brick export from Iran

One of the important and useful materials for the construction industry is brick. Refractory brick is a high-quality old material with many unique characteristics. Firebrick is used to make the interior and exterior of the building, and this brick creates a beautiful and resistant style on the facade of the structure. Due to the availability of high-quality raw materials for making all types of bricks in Iran, many cities began to produce this product in various collections. Due to the availability of porcelain soil and abundant raw materials, as well as the production of quality refractory bricks in Iran, many neighboring countries are interested in buying bricks.

Refractory bricks are produced in Iran using modern methods and advanced technologies. And the country has many factories exporting quality bricks to different countries. Chi Brick Factory is one of the reliable brick factories that can produce high quality bricks using state of the art knowledge and modern equipment and delivery. widely exported to various countries Bricks are made in different ways. And each brick has its own characteristics. Here we will take a look at the different types of brick exporters. and a large, reliable and large Ajar Chi export company stay with us.

brick export from Iran

export of building bricks

irexporter is a prominent exporter of building bricks to various countries, including turkey, pakistan, uzbekistan, iraq, georgia, afghanistan, cyprus, kuwait, oman, qatar, syria, armenia, turkmenistan, russia, morocco, europe, africa, australia, new zealand, malaysia, germany, sweden, bangladesh, thailand, singapore, and cyprus.

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bricks are building materials made of clay, lime, or concrete. They have a suitable market abroad, particularly in developing countries.

brick is one of the most widely used building materials and comes in various types such as russian brick, kazakh brick, refractory brick, avalanche brick, first-grade brick, three-flower brick, 10-hole brick, left brick, small mold brick, 5-hole brick, twin brick, and tunnel brick.

internationally, bricks are identified with the harmonized system (hs) code number 6904.

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quality of bricks exported from iran to other countries

silica furnace brick: this type of brick is made with a high proportion of silica soil. When exposed to high furnace temperatures, it gains the necessary strength and resistance. Silica bricks exhibit excellent resistance to weather changes such as sunlight and cold. The export of bricks, including silica bricks, to neighboring countries like iraq, is extensive due to their high quality and affordable price.

kazakh facade brick: kazakh brick is one of the oldest brick types used for both internal walls and facades of traditional buildings. It is produced in two variations: rustic and slab.

refractory brick: this brick comes in a wide range of colors and boasts exceptional durability. Refractory bricks are reasonably priced and enjoy a high level of popularity. The export of chamouti bricks surpasses other brick types due to their strength, variety, and competitive price.

beautiful brick facade: this brick type is highly sought after for its attractive appearance and resistance to accidents and weather changes.

lefton brick: lefton or 10-hole brick is suitable for walls and facades of chinese buildings. Its lightweight and high strength make it ideal for constructing warehouses and multi-story buildings. Yellow and red 10-hole bricks are commonly used for building facades. These bricks exhibit heat and moisture resistance and enhance building stability.

firebrick: firebrick is widely used for building facades. These bricks are larger in size and color, and they find applications in various buildings such as mosques and schools. Firebricks offer resistance against heat and other detrimental factors. The facade chair bricks produced by ajr chi factory are of the highest quality, made from premium materials.

white and black facade bricks: white and black bricks are among the best-selling facade bricks. The combination of these two colors creates an appealing building appearance.

ancient brick facade: ancient bricks lend a unique and captivating atmosphere to buildings. Available in a variety of colors and designs, they add a modern touch.

export of construction bricks and their types

as mentioned earlier, bricks are extensively used in construction. They are a type of adobe that has been industrially modified and is commonly used in building facades. High resistance and load-bearing capacity are essential characteristics of high-quality bricks. Bricks can be produced by machine or by hand, using clay, sand, lime, iron compounds, and sulfates as the main ingredients.

bricks have a long history in iranian architecture, dating back 6,000 years. Iran is known for its brick production and usage in construction. The use of bricks gradually spread from iran to other regions, including europe and the far east.

many ancient brick tombs have been discovered in shush and kashan, dating back over 4,000 years. Notable examples of buildings made of mud bricks in iran include the jam mosque and taq qasr in isfahan.

bricks serve different functions depending on the material type and structure. Some commonly used brick types include glazed bricks, machined bricks, facing bricks, pressed bricks, fired bricks, sand bricks, refractory bricks, and unit bricks.

