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Exported gilsonite is mainly exported through trading companies to many consuming countries around the world. The quality of production and packaging is very high, and the price is suitable for Gilso Knight exports. As one of the best products in the natural products industry in the Iranian market, bituminous dust has provided the best performance and efficiency for buyers and consumers.

Gilsonite from Iran is one of the best samples of Gilsonite that has been studied in many European and American laboratories and easily attracted the attention of many buyers. Gilsonite was able to sell very well in the Iranian market.

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Gilsonite is the common name for a group of hard bituminous minerals called gremite, commonly known as natural bitumen. Below is a chart of all solid pitch materials up to the end of the 20th century:

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What is gilsonite?

Basically, ghamite or gilsonite is a solid mineral bitumen classified by geologists as soluble in oil solvents, such as CS2, TCE, and CCL4. Solid asphalt, including gilsonite, has various names around the world depending on the local name given to it and the main consumer industry of the natural bitumen. Here is an overview of the different names given to natural asphalt:

United States: Gilsonite, Uintite or Unitite

Canada: Albrit

Latin America: Asphaltite, Cana, Asphaltta

Trinidad: Asphalt Lake

Kina: bitumen, pyrobitumen

Middle East and India: Natural Asphalt, Asphalt

All the above names are based on a specific product, which can be classified according to mineral properties, which vary from one source to another.

Gilsonite has many applications based on these properties, although it is superior to many alternative materials (e.g., coal in smelting) because it is petroleum-based, unlike pyrobitumen, and contains many aromatic or aliphatic components. There is raw material. . Molecular structure of natural bitumen.

Applications of this product in global markets include:

waterproof design

production of special isorubber

Production of powder paints

Production of liquid paint

Production of special rubber

These products have enabled Gilsonite manufacturers in Iran to provide the best results and availability of these products to buyers and customers.

Gleasonite pitch is different from natural pitch

There are two types of coal in the world, one is vegetable and the other is petroleum. Millions of years ago, oil sources came to the surface, dried and turned into coal or coke, which part of the oil is scientifically known as gilcinide. Gilcinide has the nature of bitumen and is actually a hard type of bitumen called mineral bitumen or natural bitumen. This product is not made from vacuum waste or refinery waste, but is found in nature. Fortunately, our country is one of the countries that has these bitumen mines and its production starts from Yazd and gradually decreases and reaches a maximum in Kirmashan and Ilam (especially Gilangreb) provinces.

Regarding its difference from refinery bitumen, it should be mentioned that industrial bitumen or refinery bitumen is oil waste which is liquid. Of course, a very hard part is also found, which is called petroleum coke or petroleum coal. Two products are made from that part, which is a very thick liquid called a vacuum batten. As for kerosene, due to the presence of more kerosene and lower viscosity, they do not produce bitumen from it, and it turns directly into fuel oil (fuel oil).

But if the percentage of paraffin is low, e.g. less than five percent, they produce and sell it mixed with lighter products like kerosene or diesel, or some kind of liquid waste from refineries that doesn't meet diesel standards. When fuel oil or the same vacuum rod is boiled, it turns into bitumen with very small compounds, which is called industrial bitumen or petroleum bitumen. Pencil grade 70 or 85-100 or 80-100 asphalt is used. But the natural bitumen in the mines has almost the same properties, and the amount of gray mixed with it increases, and the quality decreases. For example, some bitumens have less than five percent ash, which is one of the best natural bitumens, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, or even fifty percent ash. The more ash that is mixed in, the lower the quality. of bitumen. More importantly, separation, which is a difficult step, usually reduces the quality and price of bitumen.

Gilsonite grade for export

Gilsonite of cheap quality is exported to all cities of Iran at reasonable prices.

Exporting Iranian goods to other countries could bring good profits to manufacturers due to reasonable price and very high quality. One of these important export sectors of our country is cheap high quality gilsonite export, which has been able to provide the best service to high quality gilsonite consuming countries. In this regard, the largest gilsonite buying and selling companies in Iran have the best returns.

