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Chickpeas are one of the widely consumed legumes that are widely used in most areas today. Therefore, irexporter is trying to provide the best export service by providing the best chickpeas and exporting this product to many countries such as Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Since chickpeas are mainly exported to the external borders of Iran in large volumes and according to customers' demand and buyers in foreign markets, the purchase of chickpeas by entrepreneurs and activists in this field should be done with great care. Of course, in addition to the methods mentioned, you can find out the latest export prices of chickpeas by contacting the sales office in Iran by email and directly.

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Purchase of Chickpea from Iran

Chickpea is known as one of the most sold and consumed pulses in Iran with a significant annual consumption and therefore the chickpea market is always very prosperous. In general, most of the chickpeas consumed in the country are supplied from Kermanshah, which is of very high quality; To such an extent that the speed of export and purchase of peas has been increasing in recent years. Among the important points that influence the purchase of peas are their quality; This product is offered in different quality levels and the higher the quality, the more peas are bought.

Chickpea exported from Iran

Considering that chickpeas are one of the most important agricultural products in Iran and that significant quantities of them are exported to foreign countries every year, it can be said that the wholesale market of chickpeas is very prosperous. Peas are sold in bulk and packaged in the market, which is lower because of packaging costs and therefore the sale of bulk peas is higher. Other things that affect the sale of chickpeas are the annual production volume of this product; The higher the annual production volume, the hotter the chickpea market becomes.

Wholesale sale of Chickpea in export market from Iran

The volume of large Chickpea sales in the market depends on several factors: quality, size, year, whether it is imported or domestically produced, and many other factors. For example, if the desired product has a short cooking time and does not contain waste such as wood and stone, it will command a higher price and the wholesale market of chickpeas will also increase. Currently, more than 60% of the country's chickpeas are produced in Kermanshah, and the goal is for the country to be completely self-sufficient in chickpeas and its derivatives, chickpea flour, chickpeas, etc., and to grow. the volume of chickpea purchase and sale in the market. For this reason, it can be said that the wholesale of chickpeas in Kermanshah market is a great prosperity. Today, several companies are engaged in the supply and packaging of this product, which vary depending on the brand name of wholesale chickpeas in the market, and the more popular the brand, the greater the volume of wholesale chickpeas in Armenia. the market is also growing.

Chickpea export from Iran

The wholesale price of soybeans in the export market from Iran depends on factors such as the type of soybean, its quality and size. In general, soybeans in Kermanshah include different varieties such as peanuts, falafel, paizeh, dukhan, takkhan and se khan, each of which is cut into different sizes, and it should be noted that the main market for each variety is different. Each. .

Buy and sell Chickpea

There are two types of chickpeas exported from Iran, summer and winter, which are mostly produced in Iran and some Asian countries, and therefore buying and selling chickpeas in Iran is always a thriving and active market. We can say that nowadays most of the transactions for buying and selling chickpeas are done online and websites dealing with buying and selling chickpeas and other products can be a good option for you and you can do it with their help. on your own time and at your own expense

Wholesale price of chickpeas exported from Iran

Many factors influence the wholesale price of soybeans, one of which is the supply and demand in the buying and selling market of this product. If supply is less than demand, the wholesale price of chicken will also increase. Among other factors that play a role in the main value of chickpeas, we can mention the cultivation area of this crop in the country; If the area under cultivation is reduced due to various reasons such as drought and water shortage and we face a shortage of this product in the market, the wholesale price of soybeans will also increase. It should also be noted that in the past due to rising inflation, many food prices have risen and it also affected wholesale prices.

The market price of Chickpea exported to Iran

Among the things that affect the price of pepper in the market, we can mention the quality of the product; The quality of this product is judged by factors such as cooking time, size, color, etc. Based on the above, the higher the quality of the product, the higher the price of chicken in the market. Also, the freshness of the product is one of the other things that affect the price of pepper in the market and the fresher the product, the higher the price of pepper in the market.

Daily price of chickpeas exported from Iran

One of the most important factors influencing the price of chickpeas is the export volume of this product, and an increase in export volume increases the price of chickpeas in the domestic market. Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, etc. every year. Large quantities of chickpeas are exported to countries.

Iran export chickpeas transportation

Introduction to Chickpea Export from Iran

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are an important source of protein and carbohydrates, making them a staple food in many countries around the world. Iran is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of chickpeas, and its exports play a significant role in the global market. In recent years, the demand for chickpeas has increased, making the export of chickpeas from Iran a profitable industry.

History of Chickpea Production in Iran

Iran has a long history of chickpea production, with evidence of its cultivation dating back to ancient times. The country's favorable climate and fertile soil have allowed for the successful cultivation of chickpeas for centuries. In recent years, advancements in agriculture have increased the efficiency and output of chickpea production in Iran, making it a major player in the global market.

Overview of the Chickpea Export Industry in Iran

The chickpea export industry in Iran is a large and well-established industry, with exports totaling hundreds of thousands of tons each year. The country exports chickpeas to many countries around the world, including India, Turkey, and the European Union. The majority of exports are shipped in bulk, but there is also a growing demand for packaged and processed chickpea products.

Factors Affecting the Purchase Price of Exported Chickpeas

The purchase price of exported chickpeas is influenced by several factors, including supply and demand, production costs, and transportation costs. The global demand for chickpeas has increased in recent years, leading to an increase in the purchase price of exported chickpeas. Additionally, fluctuations in production costs, such as changes in fertilizer prices, can also affect the purchase price.

The Role of the Government in the Chickpea Export Industry

The government of Iran plays a significant role in the chickpea export industry, providing support and regulation to ensure the success of the industry. The government provides funding for research and development in chickpea production, and implements policies to support the industry, such as tariffs on imported chickpeas. Additionally, the government regulates the quality of exported chickpeas to ensure that they meet international standards.

The Importance of Quality Control in the Export of Chickpeas

Quality control is a crucial aspect of the export of chickpeas from Iran. Exporters must ensure that the chickpeas they export meet international standards for quality, as well as the standards of the importing country. This includes strict requirements for the appearance, size, and consistency of the chickpeas, as well as requirements for pesticide and herbicide residue levels.

The Role of Traders and Exporters in the Chickpea Export Industry

Traders and exporters play a key role in the chickpea export industry, facilitating the sale and shipment of chickpeas from Iran to other countries. They negotiate prices with buyers, manage logistics, and handle the necessary paperwork for exporting. Traders and exporters must have a deep understanding of the global chickpea market and the regulations and standards involved in exporting chickpeas.

The Future of the Chickpea Export Industry in Iran

The future of the chickpea export industry in Iran looks promising, with continued growth in demand for chickpeas and advancements in agriculture technology. Additionally, the country's favorable climate and fertile soil provide a strong foundation for continued success in chickpea production. However, the industry faces challenges, such as competition from other chickpea-producing countries and the impact of natural disasters on production.

The Importance of Sustainability in Chickpea Production and Export

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the chickpea production and export industry. This includes minimizing the environmental impact of chickpea production, such as reducing pesticide and herbicide use, and ensuring fair and safe working conditions for farmers and workers. Additionally, sustainable chickpea production can also lead to long-term benefits, such as increased yields and improved soil health.


The export of chickpeas from Iran plays a significant role in the global market, and the purchase price of exported chickpeas is influenced by various factors. The government of Iran, traders and exporters, and a focus on quality control and sustainability all play important roles in the success of the chickpea export industry. With continued growth in demand for chickpeas and advancements in agriculture, the future of the chickpea export industry in Iran looks bright.

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