brick exports, and choosing them as an export destination does not earn good currency. In contrast, Qatar, Kazakhstan and the UAE have plenty of spare capacity. Russia can also be interesting for business people.

The best places to export bricks from Iran are Qatar, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates due to their export potential and ease of trade between the two countries.

Iran has close export relations with Tajikistan. The Russian market has the greatest demand potential for the export of this product.

Qatar shows the largest gap between export potential and export value, with the remaining export capacity varying.

The price of bricks for export

Exported brick is known as one of the oldest and widely used materials in construction. The export of construction bricks is developing rapidly due to the high consumption of construction bricks in most parts of the world. Since Iran has been active in the field of construction bricks for more than a decade, it has a great potential for the export of construction bricks.

Construction bricks are used in many construction projects because of their reasonable cost and compatibility with other building materials. There are many types of bricks that have different uses depending on their resistance and method of execution.

The use of bricks in Iran is 6000 years old. Remains of brick kilns and surviving historical buildings show the strong role of bricks in the construction of the past and in shaping the arches and vaults of Iranian buildings. Currently, Iran is an active country in the world in the field of manufacturing and production of high quality materials.

An important part of the production of bricks for construction is exported to Iran's western neighbors and the countries of the Persian Gulf. Currently, the brick factories located in Tehran and Isfahan are the most important exporters of building bricks.

Export of facing brick types: The use of facing brick types for the exterior of the building will not only make the building durable and strong, but also have an aesthetic aspect. Assume a situation where you pass through different buildings; A building that uses a lot of beautiful bricks for its exterior will attract your attention the most at first glance.

Designers and manufacturers of all types of brick are trying to supply the market with quality products with beautiful designs and colors. This article is mainly dedicated to the implementation of brickwork for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. In each section, we will consider the types of bricks and the characteristics of their appearance in different models.

Application of firebrick

Whenever people need a beautiful and eye-catching design with endless beauty for their facade, they use brick facade. The brick facade of houses is very important and in addition to the role it plays in the beauty of the house, it can protect the house from many physical and environmental damages. Building facade brick is a widely used material that is used for all types of residential, commercial, etc. buildings. Covered bricks of different shapes and colors can be used for buildings.

Brick Facade Ingredients

As the main and main material of face bricks are mineral ores and mineral pumice, which are completely fireproof. Most of these materials are ceramic and non-metallic. And due to the use of different mineral materials, the face bricks are presented in a configuration with different durability. Until a few years ago, coal and earth were used to cover the walls, but now refractory bricks are used.

Export of all types of facing bricks

Export of brick precursors: Export of brick precursors is done by trading companies. These business units buy the best facade bricks in bulk from the manufacturer and then export them to other countries with different packages. Considering that the export of this product is currently growing in bulk and in large tonnages, traders are making the most of this profitable business. Also, they are trying to gain global fame by supplying high quality products.

The price of all kinds of exports is the opposite of the price of bricks

There are many different reasons that justify the use of facade bricks in construction projects. At first glance, the main reason for using brick facades for buildings is the beauty of their appearance. In addition to the aesthetic feel, the use of bricks of different designs and colors makes the building durable and strong. In this way, by choosing a suitable brick facade, the whole building can be protected from fire, chemical infiltration, weathering, damage, etc.

Many types of bricks currently on the market are offered to the customer with high quality. Due to the importance of maintaining buildings and building regulations, one of the most important features of brick facades is fire protection. In addition, some types act as sound insulation, while others prevent the loss of energy in the building as a thermal insulation.

Export of building bricks

Due to the high consumption of building blocks in most parts of the world, the export of building blocks is developing rapidly. The volume of trade in materials such as bricks is estimated worldwide at more than 1 billion 500 million dollars. At the same time, China, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have the largest share in the export of building blocks on the world market. England, America and Germany also have the most stone imports in the world.

The two countries of Iraq and Syria are considered one of the best destinations for the export of Iranian construction bricks due to the high demand for construction materials and the transit of goods. Countries in the Eurasian region, including Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and Russia, are the most demanding to import construction bricks produced in Iran. Many factories are active in the field of building brick production in other cities of Iran, among the industries of Isfahan and Tehran are the two best.

With more than a decade of activity in the construction sector, Iran has the potential to export high quality building bricks. Building brick exports to Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, such as Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, in addition to earning more foreign exchange and higher profits, will also lead to industrial and industrial development.

Seller of export building bricks with the best quality

Introduction to Iran's Brick Export Industry

Iran is one of the largest producers of bricks in the world and has a long history of brick-making that dates back to ancient times. The country is known for its rich deposits of high-quality clay and its skilled brick makers, which have enabled it to develop a thriving brick export industry. The brick export industry in Iran has been growing steadily in recent years and the country is now one of the leading exporters of bricks globally.

Iran's Brick Export Market

Iran exports its bricks to a wide range of countries including countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The country's brick export market has been driven by increasing demand for building materials, especially in developing countries where the construction sector is growing rapidly. The quality of Iranian bricks is also highly regarded, which has helped to increase their popularity among buyers.

Types of Bricks Exported from Iran

Iran produces a wide range of bricks, including facing bricks, common bricks, clay bricks, and more. The country is known for producing high-quality, dense, and durable bricks that are well-suited to a variety of construction applications. Iranian bricks are also popular for their unique textures and colors, which make them ideal for use in decorative or aesthetic applications.

The Importance of Clay Quality for Brick Export

The quality of the clay used in brick making is a critical factor in determining the quality and performance of the finished bricks. In Iran, the country's rich deposits of high-quality clay have enabled it to produce bricks that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. This, in turn, has helped to increase the popularity of Iranian bricks among buyers and has helped to establish the country as a leading exporter of bricks.

The Role of Technology in Iran's Brick Export Industry

Technology has played a significant role in the development of Iran's brick export industry. The use of modern manufacturing techniques and automated processes has enabled the country to produce high-quality bricks more efficiently and cost-effectively. This has helped to increase the competitiveness of Iranian bricks in the global market and has helped to expand the country's export market.

The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Iran's Brick Export Industry

The recent economic sanctions imposed on Iran have had a significant impact on the country's brick export industry. The sanctions have limited the country's access to the technology and raw materials it needs to produce high-quality bricks, which has impacted the competitiveness of Iranian bricks in the global market. Despite these challenges, the brick export industry in Iran remains strong, and the country continues to be a leading exporter of bricks.

Factors Influencing the Purchase Price of Exported Bricks

The purchase price of exported bricks is influenced by a variety of factors, including the type of brick, the quality of the clay used, the cost of production, the demand for bricks in the target market, and more. In general, the purchase price of exported bricks tends to be lower in developing countries and higher in developed countries where the demand for building materials is higher.

Negotiating the Purchase Price of Exported Bricks

The negotiation of the purchase price of exported bricks is an important aspect of the brick export process. Buyers and sellers must work together to agree on a price that is fair and reasonable for both parties.

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