Gilsonite mine in Iran is known as the largest and main bitumen production and sales center. In the center, you can easily set up and use an excellent example of the best bitumen or gilsonite models. In this regard, the most reliable and largest company that produces natural bitumen and Gilsonite in Iran can prepare special samples of this product for the domestic market and the export market.

Importing gilsonite from Iran is one of the most powerful sectors that can be done through the following processes:

Gilsonite Powder

but hilsonite

Gilsonite packing

Bulk Gilsonite

Export Gilsonite

This example of gilsonite produced in Iran has the highest sales volume and has attracted many buyers across Iran. Export of Iranian gilsonite to other countries is one of the services provided by the most reliable companies for the production and sale of this product.

Gilsonite is a mineral introduced as a waterproof coating for wooden poles and as insulation for wires and cables. Gilsonite is a brittle material and easily turns into a dark brown powder. Gilsonite is black and lustrous like obsidian. Its color in dry form is dark brown. Gilsonite is mined from underground mines. Gilsonite occurs in underground mine layers and vertical veins. It is usually 2 to 6 feet wide and 28 feet wide. The veins are parallel to each other, several miles wide and up to 1,500 feet deep. The surface of the veins is visible as a thin layer and it widens deeper. Due to the tensions of mining, gilsonite is still mined using the method of the last 50 or 100 years. .

gilsonite export from Iran

Introduction to Gilsonite

Gilsonite is a unique, natural asphalt-based mineral found primarily in the Uintah Basin of Northeastern Utah and Western Colorado, United States. It has a wide range of applications, including as a drilling additive, in the manufacture of inks, paints, and coatings, and as a foundry sand additive.

The Export of Gilsonite from Iran

Iran is one of the largest producers of Gilsonite in the world, and its high-quality deposits have made it a major exporter of the mineral. The country has been exporting Gilsonite to various countries, including the United States, China, India, Europe, and the Middle East, for many years.

The Quality of Iranian Gilsonite

Iranian Gilsonite is well-known for its high quality, making it a popular choice among manufacturers and processors. The mineral is said to have a lower moisture content and a higher carbon content than Gilsonite from other countries, which makes it more versatile and easier to process.

The Supply of Iranian Gilsonite

Iran has a large supply of Gilsonite, which has helped to make it a major exporter of the mineral. Despite increasing demand, the country has been able to maintain a steady supply of Gilsonite, which has helped to keep prices stable.

The Purchase Price of Exported Gilsonite

The purchase price of exported Gilsonite depends on various factors, including the quality of the mineral, the quantity purchased, and the buyer's location. On average, the price of Iranian Gilsonite is lower than that of Gilsonite from other countries, making it an attractive option for buyers.

Factors Affecting the Purchase Price

The purchase price of exported Gilsonite can be affected by various factors, including changes in demand, fluctuations in the global economy, and the cost of transportation. Additionally, the quality of the mineral can also have an impact on the price, with higher-quality Gilsonite typically commanding a higher price.

The Role of the Iranian Government in the Export of Gilsonite

The Iranian government has played a significant role in the export of Gilsonite, providing support and encouragement to the industry. The government has implemented policies and initiatives aimed at increasing the production and export of Gilsonite, which has helped to establish Iran as a major player in the global market.

Competition in the Gilsonite Market

The Gilsonite market is highly competitive, with many countries, including the United States, China, and India, producing and exporting the mineral. Despite this competition, Iran has managed to maintain its position as a major exporter of Gilsonite, thanks to its high-quality deposits and strong government support.

Future of the Gilsonite Market

The future of the Gilsonite market looks bright, with increasing demand for the mineral expected to drive growth in the industry. With its large supply of high-quality Gilsonite, Iran is well-positioned to continue to play a major role in the global market.

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