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export of all types of facing bricks

exporting brick precursors is carried out by trading companies. These businesses purchase high-quality facade bricks in bulk from manufacturers and export them to other countries with appropriate packaging. Given the increasing trend of bulk export, traders engage in this profitable business, aiming to establish a global reputation by supplying top-notch products.

the price of export bricks varies depending on factors such as type, quality, and market demand. Iran, with its more than a decade of experience in brick production, possesses significant potential for exporting high-quality bricks.

bricks are widely used in construction projects due to their reasonable cost and compatibility with other building materials. With a history of 6,000 years, iran has a rich tradition in brick manufacturing and production of high-quality materials. The major brick factories in tehran and isfahan play a significant role in exporting building bricks, particularly to iran's neighboring countries in the persian gulf.

export of building bricks

the export of building bricks is experiencing rapid growth due to the high demand for construction materials worldwide, surpassing $1.5 billion in trade volume. China, denmark, germany, and the netherlands hold the largest share in the global market for building brick exports. England, the united states, and germany are the major importers of stone in the world.

iraq and syria are considered favorable destinations for the export of iranian construction bricks due to the high demand for construction materials and the transitof goods. Countries in the eurasian region, including tajikistan, kazakhstan, azerbaijan, turkey, georgia, and russia, also demonstrate a strong demand for imported construction bricks from iran. Various brick factories across iran, particularly in isfahan and tehran, are actively engaged in building brick production and export.

with over a decade of experience in the construction sector, iran possesses significant potential for exporting high-quality building bricks. Exporting to arab countries in the persian gulf, such as oman, qatar, and kuwait, not only brings in foreign exchange and higher profits but also contributes to industrial and economic development.

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introduction to iran's brick export industry

iran is one of the largest producers of bricks in the world and has a long history of brick-making that dates back to ancient times. The country is known for its rich deposits of high-quality clay and skilled brick makers, which have enabled it to develop a thriving brick export industry. The brick export industry in iran has been growing steadily in recent years, and the country is now one of the leading global exporters of bricks.

iran's brick export market

iran exports bricks to a wide range of countries, including those in the middle east, asia, europe, and africa. The country's brick export market has been driven by increasing demand for building materials, especially in developing countries where the construction sector is growing rapidly. The quality of iranian bricks is highly regarded, which has contributed to their popularity among buyers.

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the importance of clay quality for brick export

the quality of clay used in brick-making is a critical factor in determining the quality and performance of the finished bricks. In iran, the country's abundant deposits of high-quality clay have enabled the production of strong, durable, and long-lasting bricks. This has contributed to the popularity of iranian bricks among buyers and established iran as a leading exporter in the industry.

the role of technology in iran's brick export industry

technology has played a significant role in the development of iran's brick export industry. The use of modern manufacturing techniques and automated processes has allowed the country to produce high-quality bricks more efficiently and cost-effectively. This has increased the competitiveness of iranian bricks in the global market and expanded the country's export opportunities.

The price of bricks

types of bricks exported from iran

iran produces a wide range of bricks, including facing bricks, common bricks, clay bricks, and more. The country is known for producing high-quality, dense, and durable bricks that are suitable for various construction applications. Iranian bricks are also sought after for their unique textures and colors, making them ideal for decorative or aesthetic purposes.

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the impact of economic sanctions on iran's brick export industry

recent economic sanctions imposed on iran have significantly affected the country's brick export industry. The sanctions have limited iran's access to technology and raw materials required for producing high-quality bricks, thereby impacting the competitiveness of iranian bricks in the global market. Despite these challenges, iran's brick export industry remains strong, and the country continues to be a leading exporter of bricks.

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negotiating the purchase price of exported bricks

negotiating the purchase price of exported bricks is an important aspect of the brick export process. Buyers and sellers must work together to agree on a price that is fair and reasonable for both parties.

factors influencing the purchase price of exported bricks

the purchase price of exported bricks is influenced by various factors, including the type of brick, the quality of clay used, production costs, demand in the target market, and more. Generally, the purchase price of exported bricks tends to be lower in developing countries and higher in developed countries where the demand for building materials is greater.

brick export from Iran
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